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  1. I wanted to update it to V2.5.3 but it won't let me. Every time I try to open any file it crashes, over and over. I can't get anything done. I am using Mid 2012 Macbook pro with Catalina 10.15.7 Version 1 works fine for me but I opened some files in V2 so now I can't work on them Please help!
  2. thank you so much for your help. It is probably too complicated for me to tackle at this point. I fixed it the arduous way. But, I will take your suggestions when I have the time and try to fix it. I may need your help at that time!
  3. Just getting back to this. Thank you for your detailed reply. I started messing with it again and discovered that if I put the cursor just before The Yellow Deli and backspace it carries it to the upper line and changes it to the style I want! But 12pt instead of 9, so I am manually switching them all. It is a pain but I am finally getting somewhere. I wish I could understand what is happening though.
  4. here is another example, I wanted this to be a title but only part of it changes with the selection of the style. Screen Recording 2024-07-03 at 10.13.52 PM.mov
  5. I am having a similar problem that is maddening. I have page of addresses and created a style for the titles and one for the addresses. It works for MOST of the text but not ALL of it. Some of it is STUCK and I cannot unstick it. I tried to follow some of the suggestions above, like finding the original style and disconnecting it from that style, but still no go! The name of the Style I want to change The Yellow Deli to is Title, or Yellow Deli. They are the same, Dominican Small Caps as seen in the rest of the titles and even the rest of the title on the same line! Please help someone! thank you in advance.
  6. I cannot open Photo in Studio Link, Publisher and I need Photo to do some of the work. The message is that I must own and have upgraded to Photo 2.5 use it. I do own it and have upgraded it. I cannot find where to go from here.
  7. I cannot link Photo to Publisher, 2.5. I have updated all the apps. I am running Catalina on Mid20212 Macbook Pro. any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. oh, sorry, I must have spaced out while reading. Maybe an IPad for travel?
  9. Hi Carla, I am still using Mojave and IPhoto is having a fit. It barely works anymore as days gone by. So I have been forced to start using Photos. It's actually not that bad. I must say, I even like it to some degree. There are a few editing features it does not have that I wish it did, but it is more advanced than IPhoto. I have adopted a few replacements for the dashboard widgets, which I use all the time. They work, just not as instant as dashboard. I am almost ready to make the switch to Catalina and V2 of Affinity. You might just have to bite the bullet and do the same.
  10. Here we are in March 2024 and I am just coming into using Designer, V2. Same problem. That is what led me to this post. I have a few brushes that I imported from somewhere, Dollar Store fine liners that say "Closed Curve brushes." these work. So I duplicated an outline brush and experimented with changing all the other properties to replicate the effects. But, it didn't work. I am not a computer developer, not even close. Are we getting anywhere in this story of Close curve brushes?
  11. Hi Walt, thank you once again. It worked! you're still the best!
  12. I own and have registered and upgraded all 3 personas to V2.4. I can open Designer in Publisher but not Photo. I keep getting the same message to buy and register Photo. I have signed out, signed in, everything I could think of but nothing works. Is there no help/support for V2?
  13. Yes you can. It is just like any other app. You have to use VM Fusion or something like that. I had it all worked out and installed, but there was some glitch that stopped me in my tracks. So I just went back to using Mojave. I just got another computer, as mine is pretty beat up and it came with Catalina on it. So I but V2 on it but haven't used it yet because I don't want to commit to it yet. Once you open a file in V2 I understand you can't take it back to V1. One thing for sure I don't like about V2 is the new tool icons. They are senseless to me. The old ones weren't broke, they didn't need fixing. They were clear what they were .
  14. Oh, I figured it out. the fill was on and I turned it off. It's nice, simple.
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