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  1. I'm using the latest version of both Photo and Designer and didn't have this problem before updating to the latest version The bug happens in all documents, both newly created and older projects opened up in this version. I'm on the latest update of Windows 10 and have a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. Here's how to create the bug (It requires both Designer and Photo): Start a new project in Designer Create at least one Artboard (This is essential) Create a few objects (or import a few images) and make them overlap (may not be necessary to overlap them, but do this to be sure) Select File->Edit in Photo... from the menu In Photo select one of the layers and apply the Live Filter Denoise Most filters don't work, but a few do. I was specific above just to make sure to have one that doesn't in my description. RESULT: Now some layers completely disappear and others partly show (there's a patterns but it would be a waste for me to explain). Deactivating / activating the filter clearly shows that the filter isn't doing what it's suppose to do. Lastly to answer if this worked before: Yes. I had no problems with this before the latest update. The gif below show an example how it behaves. Sorry for the crappy quality, but it shows clearly what happens. I also included the Affinity-file for this example with the post. bug example (activate and deactivate the filter).afphoto
  2. Sure Say I have a document with art I've prepared for a web page. It's everything from header images, icons, slider images, thumbnails and everything you can think of (containing both vector and pixel art) I use Artboards most of the time for larger images, such as headers, slider images and backgrounds, since these are listed by default in the ExportPersona. For smaller assets like icons logotypes and similar I like to group into "category"-artboards to keep it organized and easy to find. Setting these up for export I need an extra step however, which is creating slices. The reason I need ExportPersona for Artboards specifically is that depending on sizes and what I want to use these images for I want to be able to setup different export for each separate artboard. (Different compression depending on how much in focus they'll be on the web page and such) The more general reason for needing ExportPersona (while working with artboards) is that I can export all graphics I've prepared for a whole web page, including images (jpg, png) as well as logos, icons (svg) in one go. See very sloppy image for example setup
  3. It works as you would expect at least and I haven't run into any unexpected issues. However, the workflow isn't optimal since I still have to jump between Publisher (when editing images) and Designer/Photo when I want to export slices/artboards. But it's the best workflow I've come up with so far.
  4. Ah, true. Sorry, I didn't notice that comment was made by a staffer before. I guess we wait and see then. Hopefully (for me at least) the demand for a feature like this will become high enough for the developers to consider, if it's not already in their pipe-line (but in a secret and mysterious way for now, or something)
  5. Ah, alright. Fair enough. Yeah, I guess only time will tell what will happen from here. I really really hope we at least get a similar way for jumping between vector/pixel-editing without using Publisher though.
  6. Sure it cuts down the time for executing the actual command. What I meant was that the actual time it takes for the document to close down and open can be long depending on size of document, if you have large baked in images in it and so on.
  7. I don't agree that StudioLink is the marketing name for the >>two personas in Affinity Publisher<<. The Affinity-team never says this feature is meant to stay limited to Publisher. Quotes they use to describe StudioLink are (just to mention a few): (https://affinityspotlight.com/article/focus-on-studiolink/) "With the game-changing ability to fully integrate with other Affinity apps, the introduction of StudioLink in Affinity Publisher" Here they only say that the StudioLink-feature first was introduced in Publisher. No that it's meant to remain unique to Publisher. "As you might have seen from our recent Affinity Live Keynote, the release of Affinity Publisher brings with it the release of StudioLink and the first realisation of this vision." Here they hint about that this is just a first step of what they have planned for this feature. "Ever since the conception of Affinity our vision was to produce a creative suite of apps that work seamlessly together." This statement in my opinion contradicts the idea that StudioLink only would be meant for Publisher. If their vision is to produce a creative suit of apps that work seamlessly together and they limit StudioLink to Publisher, how much is that vision worth for someone who only own licenses for Designer and Photo?
  8. I'm not sure I follow what you're saying here. I didn't know there were tools missing when using the Photo or Designer StudioLink in Publisher. What are those tools you mean? On your second point, isn't the idea of StudioLink to give the user all toolbars, shortcuts (and so on) for the individual modes you're using? My understanding is that the StudioLink-function is exactly just that.. Or did I miss something? ..and if I did, where can I find more information about it
  9. I couldn't disagree more with this.. You're right that as a graphics designer you don't need instant access to Publishing tools. However, it's very common for people who work with graphics to both have pixel and vector graphics in their art. I know that it's possible to jump between Photo and Designer via the file menu, but this takes time since the document have to close and re-open in the other app. Since the release of Publisher I open up all my Design/Photo documents in Publisher since that gives me access StudioLink all pixel and vector tools. (When opening in Publisher I of course choose not to convert artboards to spreads, since I want to keep the document as is). After I'm done and want to export my different artboards and slices, I have to jump into Designer or Photo to do this, since the Export Persona is missing in Publisher. I can understand that the ExportPersona is missing in Publisher, since you normally don't work with artboards/slices in here and therefore don't need the option be setup different export-settings per slice/artboard. But since we don't have the ExportPersona in Publisher I really think there's a strong argument to implement StudioLink to Photo and Designer. Why give publishers better tools for working with mixed pixel/vector graphics than actual graphical artists? I really don't see the logic in this..
  10. Thanks for the reply and link to the other thread, stokerg. Too bad there are no plans for this. And I don't agree at all (as stated in this other thread) that there's no need for this.. Thank you, Walt :) Yes, I'm aware of the feature that lets you jump between Designer and Photo via the file menu. This however takes much longer time since the document have to close down and open up again in the other program. It's not at all as the StudioLink-feature. I saw someone write in that other thread that he/she saw no need for StudioLink in Designer and/or Photo. This is a quite chocking statement to me... I can't see the logic in why someone working with publications should have easy access to all pixel and vector graphics tools, but someone just working with graphics shouldn't have this benefit. Again, this is my current workflow.. How would StudioLink not be an incredible benefit to have, when working with mixed pixel/vector-graphics? To best edit my art including both pixel and vector graphics I need Publisher and its StudioLink functionality, which is more than awesome. (When opening in Publisher I of course choose not to convert artboards to spreads, since I want to keep the document as is). To export all slices with all their different settings I need the Export Persona however, which can only be found in Designer and Photo so far.
  11. Hi! I have licenses for Designer, Photo and Publisher and really love the new StudioLink function you've added to Publisher. I understand that all your focus has been on finishing Publisher lately,. Now with Publisher released however, will you also update Designer and Photo with the StudioLink functionality? The reason I'm asking is that I do a lot of artwork with both pixel and vector graphics, and just using Pixel Persona in Designer isn't enough for what I need. I also use the Export Persona a lot since the way I work is to make all art for one project in the same document and and setup different export options for all slices and art boards in one go, to have everything organized and easy to tweak and re-export and so on. So the dilemma for me is that: To best edit my art including both pixel and vector graphics I need Publisher and its StudioLink functionality, which is more than awesome. (When opening in Publisher I of course choose not to convert artboards to spreads, since I want to keep the document as is). To export all slices with all their different settings I need the Export Persona however, which can only be found in Designer and Photo so far. I'd love to know if StudioLink is in the pipeline for Designer and Photo as well? If you don't have any plans for this, I'd like to add this as a feature request.
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