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  1. Hi Affinity, I'm fairly certain I found an issue that can be solved quickly, although it appears the sock image viewer already had bugs crashing the app for many users. If the STOCK image fetcher doesn't have scroll bars it won't fetch more images upon scrolling down. As you can see in the attached photo that I moved the stock panel to the left side so I could drop it into the layer panel directly where the image should be placed. To my surprise it seems that if the window doesn't have a scroll bar then it won't fetch more images. This was confirmed by undocking the STOCK
  2. I'm sorry. I should have specified the paper output is LETTER. My print design was for letter 8.5x11". Your print preview error would be normal if printing on A4 which is narrower and longer.
  3. Hi Sean, Thanks for the reply. However, I'm not printing borderless, although at some point I'd like that to be in tip top working order. As for the Canon being the issue, I'm not sure why Adobe Acrobat has no problem sending the right dimensions to the Canon Preview window. These days I'm having to output everything to PDF because I want to see a preview before wasting high cost medium. What's also interesting is how 1.9.1 has less of the scaling issue than 1.9.2, but still scales up a tad. I run everything through print preview. I've not had other printing issues with this pr
  4. I hope it gets fixed soon also. File saves may be backward compatible with previous versions However, I was able to load the 1.9.2 files in 1.9.1 after my downgrade test. It's possible that you may be able to downgrade even a few more versions and still be able to manage the newer version save files. Bugs that caused me to return to 1.9.2 from 1.9.1 I found another bug in 1.9.1 that caused me to revert back to 1.9.2. Linked resources get huge padding spaces around them when dropping them into a new document. Maybe you know what this is, but I started to use it more recently
  5. I just downgraded to ... to see if the print bug above in was present and found the bug less pronounced, but still present. This now explains why my prints were shifted off center. I reopened the same file used in my opening thread above, opened Print, then Print to get my preview. I noticed that a little of the right side of my page is short, but not as bad as in I then put an inside aligned black outline around the right most element to see if the print is being cutoff. Going through print dialog again and preview, sure enough my border is cutoff.
  6. Affinity Designer Printing Bug After updating Affinity Designer from 1.9.1 yesterday to I noticed a major print scaling bug in the program. On print preview within Designer no red lines showed any overprinting errors. Long story short, items in Designer print out larger than set and thus get cropped out of print range on the right and lower edges. To be specific, I created a Letter document and populated it with an array of equally sized blocks for printing. Upon printing I noticed the right and bottom of the print were cutoff. After checking the document size settings, sc
  7. Just downloaded the Affinity Designer update and found a god awful bug I can't live with: When printing on an A4/Letter with manually arrayed items centered on the page, and when sending the job to the printer, the preview shows the right and lower sides cutoff. I didn't catch this on my first print and noticed that the dimensions on each element were larger than what I set in Designer. My only work-around was to export as PDF and print from Adobe Acrobat. This is clearly an Affinity Designer scaling issue when sending the job to the print driver. Yes, scaling was set to 100%,
  8. Thanks @walt.farrell, I had edited the original post and added screenshots. Perhaps if I didn't get the images into the first go around, maybe it's not showing. I'm sure you already tried "Refreshing" the thread. Maybe there is more I don't understand with this forum that would help me out. Thanks for letting me know though.
  9. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum @walt.farrell.. I don't usually join forums, but I do value Serif products, and can't help but want them to be a success over Adobe. Yes, the attached images show the print preview window, and not the actual prints, which I'm trying to save myself from making any mistakes. I was able to duplicate another job in the legacy app Serif PagePlus X9, and the crop marks appeared just beautifully in the print preview (also attached to the original message). I've only been working with print preview function of the Brother DCP-L2540DW Laser driver. I
  10. Using Affinity Designer to print business cards, I created a Letter document with two Artboards at 3.5 inches wide by 2.0 inches tall. I then go to the print dialog, Scale: 100%, Orientation: Portrait, and under Layout, Paper size: Letter, Model: N-Up, Across: 2, Down: 5, Repeat: 10, Skip: 0, Left: 0.75, Top: 0.5, H Gap: 0, V Gap: 0. Under Bleed and Marks, I check "Include Printer Marks", "Include Crop Marks", and "Edge Only". There's no red alerts to sizing issues. All appears centered. Using a print preview from the Brother DCP-L2540DW driver, I get 2 out of the three crop marks on the x axi
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