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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED thank you very much :lol: so the fonts where still installed but not shown in the fonts folder.. when i searched for them i found that they were actually still there and they were open in a lot of applications (i don't know why) after closing the applications that the moving window showed , i was able to move them out .. after that the blank space gone and the list is working perfectly thank you :)
  2. i don't know if that is helpful , but when i changed the compatibility i have been able to access the list.. So i created two texts with the blank fonts in the top of the list and saved that .. when i reopened the file the popup showed that the fonts was HelveticaNeueLT Arabic 55 Roman HelveticaNeueLT Arabic 75 Bold and they are missing , i have already uninstalled them but they still shown at the top as blank space.. also the blank space was there before i uninstall them either
  3. i have found fonts with the _0 in , i removed them and the lag is still there :( .. but why it works perfectly when i change the compatibility mode even with the same fonts installed
  4. thank you yes there are two blank spaces at the top of my list
  5. unfortunately , the problem still there even when i deleted those fonts could it be the nvidia driver that causing this problem? sorry for inconvenience. thanks
  6. i have uploaded the file, thank you
  7. thank you for replay i have reset the app , but the same problem is still there i can send you the font.zip ,thank you
  8. thank you when i tried to hide fonts , the hidden fonts still appear in designer even if i restarted the app , so i have deleted some fonts that i don't usually use .. now i have 312 fonts but the problem is still there
  9. thank you 1) i have 522 fonts installed 2) whenever i click on the font menu ,it shows up but i can't select anything and scrolling is too slow .. if i waited for about 1 minute the menu will work good .. but it will do the same thing again every time i open it. 3) i usually access the font menu from the toolbar but the same thing happens with the character panel . 4) there was some lag but it was better , and the same problem happens also with affinity photo now . i have noticed that if i changed the render to WARP rather than Nvidia 750m the menu will work better , but still with some lag i have also noticed that whenever i change the compatibility mode to "windows 8 or 7 " the menu lag disappears and it works perfectly , but the whole app gets slow
  10. i am using the version of affinity designer , the font menu runs very slow for me in windows 10 ,but whenever i change the program compatibility from properties to "windows 8" the font menu works very will , the problem is when i change the compatibility to "windows 8" the whole app gets slow
  11. CTRL+A not working when editing text please fix thanks
  12. great job, could you support Arabic text
  13. great work I hope you could support these features smart objects selection with pen tool in designer shape builder Arabic support thanks
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