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  1. I have many artboards (or layers) in a document. And for some reason, most of the running page numbers or layers is correct in running ascending order, but there are some which do not reflect the correct or same page numbers as in the layers name. Even when layer name is updated or changed, the artboard name still does not change. Though I guess this is not a significant problem as the export should follower the layers order, but am I missing something? Thanks.
  2. How to only export certain pages (artboard layers) to PDF print in Affinity Designer? Layers are made not visible in Designer Persona. In Export Persona, layers are made not visible in export. Upon Export to PDF print, do not export hidden layers box is selected. And yet the whole document is still exported in PDF print. Am I missing something or is this a bug? (By the way, overall Affinity Designer is a really good software) Thanks.
  3. I'm no expert. But this might have reduced my png somewhat i.e. from 40+ to just 1+MB. 1. Create new document in RGB 8 bit. Paste the copied layer. 2. Right click on the grouped layer and select Rasterize and Trim. Then export as per usual. Perhaps just one step is enough, I don't know. Hope this helps. Note: Once rasterised, that layer act like a flattened image and elements within cannot be manipulated. Please feel free to correct any misinformation.
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