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  1. After installing the last update of AP, I noticed that AP sometimes crashes while it is inactive for a while: AP was hidden or the AP window was minimized (I use Stage Manager) then. macOS 13.6 I attach the last genenerated crash report. I have a few more Affinity Photo 2 Affinity Store-2023-09-25-172356.ips
  2. I waited all summer to catch this female of natural aviation at the lunch counter getting her fill up. I'm glad Affinity Photo was there when the waiting was over.
  3. Hello how are you? I need your help. I have some product images from a client and I need them all to have the same color tone. In Photoshop I used Match Color to match the colors of the images, using an image as a reference. Is there a tool that does this automatically in Affinity Photo or do I need to do it manually? If anyone has any suggestions it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
  4. HI Guys, Wanted to know lets say If I have a Photo of a Person and there is this Tint or any kind of hue on her face and if I want to use the HSL adjustment Layer and in that I want to use the colour Picker and first identify which tone is it and then either increase its negative value or increase its positive value based on what correction I want to do, but the problem in using the colour picker is unless you first select a Colour from the available colours at the bottom, the Colour Picker tool does not get activated to be able to use it to place it on the subject to find out the Tint/Hue colour ? And if I go ahead and already select a colour family from the bottom available colours like Red or Yellow then how do I reduce the Tint on a person's face ? lets say it is a grey tin ? then ? which colour do I choose from the bottom to activate the colour picker tool ? Please see the attached image.
  5. Here is a different composite I started working on: Here is the base image: This is the base image of the ambulance used: This is the the image used to change the license plate to a vintage 1980s Maine one: I tried my best to match the look from the original movie:
  6. As film photographers, we often work with film scanners. The "Hasselblad X5" is an excellent choice for film scanning, and the RAW format of this scanner is (*.FFF). I have been looking forward to Affinity supporting its (*.fff) format so that we can directly use Affinity to process (*.fff) files and use it to de-mask negatives, calibrate colors... Rather than open another software to handle this format separately. To be honest, I don't know what Affinity's future development plans are, but I do hope that the authorities will support this image format in time to bring a new experience to film photographers.
  7. Windows 11 Pro 22H2, Ryzen 7 3700X with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super New issues 2.2: Project file sometimes silently fails to save latest session changes (do not know how to reproduce). Other people now reporting same problem on Facebook. Project file can be missing hours of work when re-opened. Running a macro instantly crashes the application (crash report uploaded, 100% reproducible). Application does not crash when applying macro actions manually. Macros created in 2.1. Blemish Removal tool when used to dab away dust spots slows down with each successive use, until eventually the application becomes unresponsive for long periods of time. Application does not crash (so far), eventually recovers, but I have always given up when the unresponsive periods become intolerable (30s to 1 min), never pushed it further (frequently reproduceable). Merge Visible sometimes produces a result that has somewhat shifted levels/color (not easily reproduceable). Workaround is to break up merge into batches of fewer layers and then merge the results. Issues 2.2 (carried over from 2.0/2.1): Blur Brush region of influence does not preview blur effect, it previews like an erase tool (reveals layer underneath or transparency grey squares) (100% reproducible). Blur Brush tool is often reluctant to make any changes or makes some small amount of change and then becomes unable to make any more changes (even at 100%) (frequently reproducible). Grid cannot be turned on (100% reproducible). Makes it difficult to snap objects. Amending a TIFF file and saving it directly (without export) severely corrupts metadata (Subject, Tags, Comments). Comments and Subject are completely replaced by seemingly random bursts of Chinese characters, long hierarchical tags and large lists of tags are truncated even though they have not exceeded any limits imposed by File Explorer or dedicated tagging applications (100% reproducible). Application repeatedly displays a reminder dialog to turn on crash reporting when launched. Apart from settings choices being repeatedly questioned, the reminder dialog frequently interrupts train of thought. If it only comes up after a failure, then this suggests there are frequent silent failures happening in the background going unnoticed.
  8. I don't know if the creator of the video already reported the bug or is going to report it soon, but I saw it and did the test, and yes, the selection marquee does not work as it should in AD2.2 (nor in AF 2.2 or AP 2.2). Thanks!
  9. I am trying to reduce shine on a person's face in a Photo and I am trying to paint over the shiny areas with the surrounding colour on the skin and then use blend mode to reduce the shine. I also have other layers including frequency seperation, so now when I try to reduce the shine on the pixel layer I have created for this I don't see any change. is it wrong with where I am placing the pixel layer as in the sequence or what ? Where do I need to place the pixel layer if I have a lot layers including frequency seperation
  10. I purchased Affinity suite 2, and cannot find a way to update from 2.1 to 2.2. The Affinity support site suggests there should be a "check for updates" option in the applications main menu, but in my versions of Designer and Photo, that is not the case (see screenshot). Any ideas of how to update my applications?
  11. Hello! I love using your suite of apps, but I have a suggestion to make working in Layer FX a little easier. Since color overlay, just has "one" function, please add the color selector wheel visible inline as a part of the controls. It's not very effecient to have to click it every time. You go to this FX to do just one thing... change the color. Also please consider adding "tab" keyboard support to toggle between controls. Similar improvements can also be done to other Layer FX to avoid uncessasary extra mouse milage and clicking. Thank you for considering these ideas!
  12. Hi there, didn't find any Informations in the Forum. When I use Affinity Photo V2 in full screen mode, the Adjustment Panels do not appear. Only when I shrink the window do the Panels appear. I don't have the problem with Affinity Photo V1. AP V2 and MacOS on the Mini M1 are up to date. Reinstalling AP V2 did not solve the problem. Does somebody has any idea? Thanks and regards Michael
  13. The Curves Adjustment can be used in all programs in the suite to create bizarre colours, that normal people would not be able to invent, while being sober. The image below shows the end result: Years ago I drew this image in Designer, using a somewhat standard skull that I found on the web. I removed the background by drawing a shape around it with the Pen Tool and used that to clip the skull. The initial drawing looks like the one below: But when selecting the skull object inside the clip shape, its colour can be changed drastically, to stop the design from being blandly obvious. The RGB is edited in an uncommon way, the red is raised a notch and the green is lowered a tiny bit. Below is the Curves Adjustment dialog to see what settings I used to arrive at the end result: I gave the circular text a somewhat similar treatment as the skull with the Curves Adjustment tool. The text in the end result is the Hoffman font that I duplicated. I edited the duplicate with the Contour tool, so that the end result does not bore observers to death. Best of all is that such an effect can be achieved without using strong beverages or smokeable goods. I hope some of you find this tip useful. Cheers!
  14. Attached is a Tutorial on how I process and edit color negatives using Affinity Photo. I do not own a dedicated slide scanner, negative conversion software or plug-ins. Instead of scanning, I used my DSLR, a 100mm macro lens and an LED backlight to photograph color negatives, which I brought into Affinity Photo in their original negative form. I shot RAW, but full sized TIFFs work equally well. I wasn't happy with most of the approaches I found on the internet and tried. Some of them whacked the colors badly or were very difficult to edit. The approach described in this tutorial works with any brand color negative film, preserves color relationships, prevents unwanted or unintended channel clipping, radioactive colors, blown detail, etc. No special negative film profiles are required. This method works well for me and I hope others find it useful. There are other ways, perhaps better ways, to process color negatives and convert them to positives, but this works reliably for me and yields an image that is easy to edit. Best, Lou Dina Processing Color Negatives in Affinity Photo.pdf
  15. I love Affinity Products.. I use Affinity Designer and Publisher but for Affinity Photo I have the challenge with Raw image editing capabilities. Kindly do more for photographers. I will be your Number 1 client. Please check on Adobe Camera Raw features and get us something of similar features and even Better in Affinity Photo for I Believe and Like what Affinity is doing. Its also possible to have a powerful develop persona editor for Affinity Photo than even adobe Camera raw...Please my special request on behalf of many photographers out here...🙏 some possible features for Develop persona... Auto Image editing.. Handling Bulk images before Export.... Importing of images on develop persona while maintaining camera settings on the raw images More features on image correction both light, colors, retouch and much more Bulk export of images to various formats right in develope persona Thanks we are hopeful all is possible 🙏
  16. Here's a thread from 2014... It's crazy to think that you would have implemented this by now (2022) unless you're going the Reason Studios route, "We know what you need, you don't!" unless I'm missing something....
  17. Color selection bug when selecting a color using controls with numeric text fields on Color Chooser. Turning OpenCl on and off has no effect. Win10 / Publisher/Designer/Photo V2 color chooser bug.mp4
  18. So I am using a PSD file with textures. I have opened other PSD files 90% of the time without any problems but this one gives me an error pop up. Can anyone explain what this means and if there is a fix?
  19. Here’s an interesting technique, if you don’t mind the result being rasterised, to create a ‘roughened’/distressed version of a shape, or some text, or various other things. Note: Only for Photo (or the Photo Persona of Publisher), either V1 or V2. Note: This only works well on simple single-shade backgrounds (because of the Gradient Map). See attached video. First add a Live Procedural Texture of Urban Camoflage – the higher the Square Count the smoother the ‘roughening’. Then add a Live Median Blur – setting Preserve Alpha to ON may produce better results. Then add a Gradient Map Adjustment – make sure both middle gradient stops are at the same position. (Maybe add a very slight Live Gaussian Blur on top to ‘take the edge off’ a bit.) Experiment: Try changing the Blend Modes of the various Filters/Adjustments to see what weird stuff you can make. 2023-09-10 12-27-37.mp4
  20. Hello! Recently I have been experiencing an odd bug: While using the Brush Tool, the tool changes to the Eraser tool after I Toogle Fill Context (chang the colours by pressing [x] ), using the color picker [Alt shortcut] or sometimes even at random Each time I press the Brush Tool shortcut [B], it also alternates between the Eraser and Brush tool. My shortcuts are the default for the software. Is there anyway to fix this issue? it has been hampering my work for some days now. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello! I'm having a frustrating time with the brush tool in Affinity Photo. I was drawing with the brush tool but it suddenly stop working. Opacity, flow and hardness are all 100% and protect alpha is unticked. All the other tools work. I tried the 'edit in affinity designer' option but designer also refused to paint on the document. I have opened and closed the programme several times upon advice in previous forums. I've tried painting on different layers and adding new layers to paint but there's no response. I also tried painting whilst not having a layer selected (letting the assistant automatically create a new pixel layer) but the brush still doesn't paint. The strange thing is that i opened a new document and the brush tool works with no issues and with all the same settings as the document which isn't painting. I had both the new document and the document i'm working on open and the programme would only paint on the new document. How can this be fixed? I'm mid way through a drawing and can no longer complete it. Thank you!
  22. Start into infinite spaces, composing supported with material from Pixabay, made with Affinity Photo and upscayl, because I started with a too little canvas.
  23. Photo of a leaf, Mirror filter applied, released and tonally processed, new background. All done with Affinity Photo.
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