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  1. 1. In the Convex-Concave and "Versetzen" filters, the value range cannot be expanded via the value fields. They are limited to the value range of the sliders. This limitation does not exist in other filters. 2. The value fields are missing in the Remove haze filter, only sliders are available. 3. Are filters e.g. "Strudel (Twirl)" is used in the macro, the value range of the fields is limited again if a desired change is made after the macro is called. The limit does not exist in the normal filter dialog.
  2. Here is a preview of a wattpad cover I am working on that is similar to the first poster from Stranger Things: What do you think? @v_kyr @AffinityJules @carl123 @firstdefence @iconoclast
  3. Latest picture quiz for our club's bingo and quiz night. will be one copy A3, entry £1.00 per person and money collected will be divided equally to the club member/guest winner and a local charity
  4. Hi Guys, Was using the Old Affinity Photo Ver.1 as was on an Old Windows Compute, just migrated to a M2 MacOS and I am intrigued by the Noise Removal Feature which is there in the Filters Section in the Menu of Affinity Photo Ver.2 how does this thing work ? How do I use it ? And does it do an equally good job of removing Noise from a Photo as some dedicated Noise Remova Al APP do ? Like Photo AI from Topaz Labs and ON1 Photo Raw 2024 ?
  5. Saw this from a video from the affinity YouTube channel and wanted to know how this was done, since had asked and someone told me it was brushes maybe but they weren't 100% sure. So I wanted to know if someone knows how to do so and if you could show a small tutorial if possible since I wanted to test this on a project in affinity designer v2 and in affinity photo. Hopefully I put this in the area of the forums to ask for help.
  6. How to replicate this minor bug: Create a new document in Affinity Photo 2. Select the Erase Brush Tool Temporarily Zoom the canvas by holding down the Z key (using the stylus to scrub in or out with the Zoom Tool) When Z is released the tool returns to the Erase Brush Tool as expected, however... If the stylus is now raised away from the drawing display (out of active range) then returned to active range the tool switches to the Zoom Tool. It should remain on the Erase Brush Tool. It doesn't matter if the Erase Tool is used or not before moving the stylus out of active range, when the stylus is lifted then returned the tool switches to the Zoom Tool. This behaviour seemingly only affects the Erase Brush Tool. Hope this makes sense! Affinity Photo 2.5.3 macOS 12.7.5 2019 MacBook Pro i9 2.4ghz with 32Gb RAM and AMD Radeon Pro 5600M Hardware acceleration ON (not tested when OFF) XP Pen Artist 24 QHD drawing display
  7. The popularity of Affinity programs is increasing among Arabic-speaking users They want to transition to using these programs instead of Adobe's and take advantage of the 6-month trial offer However, we are unable to use Affinity programs as they still do not support right-to-left Arabic writing Therefore, we hope this support is provided as soon as possible.
  8. Affinity photo is crashing after going from adjusting the width of the paint brush tool to the eraser brush tool. What Application are you using? Photo 2.5.3 Are you using the latest release version? Yes (Also happened on previous version before updating can't remember which exact version think it was 2.4) Can you reproduce it? Yes (if you cannot then we may struggle to also, making it even harder to fix) Does it happen for a new document? If not can you upload a document that shows the problem? Yes If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following: What is your operating system and version (Windows 11, OSX Ventura, iOS 16 etc)? (MAC MINI M1 8GB) OSX Ventura 13.6.7. Also happened on Ventura 13.2.1 Is hardware acceleration (in Preferences > Performance) ON or OFF ? (and have you tried the other setting?) On & no I have not tried other settings What happened for you (and what you expected to happen) Crash (expecting eraser brush tool to be selected) Provide a recipe for creating the problem (step-by-step what you did). Selecting paint brush tool, adjusting the width of brush in tool bar for example decreasing from 12px to 10px with keyboard arrow when the 10px is still highlighted in blue after adjusting, I then select eraser brush tool. I get a crash. (If I click off the box with the 10px so the box is no longer selected then select the eraser brush tool, I do not get a crash. Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video. Screen Recording 2024-07-16 at 17.59.05.mov Any unusual hardware (like tablets or external monitors or drives that may affect things) or relevant other applications like font managers or display managers. Wacom inutos tablet (crash happens with either mouse or pen tablet) Did this same thing used to work and if so have you changed anything recently? (software or hardware) I have not changed anything recently only updating OS security update and affinity photo update, happened previously on both. If the width is selected of the paint brush tool and then I select the eraser brush tool, it will crash. If I click off the width and then select eraser tool it won't crash. Also this will not happen if going from adjusting the width of brush tool to another tool such as flood fill tool. Happens with the preinstalled brushes too. I have done a reinstall and crash still happens. Can forward a crash report if necessary. Thanks for any assistance.
  9. Hi, I am uploading some more of my free 'Nature' brushes for Affinity Photo. However, because of the file size, I have split them into twelve parts - Pt1 to Pt12. (I hope I don't get into trouble for uploading so many files, but I just wanted to give the other Affinity Photo users the brushes that I created and that I use myself). I have been interested in Concept Art for Movies and Games for a few years now. It is usually done in Adobe Photoshop, along with other programs like Corel Painter, ZBrush, Vue and Plant Factory, also Adobe Illustrator), all of which I have used. I have used Painter since version 5 (and owned by Fractal Design), and I have also dabbled with ZBrush on and off over the years. I usually create my brushes in Corel Painter, but I thought that I would create some 'Nature' brushes and create a few images in Affinity Photo to see how the brushes perform. Corel Painter works quite differently to Affinity Photo. There are some things that I like in Corel Painter, and other things about Affinity Photo that I prefer. The interface in Affinity Photo is far superior and logical. Painter has a very old-fashioned looking interface. I am also uploading a .JPG image (and 'source' Affinity Photo file complete with layers) that I created in Affinity Photo using the free 'Nature' brushes below. It's not brilliant - just an quick example image for other Affinity Photo users who may be interested in Concept Art for Movies and Games. They can download the original 'source' file to see how it was created by turning the layers on/off and dabble with the free 'Nature' brushes to create images themselves. I use these brushes myself to create concept art - mist, dust, fog, atmosphere, trees, branches, ferns, fungi and lichen, leaves, moss, shrubs and plants, forest floor, rocks, etc. I don't work in the industry - it just interests me. I love to see the work process of conceptual artists, their imagination, their techniques and creativity. Have fun! I would love to see anything you create using them. Hope you like them... DelN's Free Nature Brushes Pt1 Shrubs & Plants Pt2 Rocks Pt3 Dust & Motes Pt4 Mist & Fog The rest (Pts5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are below in a later post. I have been updating them, also the brush stroke images... Del Looking Up From the Ravine.afphoto DEL Nature 2024 Pt1 Shrubs & Plants.afbrushes DEL Nature 2024 Pt2 Rocks.afbrushes DEL Nature 2024 Pt3_Dust & Motes.afbrushes DEL Nature 2024 Pt4 Mist & Fog.afbrushes
  10. Hi, On Mac Monterey, Designer and Photo 2.4.1 don't show newly opened or created documents, after you have closed the background window. 1. Close all the document windows. 2. Close the blank, background window, to avoid it to block seeing everything that is on the back in the other apps. 3. Crete or open a new document. No window can be seen in Photo or Designer. The documents are there, since when closing the app you are asked if you want to save them, but you can't see them. To start seeing documents again, you have to relaunch the app. Paolo (who would like some more love for the Apple UI guidelines )
  11. One of a series I'm working on, "Heirloom Bacteria." Created mostly in Designer with some back and forth to Photo.
  12. Here are some experiments, of varying quality, that I was playing around with at the weekend. Apart from some (modified) background images everything was done in Designer and Photo. They’re not what I would call ‘production ready’ but they’re okay as long as you don’t go looking for problems. (Any resemblance to real movies or organisations is purely accidental.)
  13. Hi all, I have a serious issue with Affinity Photo v1 for mac that is getting worse and worse. I use a document which is a template (1000x1000 pixels) for all the product images I sell on my website, mostly clothes. I have about 50 images sorted in different folders that I arrange and display individually. The problem is the images randomly move on their own after I arranged them. I tried to lock the layers but they move anyway. I quit the app, restart but same problem. Sometimes images are just moved inside the document, sometimes they are also reduced in size. Movements happen when I close the document or during my open session when I'm working on the images. This is hours and hours of work lost (images imported, corrected, adjusted...). I couldn't find any similar issue on this forum. Thanks in advance for your support.
  14. Hi, I created this in Affinity Photo. The Affinity Photo file (complete with layers) is located on the below link. Also, I have uploaded all of the 'Nature' brushes that I created (and use) too. Have fun creating some concept art in Affinity Photo, which is a really cool program that you can still buy and own (unlike Adobe Photoshop). Any questions, just post them here. DelN Click on the link above to go to download my new free 'Nature' brushes for Affinity Photo. Looking Up From the Ravine.afphoto
  15. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I do have a question about Affinity Photo. I would like to make this creation of mine to look like a an old retro 80s movie poster. The kind of retro look I am looking for is something like creation by Jeff Chapman. He has a video speed process available here: I don't know if there is a way to recreate this kind of look using Affinity Photo. I hope it is OK I am asking here. Edit: Here is a poster that looks more like my creation, but it has a retro look added:
  16. Hi, Are there any plans to add a 'paint along a path' feature in Affinity Photo using the Image Brush (or any brush)? It is a feature that I use regularly in Corel Painter. If I have a path selected (circle, oval, whatever), I can paint along it's path with any brush using a setting called 'Align to Path'. Currently, I am not able to do this in Affinity Photo. The nearest thing is in Affinity Designer - the Textured Image Brush, but this changes the colour of the image I want to use. The screengrab (below) is from Affinity Designer v2.5). The above is all I could manage. The image brush (or, indeed, any brush) will paint, but there is no way that I could find to make it paint along a path of a circle (see below). Thanks, Del
  17. Windows 10 Pro x64 Affinity Photo 2.2.0 To be clear at the start, I am not asking for: Instructions on tools, or changes to tools. Instructions on hotkeys, or changes to hotkeys. Instructions on changing cursors, or any new cursors. Instructions on changing macros, or any new macros. Here is a very simple example of what I would like to see happen: Open an image file. Type CTRL-A. The entire image is now selected. (Yes, there are easier ways to see the dimensions of an entire image. But this is the simplest example I could think of.) What are the dimensions of what I have selected? I would like to see this information on my screen, preferably in the Info box. I would not like to have to click additional tools or keyboard combinations in order to see it. I would like it to be displayed in the Info box at all times (if something is selected, of course). Whether the selection has been made with a keyboard shortcut, or a lasso, or a magic wand, or a color-range-select -- none of that should matter. If a region(s) is selected, I would like to see the height and width of what is currently selected displayed in the Info box. I hope I am being clear, but if you have any questions about what I mean, do please ask me. Please be as specific as you can about what I have been unclear about. Thank you. P.S. See also:
  18. seen in Lønstrup Denmark a few weeks ago.
  19. I feel like making an image layer when creating new document from clipboard is pointless. Chances are you want to edit something in your clipboard and copy it back. I get that image layer allows for non-destructive editing but at the same time it makes things much more complicated: you have to rasterize layer to make basic tasks (like selecting an area and moving it) and it also prevents one from simply ctrl+a -> ctrl+c to get edited result back into your clipboard. For example, I wanted to crop an area from a photo, but I forgot that I have to deal with this image layer stuff and after cropping, then copying I simply got the original image I had in my clipboard. I don't really see a reason why it should be that way. It's also extremely frustrating for someone who'd used Photoshop before. At least make it an option, thanks.
  20. The correct translation of the text marked in red should be "回车", The translation "返回" in the picture refers to ← backspace。
  21. Hello, I would like to test the plugins from Retouch4me (retouch4.me). The plugins are designed for Photoshop. I have installed the software but not sure how I can active the plugin in Affinity Photo. Any idea ? Thanks Philippe
  22. In Affinity Photo, I have set my default palette. This does not seem to have any understandable effect. Even switching to a different document tab will revert it to the standard Colors palette. This is easy to reproduce because it does it every single time Expected Behavior: A new document will always show the default palette until I choose a different one. Switching between documents will switch to the most recently used palette in that document
  23. Full disclaimer: DALL-E (or rather the innumerable artists it scraped) did the heavy lifting here, but the background effects, glowing halo, halo reflections, tattoo, embedded jewels and a bit of scale surgery were all done in Affinity Photo and Designer.
  24. Android tablet getting pretty good. And there is no combination in it if you add the affinity suite. There is no full creative apps in Android it would be amazing if we could have apps like the affinity suite. Thanks and I hope y'all think about it
  25. In my recent tutorial, Creating tiles using Affine, especially of Leaves, I explained how to create tileable images using dead leaves (or any other similar object). I show here a selection of such tiled images, with four such tiles grouped to produce a seamless image. Before the tiled images, here is an example of a real patch of leaf litter taken just by holding the camera vertically of the woodland floor: This is an example of a composite image of leaves to recreate a leaf-litter-like tiled pattern: The following four images are each based on a single tree species, using about twenty leaves of different colours. Firstly English Maple Acer campestre. Next Cherry Prunus avium. Now a garden shrub Guelder Rose Viburnum opulus. And finally a strange Chinese relative of the conifers, the Ginkgo, Ginkgo biloba. I have used these to form the basis of a set of table mats. John
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