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  1. Affinity Designer V2, windows 11/10, this PC spec is beyond minimum requirements. i worked with lots of text, i made layout for math videos, which i have to immitate math symbol placements and do some equation layout too. i notice that i can paste an object inside a text object (which super cool! i really love this feature in Affinity Designer). but whenever i click on this text+text or text+object and i run 'convert to curve' . the object is gone (most of the time completely, or some resides but nearly 99% is gone). pics worth more than words, just see my steps.
  2. Hey there, I have the following issue (in all applications of the suite): Expected/Previous Behaviour: In V1 it was possible to use the arrow keys to change shape properties such as number of points on a star, sides on a polygon, hole radius on a doughnut etc. using the arrow keys right after a shape was drawn. As someone who does most things with shortcuts and generally uses the keyboard most of the time, this was very handy, intuitive and yet precise! Current Behaviour: Unfortunately, in V2 and even in the beta versions, this no longer operates as it used to: It is only possible to change by one value up or down once right after creating a shape. Any further arrow-keystrokes now unexpectedly leave the propertie-field and suddenly shifts the shape on the artboard! You are now either 1. forced to deselect the shape in order to get the previous behaviour 2. change the values by using definite values or 3. by using the mouse and slider tucked away in the property field. I don't find it intuitive to enter a concrete value during the discovery phase, and changing the value with the mouse on the slider on the other hand feels too imprecise for me, especially when it comes to percentages or degrees. Deselecting and re-selecting the shape also seems like an unnecessary extra step added wich breaks the flow. Is there a reason for this behaviour? Is it a bug, is it by design? Here's a clip about what I mean. I would be very happy to see this working as it did in V1. The problem exists in both, the official releases and the betas. Greetings
  3. Rectangular marque. Begin drawing eks elliptical marque. Hold down space to move the marque to another position. Space bar changes the size of the shape and does not move the shape. Holding down the spacebar should move the marque. Click eks Rectangle tool. Start to draw the size of the shape and hold down space bar to move the shape. One is able to move the shape by holding down the spacebar. Conclusion any tool that draws a shape Rectangle tool, Marque Tool or anything else. As one begins to create the shape holding down the space bar should move the shape around, so one has better control over where one begins. This means the short cuts (keyboard command) for the Rectangle tool should should also be reflected in other tools. As it would keep a nice consistency in regards to similar methods/techniques. NB! 1. One begins to draw out a shape and notices one wants to readjust the starting point. 2. One then holds down the space bar to align the starting point. (moves the shape one is drawing out) 3. One then continues to draw out the shape. Having a way to adjust the starting point by holding down the space bar is a technique I have used a lot in Photoshop as it helps me to realign where the shape begins.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if within Affinity Designer is there a "Free transform tool" to allow perspective distort with shapes, this is something that can be done within illustrator where you can take two points and can move them together or further apart with equal distance like the example below. You can kinda do this with the "Corner" tool set to straight but this is set to only one angle when perspective distort can change the angle. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.
  5. The text on the bottom half on a circle is always upside down and is unreadable and stupid. I'VE RESEARCHED FOR TWO HOURS and can't find a solution. Flipping doesn''t help, baseline doesn't help, nothing helps. Take a look at the file. ANY HELP WOULD BE NICE. FYI Type on a path is the only reason I use affinity designer.
  6. Why is it so difficult to just fill a rectangle with a colour. Nothing works after over an hour trying everything?
  7. Hi! I didn't find anything like this so I ask you guys. Using Inkscape I can crop ("clip" as it's called) a raster image using any vector shape The way to do this is putting the shape above the raster image, select both, go Object > Clip > Set; the result is a raster image like the following example in the attached PNG. That's the way I put some texture or anything in certain shapes. Is there a way to do something like that? If that's not the case, sounds reasonable as a Feature request? Best regards!
  8. Hey! I have encountered a problem with shapes that became text frames. Steps: I draw a shape, in my case a circle. I color and adjust the circle's fill and stroke. I use the text frame tool to make it into a text frame. From this point on I can only access the font color. The circle's color and stroke is not editable anymore. I have attached a sample file too. Is this a normal behavior? All the best, Chris text.afdesign
  9. When applying a gradient I'm noticing these dark lines within the inner white border of a shape. I have no styles or effects set. When I use a regular fill I still see it to some degree, but it isn't as noticeable. I thought maybe it was a rendering issue that would resolve itself out when I zoom out or export, but that's not the case. Any way to get rid of it ? GRADIENT FILL REGULAR FILL
  10. Hey! In Affinity 1 I used to be able to select multiple vector points of a shape by dragging them, but I can not do that in Affinity 2 (have to select them all by clicking). Is there an option that I have to turn on?
  11. Add a new Compound Mask layer to any image/pixel layer. Create a couple or more shapes (circle, or rectangle, or star, or whatever). Place them inside the Compound Mask layer. The image/pixel only shows in the intersection of all the shapes. Now, right click the Compound Mask layer and choose Edit Mask. Affinity Photo 2 crashes!!! Also, shouldn't we have the Add/Subtract/Intersect/XOR options for a shape mask, and not only for bitmap masks?
  12. Hello, I'm trying to mask curve shape to hide part of it but I don't know why it's not hiding the selected part entirely. Here is sample file where I added black brush and select with fill primary black color, as You can see there is still slightly visible part of shape. What I'm doing wrong? Greetings. sample.afphoto
  13. I need to fill shapes with images, in Designer. I've watched a tutorial which instructs me to create the Shape and then drag the desired Image (already in the working space) up onto the Shape. In the tutorial, the shape fills with the image on both the Artboard and the Context dashboard . However, when I try the same actions, nothing happens. See screen-shots below. I have a project due TODAY. Need an answer ASAP pls. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
  14. With the double star, you can move both inner radius and point radius to 100%, whereas the star tool's inner radius is clamped to be no farther out than the straight edge (the percent depends on how many points there are) I would like to be able to make shapes like the one on the left, which works because it uses double star, but without being limited to multiples of 2.
  15. Hello all, I have created a shape in Designer. Now I want a text to adapt to this shape. I have not found a way to do this, not even via Google. Here is the primitive example, shape and text: So I want the text to flatten from the bottom left to the top right and take the bottom curve of the shape. Thanks for any tips! I've also attached the sample file in case anyone wants to use it. Regards, Felix text-to-shape.afdesign
  16. Hi all, I am wondering how you would go about this? I am trying to make a small round sticker. I want to combine the Mountain curve to the circle shape. When I try Boolean options it tries to complete the curve. I put a couple of the examples in the file so you would see my bad examples. I just want to be able to color the items independently. I understand that i can mock it up and probably pen tool all the shapes independently, but if you would have a better suggestion I would appreciate the guidance. Thanks all. sun sticker practice.afdesign
  17. This should be simple but I need direction as to how. If you view the screenshot, is there an easier way to create a vector shape with a rough jagged edge without the time-consuming process of using the pen tool?
  18. Hello It would be a super helpful feature if you could place texts in a shape like in Photoshop (Warp feature). It's cool that you can orient the text on the path, the just mentioned would be even better. Greetings Till
  19. Using Publisher on Win10 I've attached an afpub and the exported PDF and a screenshot of the PDF. I have a shape with multiple contours, and made multiple copies of it to illustrate the problem. It seems that depending on where on the page this shape sits, sometimes the contours "break" at the topmost node. If you start moving around the copies, the broken contours may disappear or change. It is not related to the PDF options, I tried various different presets, including for print. (The topmost node is a weird one, since it seems to be 2 nodes on top of each other. I guess this was the outcome of a merge of two shapes (done in Designer). Such nodes should be merged, not overlap like this, so maybe that's another bug somewhere...) affinityshapetests_pdf_digitalsmall.pdf affinityshapetests.afpub
  20. I can’t make both the callout shape and its text visible. This is what I have done:– 1 Selected Callout Rounded Rectangle Tool. 2 In the context bar, set stroke colour and size. 3 Drew the callout and it appeared on its own layer with nodes, the layer's icon showing the shape. 4 Changed the fill to transparent. 5 Selected the Frame Text Tool (not Artistic Text Tool). 6 Clicked in the shape. The cursor appeared and the name of the layer changed to Shape Text. 7 In the context bar, set font colour and size. 8 While entering text, the shape disappeared, the layer's icon changed to that of the text tool. 9 On moving the cursor, the outline of the shape reappeared with nodes (not the shape itself). 10 On clicking out of the shape, the text remained visible, the shape remained invisible, the outline of the shape disappeared. If I make the layer invisible and then visible again, its name becomes the text I have entered. I was hoping the text AND the shape would be visible, the text within the shape. Reselecting the shape shows its outline with nodes and the context bar refers to the text not the shape. Is this a bug? Or have I missed something blindingly obvious? Or is it a bug that is selective of its victims? Or what? Please help! NB I have achieved success with a work-around: entering artistic text on one layer and the shape on another, then aligning them – I can’t find this described in the Help pages.
  21. I have been using Affinity Designer for a while, However one thing that always bugs me off is moving 2 points from the same line together or appart. Is there a shortcut that does that? Or I really need to create a Symbol and then create half of shape?
  22. I'd like to see a feature that allows a shape to share its border(s) with one (or more) shapes. This would allow a user to change the borders of adjacent shapes quickly, and without having to worry about making one border exactly lie on top of another border after a reshaping, or managing which shape's layer positioned relative to the layer of other shapes. Or maybe I'm missing this feature. I'm new at AD. Plz let me know if such feature exists. Thanks!
  23. I don’t get it! From the reviews I’ve read before getting the Affinity Designer for the iPad, I was under the impression that this is the best design app ever! How does the best design app ever not have a Free Transform tool or options?! I’m totally frustrated and wasting a lot of time to figure this out, because I simply can’t imagine that a “design” app doesn’t allow me to distort an image. And the idea that I have to buy another app and add to the work and time, just to transform a simple image, and disrupt my work flow! Could someone explain how this happened? Because I’m regretting buying the app with every passing day.
  24. Is there or could be interesting to have the area of a shape or polygon automatically calculated in the ‘transform’ panel, together with the now existing position and size? thanx!
  25. I'm finding shapes and the clumsily labelled "curves" features hard to use. Maybe Affinity is not allowed to implement Illustrator-like procedures, but the present arrangements are convoluted, confusing and to me, unreliable. Having discovered that shapes have to be converted to curves to edit them - then "break" them at a node (why?), I find I'm often unable to delete the node or part of the path I want to without losing more than I want or the whole object. Deselecting an object seems to automatically "select" another - can that be turned off? Zooming in/out with the Illustrator-like key combination doesn't seem to function if something is selected, which is inconvenient. I've found snapping works, but for me only randomly. As I'm migrating from Illustrator I'd love to see more illustrator-like processes if that is at all possible, and a quick look online suggests I'm not alone! I've not got far into Affinity yet so can't comment on much else at the present. And I recognise that some things will be different and I could be missing something obvious....
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