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  1. Thanks Arun. That's what I thought. I don't have Photo. Really a shame because it's such a useful tool. Should not be that hard to create.
  2. How can I create in Designer, the equivalent of the "Envelope" feature which used to exist in Serif DrawPlus? I understand the Node tool works on shapes, but it does not seem to work on text. Please advise. Thanks, AC
  3. Why is there NO "Envelope" or "Warp" tool in Designer?! It's absurd! Envelope was there in Serif DrawPlus. Creating arc'd text (not on a path) is a BASIC text modification. With all the complex things Designer can do, why is this missing? This has been requested for years!
  4. Thanks Walt. I actually tried that, which is why I'm still baffled. When I do the Marquee > Edit / Copy > Edit / Paste, the area I select is empty and nothing is Copied. Attached is my Designer file. Mask-erade artwork.afdesign
  5. I have a PNG image (attached) that I need to clone the dark background area of the image over the text at the top. How do I do that? I'm sure it's dead simple but I have tried searching all types of terms and looked through the tutorials to no avail. Thanks, ACP
  6. WOW... this was about as much fun as a root canal! After much head-banging and many words of ill color...I flushed the cache, etc and shut down / restarted ye old PC. Miraculously, the various steps above now work. Was not doing anything different. Sheeeeesh. Thanks to all. GREATLY appreciate the quick and helpful responses.
  7. Gave this a quick try and ...nothing. Appreciate the help. Have to go into a client mtg. Back at this later.
  8. Thanks... here is the file. Appreciate you taking a look. I have NO idea why this is not working. When I move the image up onto the elipse, in the Artboard, they both disappear. When I try to move the Image onto the Elipse in the Layers area, nothing happens. Clearly I am not doing something right.
  9. Thanks... here is the file. Appreciate you taking a look. Count_Me_In.afdesign
  10. I need to fill shapes with images, in Designer. I've watched a tutorial which instructs me to create the Shape and then drag the desired Image (already in the working space) up onto the Shape. In the tutorial, the shape fills with the image on both the Artboard and the Context dashboard . However, when I try the same actions, nothing happens. See screen-shots below. I have a project due TODAY. Need an answer ASAP pls. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
  11. Where can I get FREE assets for Designer? Will ANY vector assets work? Looking mostly for line art. Thanks much! AC
  12. WOW!!! TY SO much! That was exactly what I needed to understand.
  13. TY Carl! However, I'm still not understanding what the steps are to properly mask the desired area and then get a clean background-free PNG. I have tried placing a circle layer over the original, but the result is not what you get. Sorry... newbie to AD.
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