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  1. That makes quit a limitation. Specially if the source isn't in your control, and the fonts arn't available to you
  2. It seems PDF import isn't able to render some types of embeded fonts. See attached file for more information. original pdf file.pdf After import with publisher.pdf
  3. I know apples propriety standards su... But for you to keep being the apple app of the year?... And because that would be one killing feature against adobe... Also because we all had to adapt to thunderbolt and usb-c and whatever else economical survival strategy...
  4. Sure, and thats why designer needs alternative. With photo and designer Affinity serif sure raised hope. And of course its a huge task. And perhaps there is a pricing question: For AI alone, in Switzerland, one pays around 360$ / year against less than 60$ for i think over two years for Affinity designer. Who is ready to contribute a bit more to speed up the development?
  5. It seem's I produced a shit storm, i'd woudn't have anticipated. I hope one can induce from it - that we care - that some are ready to fight for it - because we do think Affinity would be a real alternative to inDesign - that we all hope it will be as soon as possible - that, in time of digital transparancy there needs to be more communication than "comming soon, or next year, or what ever" - t'ill APu is here, its for each of us to find the right answer. Some will come back, other not. It's the only thing Affinity can be sure off. And to all: have a good day. Were I am it begins with a warming willkomming sun.
  6. My point was to express what impression some answers give I can understand all the point SrPx and you give. But a roadmap would be better. I asked in 2015, because I have a partner who doesn't what to follow adobe on it's new price models. He asks: "are there alternatives". I say: "yes, but... not very convincing. Perhaps we should wait, there is very promising coming up hopefully for 2016". In between they decided to port the existing to windows and to upgrade it. Its their responsibility, their choice and their risk. In a matter of fact, I don't know anything about affinity, who supports them, how many they are, or what means the success of photo and designer, given away for a very fair price!!! give them to go on with there good were. What I know: Affinity is making a great job in what is already available. Is it what makes me impatient about publisher? To make it short again. I'd like to still hope. But I just don't know if I will be able to wait much longer.
  7. Please stop to give useless hope. I asked in January 2015. Answer: beta end 2015. I asked in January 2016. Answer: beta end 2016. I ask in February 2017. Answer beta end 2017. That sounds to me as much as NEVER. Of course it was never a promise, and there were every time as much conditionnels as needed. It still comes to the one point: don't count on it.
  8. +1 I hardly believe that this has been upvoted only once.