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  1. Thanks! You are totally correct, I see it a bit more like building the shapes with how you displayed it. Very cool. I need to slightly oversize things and use layering a bit better. I have tried in the past with aligning the curves as mentioned at the end and the first option you suggest seems way more forgiving.
  2. Hi all, Lately I have been making my own oil and beeswax mixes for my woodworking projects, and wanted to make some small containers to send with my cutting boards. I made a round label mostly because I could get them here in town. They came in a 2 in size that fit my tins pretty well. I used the template that Avery provided and used snapping to align my stickers to the sheet. Once the basic design was worked out I duplicated the sheet and changed each one to the other oil. What I liked: Making it all black and white was very simple and easy to LaserJet print. Using a premade font kept the thing simple and easy to alter. Trimming with Masks kept everything fitting in the circles very easy. Where I would change: My wife pointed out that I could of just duplicated the template layer and used them to get a better fit. I would potentially use the embedded object feature to update the sticker for changing the oil type or jar size when I make more. Leaving all of the shapes to not be trimmed by the mask would help with the bleed but make it harder to align. Thickening the stroke a bit more to cover any misalignment in the sheet. Print the pages separately so as to align each better. Anywho, thanks for reading if you did and looking. I would love any suggestions, critiques or techniques. Thanks all,
  3. Hi all, I am wondering how you would go about this? I am trying to make a small round sticker. I want to combine the Mountain curve to the circle shape. When I try Boolean options it tries to complete the curve. I put a couple of the examples in the file so you would see my bad examples. I just want to be able to color the items independently. I understand that i can mock it up and probably pen tool all the shapes independently, but if you would have a better suggestion I would appreciate the guidance. Thanks all. sun sticker practice.afdesign
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