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Found 4,047 results

  1. I have no idea what the affinity programs do in the background ... 😞 I have a christmas cap as .EPS. Colored. Open in AD - all in grayscale... (?) Affinity Feature? I tried to convert the file or profile... nothing. Open in Gravit-Designer - looks like it should look like. Preview in Finder - correct. And the help pages in Affinity with the 7pct font are too tiring to read. Close and open the software - no effect But I have found nothing either Any ideas...?
  2. I'm really hoping Affinity updates to allow true 100% vector brushes to be more editable and relevant in future releases. What are currently labeled "vector brushes" are not 100% vector and cannot be expanded as vectors. They have their uses and I appreciate them - but in my line of work, I need to be able to export 100% vector - no raster in the final output. Right now we can only modify the 100% vector brush to a simple taper on each end - As I have attached to this post, there are many other types of tapers and such I'd love to be able to do with a 100% vector brush. Going a little further - I'm hoping for a blob-tool that can allow for any shape to be made and used -
  3. Anybody know what I´m talking about? Has anybody tried it? It´s that totally cool textures you find on starship hulls for instance. I know that there are a lot of programs that can do greebling but I havn´t seen it done by scratch in Affinty. So I thought I would give it a try. Methinks it came out quite well all considering.
  4. The new illustrator now have this small window pop up every time u click on an object, where u can lock, hide duplicate,..etc. this really speed up the workflow specially on the iPad, but illustrator they don’t have it where you can change or add shortcuts. It will be awesome if affinity take this little bit further and make a very customizable pop up window, where we basically we can add anything, like keystrokes, styles,...etc
  5. Those 3 tools are very important tools. I always find myself thinking about illustrator just because it has those tools.
  6. Hey Affinity team ! You guys are AWESOME and we all like your apps, keep it up !!!...btw Could you guys please add SHAPE BUILDER TOOL for Affinity Designer iPad ,it would save so much time. Please if shape builder tool gets added to the Affinity designer it would become the perfect app for vectorization.
  7. I know it's possible to do this with a colour overlay, though ideally I need the icons to have the correct colour on export as I'm exporting these icons to web. Right now, tinting a group allows you to tint the fill or the stroke, and all the objects in that group will switch to that stroke or fill. The ideal scenario would be a "smart tint", so you could tint a group and it would tint all fills and strokes which are enabled, ignoring the fills and strokes which are disabled. Just checking if this feature already exists, and if not please move this thread over to suggestions. Thanks.
  8. Hi I noticed when trying to exporting one tile of a pattern via psd for photoshop CC that it got stuck on generating Export and my iPad would accidentally start heating from the app overworking it even thou it’s the IPad Pro 2018. Last night when I tried before it did that for 30 minutes. It’s really buggy since the last update and crashes even when I try to move layers
  9. I'm a senior game artist at Candivore, where we make the mobile game Match Masters (iOS/Android), a multiplayer match-3 game played by millions around the world. I do most of my work using Affinity Designer, which I think is an incredible tool for creating 2D game assets. For the recent October update we introduced a new Booster - Monkey Joojoo: Mandatory app screenshot: And finally this is how everything looks in-game: monkey-joojoo-gameplay.mov
  10. I'll add some example below. Is there a particular way you'd start making patterns? Maybe patterns from lines or other geometrical shapes? I've looked for specific tutorials for AD on starting points for the below shapes but nothing really comes up. https://www-dailyminimal-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.dailyminimal.com/post/147598494239/jl16-642-a-new-geometric-design-every-day/amp https://www.dailyminimal.com/post/621306642181554176/no-594-a-new-geometric-design-every-day
  11. I've always like the concept of GUIDs (Globally Unique IDentifiers), and I like the sound of them "Goo eid". I've always talked and joked about them at my work (I'm known for always giving new people GUIDs when they start 🙂 ). On our company Intranet I had a chat group called GUIDs where I'd paste random GUIDs and sometimes facts about them every now and then. A while back I started drawing some cartoons and posting them there. I draw them with Affinity Designer, and I thought I'd post them here.
  12. The vector and pixel personas are missing from Affinity Designer and Photo when Designer or Photo is activated as personas inside Publisher via studiolink. Where are they?
  13. Layers of Pride is the flag colors on little blobs that fan out. https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/layers-of-pride/1148917/ Rainbow Spears was an experiment with textures that turned out looking nice. https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/rainbow-spears/1158569/ An ancient and powerful slogan. No one knows where it came from. https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/be-gay-do-crime/1149361/ I didn't do any other flags because it's quite a lot of work to make, and about 10x to upload. I did make a little swatch for Affinity Designer/Affinity Photo with more flag colors. It covers the most common flags. https://gumroad.com/l/PrideSwatchForAffinity
  14. My most recent work, a graphic vector portrait of the renown surrealist painter Salvador Dali, that I use for a T-shirt design. I refrained from adding too much (texture) detail like pores and wrinkles or hair strands, because the design did not require it. Besides that the vector brush function does not work properly in the current Beta version of Designer ( Visit my portfolio blog to see the progress sequence and additional info. From the vector portrait below: I created this T-shirt design That you find in my CommuniCats shop at Redbubble: The above is based on the vector wireframe of the portrait that you see below:
  15. Hai I want to share some of my baby clipart. To see full collection, you can check my behance page. Created in affinity designer.another my works : Behance.net/andrigraphic Instagram.com/andrigraphic Youtube Andrigraphic Thank you
  16. Please delete this post. I was looking at a problem through DrawPlus eyes but think I may have solved it by using masking in Designer.
  17. I have created 2 sets of vector brushes. The first set is free with over 200+ repeating pattern brushes included. The second set is 500+ vector brushes for Affinity Designer. This set is comprised of all the brushes I have made that ended up being of some use. It is split between 13 sets. I plan to add on to these. There is a wide range of brushes here & while I am obviously biased I do feel it is an amazing deal when compared to many other sets I see for sale. Both sets can be found here: https://gumroad.com/badoia Let me know if you have any questions about either pack.
  18. Hello everyone, when I export my drawings and handwritten text in curves format (pdf, eps, svg) I get these "forks" and prolonged lines at some places. These forks and lines are nowhere to be seen on the screen (they are just not there, also no hidden layers) and they are also not there, when I export in jpg, png. I get them only when I export in curves. I need the document in curves but without the extra lines and forks. Here shown at text, but happens also with drawings. Thank you for your help.
  19. Many of us artist, illustrator and designers had some experience by using adobe's software when we started. I took a look around the recent adobe illustrator app in order to see what features they have I bring here a video that I review the Adobe Illustrator app, and I make some comparisons with Affinity. I have to say, Affinity is a very awesome tool and it's just one time purchase Of course, tools like Mirror / Repeat / Erase tool / Quick Shortcuts / Smoothing Nodes during the Pencil Tool Would be very welcome to the Affinity on Ipad Here is my honest review Have you tested this app? what you guys like most and wanted to see on the Affinity?
  20. I'm working in Affinity Designer and I'm having some trouble with snapping the edges of an artboard to objects, and I'm not sure that artboards are designed for what I need to do. Below, I have a logo and shapes used for x-heights. I can adjust the artboard, but I can't find a way for the artboard to snap to the objects inside of it so that I can have the artboard sized to exactly where I need.. Here are my snapping settings: Am I using artboards wrong, or is there a setting I'm not seeing? Thanks!
  21. Mad scientists fun with Designer! designs-that-might-have-been Solid vector fills, effects, and one nice texture intensity brush.
  22. Red Bull not only have a pristine P38, they have, among other fantastic aircraft, a very shineeee Vought F4U Corsair. Somehow I just love the Corsair. Can you imagine in the board room of Voght....: "Hi guys, I have this big-assed engine on mah truck.... make it fly!" "Ok boss, what kind of armament do you require?" "Yes!" Done in Designer and finished up in Photo, the clouds are a mix of cloudbrushes and perlin noise, all hail the perlin noise.
  23. Journey to the edge of space. Considering it was a design by Walter Dornberger in the 40ties the X15 holds the speed record of Mach 6.1, a record that still stands today. Aircraft done in Affinity Designer and background with Affinity Photo and lots of gradients and blends, texture brushes, cloud brushes and lots of sweet, sweet perlin noise
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