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Found 4,051 results

  1. I'm finished my Holiday cards in Affinity Designer and I'm very happy. I think we all need a little magic these days.🎄🎁✨
  2. Has anyone seen any discussion of including some kind of line erasing tool like Corel's Virtual Segment Delete tool (see attached video)? I believe that I have mentioned the need to this tool at least a year ago but I have not seen or heard any serious talk. The more I use AD as my go-to software the more I am running into simple tools that I wish it had that would make my illustration life SO much better. VertSegDelKey.mov
  3. Time for something different, a Type VIIc U-Boot at periscope depth I wanted to try a split under/overwater picture, this has taken perlin noise to the extreme.
  4. When I got my Wacom Intuos BT M graphics tablet, I was led to believe that it would be fully compatible with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. However, I am very disappointed that Serif did not take advantage of the ability for their design software to use Application Defined settings for the Wacom graphic tablets (Ahem, I hear your competitor's Adobe software uses this to make set-up a breeze). As a new user and beginner graphical designer, I expected not to have to manually define all of the pen controls and other buttons to specific functions within your apps. Please either provide an in-depth tutorial on how to set up the most common graphics tablet controls for tools and brushes within your design software or create a profile for Application Defined settings that will do the same!! Thank you for your time and consideration from a multi-media artist and musician.
  5. Hi, about 6 months ago, I created an Affinity Designer file with 15 pages, using the master page template. Now I can't seem to find the "Pages" panel, I want to add new page using the same master page I created. Is there a new software version that changed how pages worked in Designer? Thanks
  6. How can I clip off the unwanted lines at the tip of this bubble? It was drawn with the pencil tool. Secondly, I want to be able to make freehand shapes and then improve their shape. How would I make them more smooth in their overall form?
  7. Hi. Attempted to create a simple crest, made two objects. Now trying to add them together, getting result as follows: Affinity Designer file in question: crest-boolean-add-2-curves-fail.afdesign Thanks for explaining why the ADD boolean fails and perhaps a solution how to fix that inside designer, it happens to me quite often. Nothing like that ever happens to me in Inkscape, VectorStyler nor Illustrator. Edit: After reversing the direction of one of the curves boolean ADD works the result is as expected. So I guess the thread can be closed. FYI: Winding Mode was set to Alternate (Even-Odd).
  8. I have designer, photo and publisher and need to make hexagons. What is the easiest and most accurate way to do this? I see you can change the number of sides for a polygon - but how do you make all sides the same length?
  9. Hi there. Just found out that you are restricted in terms of file location on iPad. Is there a logical reason why Designer and Photo do not support locations like Google Drive? Why is a proper exchange / sync workflow only allowed within the Apple ecosystem? Even iOS now lets you use Chrome as your default browser
  10. Hallo zusammen, wo findet man die Lizenz zu den nach Installation der Applikationen enthaltenen Pinselsets (Einfach, Acrylfarben....)? Dürfen die Pinsel für kommerzielle Projekte unbegrenzt verwendet werden? Bei den Pinseln die man im Store kaufen kann ist dies eindeutig ersichtlich, bei den integrierten habe ich diese Informationen nicht gefunden. Wäre super wenn jemand weiterhelfen kann.. Gruß Florian
  11. Hello everyone! I recently purchased the Affinity Suite and am very much a novice with vector programs (but having a lot of fun learning!). What I'm trying to do seems very simple, but after an hour of Googling and trying things, I still can not figure out how to fill in the area between two, non-intersecting curves in Designer. I saw a solution here that seems related, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I've attached a photo illustrating what I'm trying to achieve. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  12. I have noticed that after I installed a font bundle I purchased (http://www.kimberlygeswein.com/), Affinity Designer in Windows started freezing on color selection (dragging the full color spectrum selector) and just creating rectangles and such. The app will slow down or freeze and then draw the rectangles or allow to change the color. I immediately removed all the fonts I installed, and the problem went away. I have a intel i7 10700K with 32GB ram, M.2 1TB SSD main HD and AMD 5700XT GPU.
  13. I downloaded Affinity Designer last week. When I started installing it the software said that the trial is only 10 days not 30. The 10 days are now over & I wasn't able to fully experience the software (that's beside Vector brush tool that I wasn't able to customize: see the link). Soooo...... ??
  14. Hello, A client is asking for the working file of a flyer I created on Affinity Publisher. Which would be the best export option to send them? SVG, EPS or PDF? I'm testing it out and I'm leaning towards SVG because it at least groups the text layers together. Whereas EPS does not group anything together and the layers are scattered everywhere, which I'm afraid will be confusing for the client to use. Wanted to hear others' opinions. Thanks!
  15. Hello-- I am working on a document in designer and have set the text dimensions to appear in inches (document has already been set up to show in inches, so the document's ruler is set to inches in units). However, when the dimensions are set to 0.75in for text height - the actual measured height (when lined up close to the ruler scale and when 'measuring' by using guide lines) is only 0.54in in height. I have exhausted my attempts at finding someone else with the same problem or any online help available. Screenshot included. Any help much appreciated!
  16. Generation of text as cobwebs out of 2700 curves. spider.afdesign
  17. Affinity Publisher dont import palette what I made with Photo? Is rgb colours. Dont even list it. But Designer imports.
  18. 我想要一个“矩阵克隆/分布”,可以增加在对齐与分布的功能组里。 现在的对齐与分布,只能对单行或者单列进行设置,我希望同时对行和列一起设置。 大概是这样,当我选择一个“元素/组”,对他进行矩阵分布时候,可以同时设置横向排列的数量、间距;以及纵向数量、间距;旋转角度,甚至大小,等参数。 如果能做到全自动以最大数量布满画布就更棒了。 ----- 这个功能将对小尺寸卡片类的排版减少很多重复的工作,节省很多时间。这个功能也可以很方便的制作无缝图案 ---------------------------- I want a "matrix clone / distribution" that can be added to the alignment and distribution function group. Now the alignment and distribution can only be set for a single row or a single column. I want to set both rows and columns at the same time. In this way, when I select an "element / group" for matrix distribution, I can set the number and spacing of horizontal arrangement, as well as the number and spacing of vertical arrangement, rotation angle and even size. It would be even better if we could fill the canvas with the maximum number automatically. ----- This function will reduce a lot of repetitive work and save a lot of time for small size card typesetting. This function can also be very convenient to make seamless patterns
  19. Hi Affinity community, I've had a look in the forums but nothing is showing(maybe it's how I'm terming it). Anyway, I have a canvas with a size of 798px *798px. I also have an image 798px * 798px positioned 0px & 0px. I also have a square/rectangle the same size 798px * 798px with 1px orange stroke on the inside positioned at 0px & 0px with no fill. However the square/rectangle does not fit on the canvas. It disappears 1px & 1px to the right and bottom(in this case). Is this an issue with me & my sizes or is it a bug. In the attached image in image 1 at top you can see the selected rectangle is at 0px 0px & is 798px and that the canvas is also 798px. In the bottom part of image (image 2) you can see the stroke disappears to the right & bottom. This is happening in both AD & AP. I have tried changing where the stroke sits on inside, center, outside many times. This has happened quite a few times in the past & tonight I thought I have to try & solve it before it does my head in(that may be too late). I've noticed this happening with images as well, that they sometimes they don't fill the canvas properly. Any help appreciated.
  20. Since there is no tracing option for Affinity Designer yet, I usually use the vector brush tool to trace the outline of a drawing to get the shape. But I don't usually get this accomplished in one continuous line. Therefore, I have to use the node selection tool (white arrow) to join the pathway segments together. As I was attempting to do so on my iPad Pro, my vector pathway would start accumulating quite a bit of nodes. Eventually, it would no longer allow me to join another curve pathway without crashing. When I reopen the file, it was a version of the file that was at least 2 saves back from my recent saved version. However, when I open the file and try the same process on the macOS version, everything works fine. I am able to join more curves and save the file as expected. I can only assume this is either a bug with iOS 14 and Affinity Designer or it is a deliberate hampering of the computing power of the iPad Pro by Affinity. Has any one else experienced this issue? I am running the latest version of iPadOS 14.0.1 and the latest version of Affinity Designer on both operating systems.
  21. It is hard to explain...Just like offset,distance between side and side is the same.but it seems that there is no offset function in AD😂
  22. How can I do like this? I have try to use pen line to make a Dividing but it is not work ,I only need to create a rectangle to do with it.But in illustrator you can do the split.Can I operate to realize that?
  23. Always makes me laugh when I see people who probably don’t like each other very much air kissing in greeting so I thought I”d draw it. I’d previously abandoned this piece as I couldn’t get it to work, but after returning to it last week it suddenly came together, so I’m really pleased I made the effort to revisit it. It’s given me a lot of confidence to go back and examine some other projects I’d previously given up on.
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