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  1. Late but here is "the fix" Run into a similar / same issue, and solved it by clearing the font cache I was earlier using Font Book from Apple. But needed it to abandon due performance problems. And switched to RightFont.
  2. Update: I figured after using OpenGL for the rendering, that Affinity Designer doesn't show the mentioned behaviour. Metal seems to be therefore our 'problem' - I'm curious, any ideas why? - a Metal specific quirk or maybe really just a memory leak?
  3. The current Affinity Designer 1.6.0 (from the Mac App Store) eat up all my system memory (32GB). While working on one rather simple file. Running Affinity Designer 1.6.0 using Metal.
  4. Nice, would be Affinity Photo for iPhone too.. like with Lightroom! Doing photos, with the iPhone still feels more natural, compared to the iPad Pro. Need suggestions how the UI could look on the iPhone?! :-)
  5. That's actually a very good idea and would lead to more frequent usage !
  6. I would like to see (similar with Pixelmator) an iPhone version too. I get that this is quite a challenge, but assume the iPhone 7S+ or the next iteration, and it's camera... imagine taking a raw photo from Affinity Photo for iPhone and working directly from there.
  7. Simple things first: 1. Path Simplification - esp. on expanded Strokes | since my first post (AD v1.3) highlighted the problems with it. 2. Textbox Linking (perhaps more a Publisher feature but would be handy here too - remember Aldus/Macromedia Freehand?!) 3. Perspective Grid 4. Photoshop/Illustrator swatch / palette converter?! More complicated (i think) 1. A 3D Rotation tool... | for instance to rotate / correct perspective / on a text layer or vector group. No extrusion (looks always awful), just z-depth, perspective and rotation 2. Clever curves, curve/spline & handle interaction?! For a lack of examples: like: Astute Graphics VectorScribe / InkScribe https://astutegraphics.com/software/vectorscribe/
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