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  1. Thank you for your suggestion! This works just fine if I don't have live filters on a layer. Otherwise these will be copied to the new layer with the selection and there I have to delete them all first, if I put this layer back together with the original one. A little awkward. PS does not have this 1px behavior and I think this bug is hopefully easy to fix. Your second suggestion also works, but is not very intuitive if you have to transform more often and have to fill the alpha channel each time. But it is at least better than my approach.
  2. just want to say that this problem still exists in Version 1.6.6
  3. Thanks to the Affinity-Team! : )
  4. ohooo, it's here - time to load!! thx
  5. 1.6.6-GM means Goldmaster? The last Beta before the final release, right!?
  6. Thanks for the clarification. Maybe I sold my old and ugly AI to early. I never realized that this EPS format is so limited and just thought, working with AD is much more fun than with Illustrator. But most stock companies demand only this format and we would have to go back in dependence of Adobe. : / No! Isn't there any better solution? By the way, I found a bug(?) in EPS-export. If I do a elliptical gradient and export the File to EPS and open back again, the gradient setting is different.
  7. I haven't Illustrator to test this. But if you open the exported .EPS File in AD again there aren't bitmaps or?
  8. AD don't make bitmaps of a gradients if I export the file to .EPS but Shutterstock seems to have a problem with these files. With transparencies you are right, I get always a bitmap.
  9. ...hm, I wonder the same, if I see these pictures. There is an e-mail address on this portfolio. Perhaps you simply ask this person, if there is a 'special' trick?
  10. Did you try this from my post?
  11. Refresh didn't help?
  12. Go to the *Updates* section in App Store and swipe the page down. It forces a refresh.
  13. iOS11 and AP are just beautiful and works flawless together! I just wanted to say But I still prefer the desktop version and I've been waiting a long time for the upcoming 1.6 release. Hopefully it doesn't take long anymore.
  14. Got the same message sometimes. I think this upload system on shutterstock is pretty buggy or the .eps File from AD has some weird codes, I really don't know. But my last 5 packs of uploads with around 40 vector files goes up with no problems, really strange. I use only simple vector paths, color gradients do not go at all, which makes all quite limited.
  15. I had exact the same problem and follow the tips from 'DmitryG' but nothing helps. This is so annoying... Tried uploading my work since a few days, again and again and got always the same message: EPS Format -- EPS file must be compatible with Illustrator version 8 or 10. My vectors are just simple lines, nothing special, no effects, no gradients. Never had problems with Fotolia only Shutterstock frustrates me this way! I lost so much time and I can't find a way and support can't help. So, I haven't Illustrator and don't like Inkscape. Is there other free software which make a working eps file for Illustrator 8/10?