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  1. a new 'negative' --> direct link
  2. It's a bit odd, that AP on my iPad Pro runs faster and smoother than the desktop application on my mac. I really appreciate the amazing work Serif has done on these mobile devices, but I still prefer working on a desktop computer and I don't really use the iPad Version anymore. Nothing goes over a big screen and a mouse - much more comfortable. Exept for painting, I still use the iPad. I hope the Serif team can give now more attention and time to the desktop applikations (which I personally find much more importand for the broad market than mobile Apps) and can fix the problems and performance issues soon and keep this amazing software on a constant high level, because I love this applications so much!
  3. The new 1.7.1 Update brings no performance improvement on my system. Metal Compute is still unusable.
  4. I always use my toolbox on the right side and it wont go behind when i choose fonts. This problem exists from the beginning and still in 1.7. Same in AD.
  5. With enabled 'Metal Compute' I get the worst performance on my system. The whole software gets massive slowdowns. Terrible stutters in zooming and moving a picture and in rendering and set live-effects. If I deactivate it, it makes no matter if I choose Metal or OpenGL, both runs relativly smooth, whitout stuttering and slowdowns. I hoped that 1.7 gets a performance boost, but sadly not on my system.
  6. I use the same hardware. First I also noticed the slow downs then I switched to this settings and got my old speed from 1.6 back. Did you try this?
  7. Maybe this is a strange bug, because the radius glider is back when I open files from the previous 1.6.* which has the Shadow/Higlight Setting. You can copy this old Shadow/Higlight layer from old files in a new 1.7 document. Curious but it works!
  8. If someone wants alternate icons, I made this in summer 2016. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/24004-affinity-icon-concept/ I don't know why serif didn't use their affinity logo just in different colors. But I like the new ones much better than the older.
  9. I have been waiting for this feature for so long and I do not know why this is not implemented. With the new 1.7 update many of my palette settings have been reset to default.
  10. @PedroOfOz Thank You! : )
  11. Another one 'drawing over my photo.' --> direct link
  12. ...another drawing over my photo. I like meeting giants : ) --> direct Link
  13. I do not know if I say it correctly in English. The picture was taken in a well-known museum in Munich. With boring, I rather meant that already other photographers probably have snapped this perspective hundreds, maybe thousands of times. The original has no uniqueness anymore to me. The tree that I have photographed and planted there is a completely foreign object in this place and makes the photo simply differently than anyone could ever photograph there.
  14. Yes. But it's actually more improvised than thinking about what I make out of this 'weird' tree shaped by the wind. Maybe it's similar to the part of humans who just use nature and do not respect it properly.