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  1. Got the same message sometimes. I think this upload system on shutterstock is pretty buggy or the .eps File from AD has some weird codes, I really don't know. But my last 5 packs of uploads with around 40 vector files goes up with no problems, really strange. I use only simple vector paths, color gradients do not go at all, which makes all quite limited.
  2. I had exact the same problem and follow the tips from 'DmitryG' but nothing helps. This is so annoying... Tried uploading my work since a few days, again and again and got always the same message: EPS Format -- EPS file must be compatible with Illustrator version 8 or 10. My vectors are just simple lines, nothing special, no effects, no gradients. Never had problems with Fotolia only Shutterstock frustrates me this way! I lost so much time and I can't find a way and support can't help. So, I haven't Illustrator and don't like Inkscape. Is there other free software which make a working eps file for Illustrator 8/10?
  3. thx, and you may be right, it seem better to show it unboxed.
  4. Thanks! I have corrected it, the word, not the icon!
  5. Better no Beta 2, I'm waiting for the 1.6 Final! ;)
  6. By the way, the new grey/blue icon theme for the iPad Version looks really nice and clear. I hope that will be integrated into the desktop versions later, to see more optical equality.
  7. First of all, many thanks for the new Light-UI - it helps much! I don't use it only under daylight conditions, it depends even on a picture, how bright it is. With the Light-UI and setting the Background Grey Level up, it is much more pleasant to work. But to change these settings individual for a picture it is less intuitiv to go every time to Preferences and chose the User Interface for a modification. My simple idea and a big wish: Please make a placeable Icon for the Menubar which allows you to switch between Light & Dark with only one click. The arrow on the right side allows you to change the Background Grey Level with a simple fader like in the Preferences/User Interface. Isn't that much more user-friendly? : )
  8. AP & AD are definitely not toys, this is kind of ridiculous. I worked so many years with adobe products and affinity's software is simply outstanding for this price. Don't forget how many customers are satisfied about this great product. Sure, there are always many things to improve, but this is a small company and what they have done so far deserves a lot of respect!
  9. For example. If I stretch a selection (left picture) on the right side to the right, I get always a transparent 1px Line on the opposite as you see on the right picture and I have to move the selection manually back. This shouldn't be normal.
  10. I worked with Bridge for years but now I use XnView MP. Since the last update V0.84 XnView supports thumbnail preview for Affinity Photo & Designer. This is a really great and fast picture browser and it's complete free for private use.
  11. Here are two free online converter which I use. Very good and fast for simple graphics. http://www.vectorization.org/ http://www.vectorizer.io
  12. On my sample picture I use a normal Point-Lighting. The red ellipse shows how it could be. A circle which you can stretch to a ellipse, with a perspective shape would be bit more flexible for some situations.
  13. ...ok, this is a mac exclusive feature! ; )