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  1. m-b

    Make it a little different...

    @Roger C ...thanks! : )
  2. m-b

    Make it a little different...

    …another old and bad camera shot - original & Affinity enhancement https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ZFFqO12p4wZA2M9PIa4uozNPGdH-79blc8VNYIEReh-rRxo6Q_vmvR_SZiX51Hoq4iK-k_4g1psXQhnJ7b6bi2tA-wRXf3vWCRHfOgQKCLcv7m47JAmHoWl_ymbCbXSTrrltFXi-DCU=w1097-h1471-no
  3. Try XnViewMP and you don't need Mediabrowser or Finder anymore. XnView is very fast (faster than Adobe Bridge), you can configure it massive to your own taste and it shows thumbnail previews for affinity files. And the best, complete free for private use!
  4. m-b

    Make it a little different...

    Now I've also learned a little bit of French. ; ) Merci!
  5. ...because the actual photo was boring. One of my current works with AP - original and final. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/h7Nv4VE9IL1UL8H9x2mlQAoopfeDGjPBoUpQUQ-udgGiyEksWY2vrYttWAqUb45yofbSArSC3RlvGy3yBcVryxTYDunbcO3e7aebhPauF_SnKlVGJEzea1g6P899qEmgTG2BVBlvP44=w1098-h1472-no
  6. I'm happy if this helps other users who don't have AD. : )
  7. Sure, but I do not know if Adobe has not already implemented this feature? But the fact is, Artboards are very useful for working!
  8. Are there any reasons why 1.6 still didn't get its own Artboard function? Artboards are really useful, even if you work with photos only. It should be possible to create own Artboards without AD.
  9. Thank you for your suggestion! This works just fine if I don't have live filters on a layer. Otherwise these will be copied to the new layer with the selection and there I have to delete them all first, if I put this layer back together with the original one. A little awkward. PS does not have this 1px behavior and I think this bug is hopefully easy to fix. Your second suggestion also works, but is not very intuitive if you have to transform more often and have to fill the alpha channel each time. But it is at least better than my approach.
  10. just want to say that this problem still exists in Version 1.6.6
  11. Thanks to the Affinity-Team! : )
  12. m-b

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.6.6 - GM)

    ohooo, it's here - time to load!! thx