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  1. • macOS 10.15.7 / MacMini (late 2012) Since it is still not possible to dock the tools on the right, I have been using floating tools since AP1. AP2 can no longer remember my position, and with each restart it slides down a bit. Not a big problem, but I would wish that this could finally be pinned. When you save a studio preset, the tools position is not saved either.
  2. Thank you, I did not know this setting. Was on zero - problem solved! : )
  3. • macOS 10.15.7 / MacMini (late 2012) + Keyboard original Numeric Keypad Moving objects: The arrow keys (left, right, up, down) only work when I hold down Shift.
  4. I don't know why dark interfaces are a primary target. A dark UI is useful in the evening and in rooms with very less light, but on daytime it is often really bad to work, especially on an glossy iPad which easy reflects lights and other things. The light UI on the desktop Version took very long and I hope we don't have to wait this long for iOS Versions. I don't use Adobe's Software anymore, but one of the great things I like to mention is that there was four UI Settings in CS6 which you can easy swap with a simple key command. I used mostly the light grey one - very pleasant for the eyes, during the day as well as in the evening. In Affinity you have to go in your settings and it isn't possible to set the gamma to a darker grey. I hope the Affinity Team can give this more attention in future releases. *please*
  5. If someone wants alternate icons, I made this in summer 2016. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/24004-affinity-icon-concept/ I don't know why serif didn't use their affinity logo just in different colors. But I like the new ones much better than the older.
  6. I have been waiting for this feature for so long and I do not know why this is not implemented. With the new 1.7 update many of my palette settings have been reset to default.
  7. Another one 'drawing over my photo.' --> direct link
  8. ...another drawing over my photo. I like meeting giants : ) --> direct Link
  9. I do not know if I say it correctly in English. The picture was taken in a well-known museum in Munich. With boring, I rather meant that already other photographers probably have snapped this perspective hundreds, maybe thousands of times. The original has no uniqueness anymore to me. The tree that I have photographed and planted there is a completely foreign object in this place and makes the photo simply differently than anyone could ever photograph there.
  10. Yes. But it's actually more improvised than thinking about what I make out of this 'weird' tree shaped by the wind. Maybe it's similar to the part of humans who just use nature and do not respect it properly.
  11. thx! There is nothing special, I used only a lightning filter on the tree and a gradation curve on the whole picture, lowering the shadows and increase the lights. And a bit gaussian blur on the borders. The painting is just a pencil brush. ...by the way, I really don't know what British humour is, I'm from germany and my english is very basic..
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