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  1. They are not even moderators - it is just random people from the Internet, really. Other users of the software. It is bizarre. Still doesn't explain why Serif doesn't support a file format that is by no means dead yet.
  2. First of all... Are you aware of this? You have created a 32-bit document. (RGB/32).
  3. Having a laugh. After 30+ year of using software like Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Designer, Gravit, Freehand... I can now install a "lesser" program delivered on a mountain of code running on a operating system re-re-re-invented on hardware re-re-re-invented. Or the same programs I ran before. Do we really need to transport a few bags of cheap rice in a Cybertruck? Carry our lunch pack in a Samsonite? I liberated myself from focus on hardware and operating systems once and kind of forgot about them. Run my software in full screen mostly and whatever I do my brain and creativity is the hardware that is put to the test. And means the most. Now software developers by the thousands are using precious time and resources migrating code to new environments and hardware. Again. We do this at work on a regular basis too. Entire releases are upgrades of our product to the upgraded product. Except for one switch to a much more competent product our staff didn't get much from these updates. The constant moaning about Adobes subscription is funny. Your hardware + software setup is the major subscription you have always been tricked into. Your new computer is on its deathbed the day before you buy it. And then you update the operating system as often you can accelerering its death and making it run slower. Who benefits. Them? Or you. Personally (at home) I am running an Adobe Cloud subscription on older trusty hardware on Windows 10 professional and both delivers so far.
  4. + Unless Serif Software suddenly reverses/changes its course after several decades in the industry - don't expect Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer to ever get acceptable web export features. Nor clever web designer features. The export was always based on the same unoptimized code apparently algorithms carried over from he now retired legacy product Serif PhotoPlus/Serif DrawPlus so Serif Software never, ever offered optimized JPG etc. output from their software. I am beginning to think they live in a bubble. Do they care? At least there was an export preview in the Plus range. Their ambition to also serve the professional segment makes no sense without professional algorithms, features and ... output.
  5. It was just a basic demo he made of what he intended to do.
  6. You and I are two individuals - thats why these decisions ultimatively should be made by a professional with responsibility for the the whole user interface across all apps. Workflows included. And a professional with extensive knowledge about users and workflows. User testing etc. The point though - about the studio - and other settings popping up when you create adjustment layers is that if you do not have the studio open - or if you are working in full screen view - you can create these adjustment layers and not have to look for settings. In those scenarios it is easier to hit ESC than to look for something. In a program like Photo I would personally have the color studio closed/hidden and in Photo the color picker is removed from the tools toolbar when it is set to one column view (Photoshops shows a smaller one). Many variables - and lots and lots of work for a user experience designer.
  7. Example: A quick and dirty approach to get you going: Go to develop persona Select the panel 'Tones' Adjust the contrast curve and play with split toning too Girl Hands Portrait - Free photo on Pixabay etc. etc.
  8. Welcome to a silly world of workarounds: Affinity Designer. There is no knife tools or other time savers. Just "a stripped down work horse" (Serifs own words). You know... like fx WordPad. You would probably want to do this:
  9. I don't think Serif will ever focus on advanced vector tools in Designer - I don't see any traces of such intentions and they certainly didn't hire vector gfx specialists recently. Nor did they allocate time to the single one they have who was and is in fact struggling to get booleans and expand stroke to work properly for years. If is was due to lack of qualifications, it is a disaster. If it was due to lack of business priorities that fixing these issues were put on hold for years, it is a disaster that tells you how little vector features means to Serif. It is quite obvious that the developers involved in VectorStyler are extremely qualified. They certainly also have higher ambitions algorithm-wise / output-wise.
  10. Their marketing is very fond of using the term "professional" - a market segment they are not actually ready for with their current products and algorithms - and a market segment they simply didn't penetrate at all. For obvious reasons - those reasons.
  11. It is weird that objects can be placed outside the canvas but that this "feature" is not included in Photo. But in Publisher and Designer. Software architecture vs usability?
  12. Hi MEB Yes, that is the layer construct. I wouldn't expect it to behave this way though. Shouldn't the area outside the canvas be ... empty and thus not play any role?
  13. It is scary that Serif has no insight in workflows with small images and obviously no professional users involved. It is depressing that the few lines of code involved in this and the tiny effort required to remedy this user interface madness has not yet been allocated and prioritized. ”Serif Software - We will make you wait!”
  14. Indeed. And yes, the feature is in Adobe Illustrator for good reason.
  15. This is a well known workflow among Ilustrator professionals; the smoothing you make with this tool saves time and is efficient. And no matter why you need to smoothen something the feature is there and it works! Fx Imagine you traced something into vector (Oh my! Affinity can’t do that either!!) then simplify and smoothen tools are priceless. If you have a disability or just play with the curves these features are great! Drawing with the stabilizer is clumsy, slow and artificial. It is like running in water.
  16. “Switch to budget software. What could possibly go wrong?” - not so famous last words
  17. Some feedback from Designer about exactly this would be helpful. Inkscape does this in the status bar, not with great info but it does tell you something could not be done because XYZ.
  18. Education, theory and actual real life work experience first, then write comments on the Internet. Not the other way around.
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