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  1. Weeellllll ... some identical but relevant tools are provided in Adobe design products - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign all have, e.g., pen, text, layers, alignment/distribution, etc.. some identical but relevant tools are provided in Office products - Word, Excel, Powerpoint all have, e.g., font, paragraph, shapes, picture, alignment/distribution, etc.. Object-oriented and modular programming should make my original suggestion dead simple for Affinity to firstly do, and then maintain. People who wish to switch apps are still able to do so, rather than force a million+
  2. Thanks fde101. That makes good sense and I'll try that in future. Perhaps I'm just getting too old and inflexible, but it still seems good UI practice and marketing/management sense, especially with object-oriented code, to have the same tools in each sister package (if relevant), and make them unmissable in the menus, on toolbars and in all context-sensitive lists. Greg
  3. Thanks RNKLN. Good workaround. Hope I can remember it next time I need Text Wrap Greg
  4. Dear All My original post here was to (hopefully): get some feedback (which happened very quickly!) from more experienced users who could advise whether the distribution feature was available, and WHERE flag the issue to Affinity for future attention/change/inclusion (I was informed that Affinity is aware of the forum) However I've been concerned that even here, amongst creatives, it is too easy to become divided as either extreme 'for or against'. It's a new world of instant opinion and public expression of like/hate with no room for shades of grey. Personally, I d
  5. Thanks, Psenda. Great advice that I will employ. Still something for Affinity to address as buried too deep for new users. Thanks again . Greg
  6. Thanks Walt -- I greatly appreciate the speed and clarity of your response. I have been able to move on with the project. The problem here is that not only do Publisher/Designer have a) the buttons on different toolbars, but b) the Distribution' option does not even appear in the context menu (right-click selected objects). Unsure whether Affinity reads these Forums, but (especially if targeting Adobe users), Illustrator has Alignment and Distribution buttons next to each other on the toolbar as part of the same functional block, and also in the same dropdown
  7. A recent convert from Adobe, and unable to find the function, Publisher Help says 'distribution' is available via Alignment. IT IS NOT! The six alignment buttons (or menu options) simply provide for top/bottom/middle and left/right/centre. DISTRIBUTION (which is missing) would provide for EQUAL SPACING of all selected objects between the two most-outer objects. This is hugely important for technical designs and has been available in Illustrator and InDesign for ever. Greg
  8. A new convert from Adobe to Affinity, I was well into a new design in Designer 1.9 only to discover there's no Text Wrap. And yet this is available in Publisher!! (Fortunately Publisher reads/uses Designer files). Greg
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