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  1. Dag Madame, That is correct but if your artwork is already filled with color you can not use the template as a reference anymore. In Illustrator you can switch to outline for editing or detailing and still have your template visible.
  2. Next to clicking objects would it be nice to have the following drag selection options, also for the node tool: - If you drag from the left towards the right, you will get a area selection box which will select only objects that are completely captured inside the box. - If you drag starting from the right and then move towards the left direction, you will select any object that intersects the box even partially. I have experienced this in another wonderfull program; Moi 3D and works very intuitieve. You can see this at work in video "Vectors in MoI3D instead of Illustrator/Sketch" (.youtube.com/watch?v=vOfKQugba00) at 8:00 min.
  3. It would be nice to use a background (raster) image that stays visible when drawing in outline mode. Would also love a light UI.
  4. Hi – Is it possible to use a image as a background image that stays visible when drawing in outline mode? Would love a light UI.
  5. Hi — Why does (point on point) snapping on curve points not work?
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