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  1. Is the Outline with the Pen Tool mode still incomplete? Buy the iPad version but it's still the same, it doesn't work as it should.
  2. I mean this, in Affinity it is much less comfortable doing it with the option to reduce the opacity of the layer, it would be much simpler if the contour mode would not affect my photo or I would ask to see it to continue working on it. Greetings, add this option to be completely with Affinity :D vector.mp4
  3. Another year and even without this option, I am very interested in giving the change to the entire suite of Affinity, now with the next arrival of Publisher it gets better, but this basic and necessary option does not come, we are talking about saving several minutes of work. Reducing the opacity of the layers is not effective in terms of time.
  4. It's surprising that a vector application does not have this working mode, it will not be a real alternative to Illustrator until you have this option.
  5. I would like to see the background image when activating the outline mode, I am requesting this option since 2014 :huh:
  6. Hi friends, can now do this at the latest upgrade ? :)
  7. Exact Dale, finally! , thank you, i will be pending when they put this in an update, need a shortcut for the dropper also, in the mode "Outline" is very useful. Regards! :D
  8. Thank you MEB, the problem with your points (to what I say) I do not want opacity of 75 or 50%, I want to opacity 0, and changing the "Outline" mode to keep having the image visible. in "Affinity" switch to "Outline" mode and the background image can not be viewed. Thanks for your patience guys, I can not explain it better, maybe make a video when you have time to see what I mean. Greetings!
  9. Thanks Dale, I know "Outline view mode", but that's not practical, I see that not everyone works like me, I think this "technique" suggesting slower to work, but i see that many use. The option is missing in the layer, to put it as "template" then I can see the "Outline" mode with the shortcut CMD + Y and my picture on the bottom is still visible. Sorry for my English again!! XD Greetings!
  10. Thanks for responding MEB, really what I speak, I try to write to see if you understand: in the last video, image (picture) in the background is placed, then becomes "template" layer, this means it can work with the photo in "outline" mode and no longer see the photo, this facilitates better see the line that is on the picture, and it is much faster to copy the color with the dropper. All this makes the route faster and is more accurate (I think) in Illustrator i use the shortcut "CMD + Y" to go to "outline" mode at all times. So do the last video tutorial. Sorry for my english, i hope you will understand, your app looks amazing but I think it lacks this option. This is work done in Illustrator, try doing something in your app and I can not for lack of this option... IMAGE Regards :)
  11. friends to see this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HQOa0oiJaE It is different from what they say, this way is much faster to draw.
  12. I understand what they say but in Illustrator not working that way, it is very complicated to do this for large works as it says MacPinguin, is what I mean, I can not explain well, English is not my forte, but should put more attention to the video is not the same.
  13. Can someone tell me if this software already has the option "Outline" ( see the video) ? I worked with the "trial version" but was not. Thank you!
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