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  1. Ok I think I have casually requested this but haven't actually added it to the forum.


    Im looking into a graphics tablet, however I started to look at tablet with a screen, then it sprung to mind that an iPad is way cheeper with (probably) and much better screen and way a better os.


    Now I don't know if this is possible but could an iPad be used with the addition of an app? (bolt on sale for you chaps here) Live screen action would be fantastic or sketches be send to Affinity designer on completion?

  2. A question, ¿how do you clone and display the windows of the buildings?... they looks perfectly situated (separation from each other)



    I draw the first shape, drag and copy the second into place (utilising smart/snap too guides), then duplicate the shape (shift cmd d) along until I have made one tidy row.

    Then group the first row, drag copy down and duplicate again (shift cmd d) until I have a neat grid.


    With distort tools this is easier because you can create the grid on a nice easy flat angle then group and warp after....so it was a little more tricky here as I drew it all at skewed angles.

  3. Hi! I'm Peter. I'm a publisher and I've been designing and setting books and book covers since the 1970s. I produce both print books and ebooks. The first decent vector drawing program I used was Freehand when it was still owned by Macromedia. I never liked Illustrator much. Affinity Designer is by far the best and most intuitive vector graphics program I've come across. If the photo-editing and DTP programs are as good, I might actually be able to escape the horrendous burden of an Adobe CC subscription. Mind you, I think toppling InDesign is a massive task.



    It is a big task indeed, however aside Quark being so behind the times and feature barren, one of the huge things that made InDesign take off, was that it came included in creative Suite as standard - This created a trojan horse effect, thus cutting $1000+ out of each users costs.


    Also what really did it for Indesign (if my memory is correct) is that it could open Quark docs - Now if Affinity Publisher could replicate that trick with .ind files...that would be one hell of a killer move.

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