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  1. Would so love to read more, the artwork and narrative are quite captivating :)
  2. I thank you for your comments, And I really do appreciate all your feedback, Will certainly work on those ideas, see which works best Mhmm, the website is still undergoing construction, still yet to figure out how and what works best, but thank you I shall take that into consideration when I go back to make edits :)
  3. A logo created for a local Real Food chef,
  4. Well those are some really nice photos! May I ask where abouts this location is? Might have to have a play, thank you for providing!
  5. You've executed that perfectly!
  6. Extremely like. Very nice work, Just out of curiosity, is the woman a separate image placed over the top? I've personally not played around too much with Affinity Photo..
  7. @dutchshader... that was the best reply.. ever. :rolleyes: Plus, very good work on the bottle!
  8. www.sincetimebegan.com

  9. Personally i would opt for B. Reason is, that the user can select the type of category for feedback whilst also being able to give a detailed report. The options for send and cancel, I think, are necessary rather than just having send, however for 2nd place I would suggest using D over F just because of the send button being green. That's my opinion :)
  10. Very nice! Did you also create the bottle in Affinity also? Be interesting to see how this smells :P
  11. Damn, I'm loving this piece! Keep up the good work
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