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  1. Thanks mate :) Thanks for your opinion and yeah, I am already reporting whatever bugs I find ;)
  2. Thanks, mate. And yeah, I always have loved the simple style. :) I wonder what this style is called lol Thanks mate, I really appreciate your opinion :) Same as me, it is my favorite as well.
  3. Since more than 36 hours have passed already with no answer, I think I am allowed to bump, right? :P
  4. Hello everyone, Simply as the title says, how to add nodes to a gradient to change its direction like in transparency tool? For example, the gradient is from left to right, I want it to be from right top to left bottom. My greetings.
  5. Hello everyone, I thought it would be nice to share my first illustrations made ever, enjoy :) I saw a finished picture of a how-to-draw-a-castle tutorial and I tried to copy it without actually following the tutorial itself. This one is incomplete tho. My greetings.
  6. Hey debo, This design is cool but, I just feel that it is too simple, maybe you need to add something but I do not know what, if you understand what I mean. My greetings.
  7. Hey there Martin, I really love your illustrations specially the second one, good job, mate! :) May I ask how long have you been in to the illustration life? My greetings.
  8. I applied all of these except the last one, I can't figure out how to do it, for the rest of the suggestions, they really helped improving the quality of the gradient.
  9. Hello everyone, Lately I started to work with the gradient tool (sometimes transparent tool as well) and I noticed something weird happening. Simply as the title says, whenever I add a gradient, it forms like a group of lines that look like a low quality gradient instead of a smooth gradient. Any workaround to solve this? Check this gradient here, you need to magnify the picture to notice the lines: My greetings.
  10. Well, thanks for your answer but I need to do this with vector objects. I already know about that but, what if I want to take that part of the square star contained in the circle? I mean I only want to take everything within the circle, like having numerous lines and curves passing through the circle, I want to limit them just inside the circle.
  11. Hello everyone, I kept searching for a way to do the same thing as the title says. Simply, I am trying to select a part of an object and make a new object from it. For example, I have a circle, I want to select a half of it and make another object out of it. My greetings.
  12. Hello everyone, I am almost determined on buying a Surface 3 (non-pro version) with the following specs: Resolution 1920 x 1280 CPU Intel Atom x7-Z8700 Quad core 1.6 GHz burst up to 2.4 GHz GPU Intel Gen 8 RAM 4 GB Storage 128 eMMC OS Windows 10 Since there are no official system requirements, I just want to know how well you expect these specs to run Affinity Designer? If anyone owns one, please do not hesitate to say it here, I would be really thankful. My greetings.
  13. Thanks mate, I will surely share it with all people here once it's done here it is :)
  14. Thanks for your reply, I hope that someday custom shapes can be added, it would be awesome :)
  15. Hello everyone, My name is Saif, I started my PC world career with programming and game developing and then I came upon a struggle which is how to make my games' graphics. After tons of searches done, I finally could make it to know about "Flat design" and "Vector drawing", I started searching for "Vector editors" and I came across some other products (I don't know if I am allowed to mention them :P). Anyways, I finally got myself here after I read Chris Hildenbrand's post about Affinity Designer on his blogspot. I suck in real-life drawing, even my hand writing is so bad but I think I can be way too better in digital world drawing :) Here is my first project done with Affinity Designer, it is my first try with Vector editing and it is still not complete:
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