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  1. I imported a complex vector illustration I did in Ai CS 5 and brought it into Affinity D. I reworked some to the vector parts in Affinity. The original Ai illustration was all flat vector paths with vector shades and hi lights to bring out the form. I really should start using the Affinity tutorials as I've spent a lot of time figuring out how to now build and group my vector work in Ai to open in Affinity that would make it much easier to add pixel layers over the areas I want to paint. The illustration may be a bit problematic for this share so if you are inclined, check it out on my sit
  2. Thanks for comments Chris B, Ruffmouse sometime has ridges but not always.
  3. My second attempt as I make my way with AD. Kind of a different style than most of my work. I like working with different styles but seem always fall back on my more cartoony stuff. Looking forward to the next iteration of AD.
  4. Hi Eejits, thanks for your comments on my illustration. I see you are in the highlands o Scotland. I lived in Montrose for a couple years in the mid '60s and went back for a visit '73...love Scotland! To answer your question, I exported a pdf airbrushed pixel layer that I rendered on the skeleton from Affinity Designer and used Sponge and a couple other artistic effects from the effects menu in Ai CS 5 to get some subtle texture in the piece. I can see using AD in conjunction with Ai until the vector tools in AD develop more options.
  5. Still learning Affinity Designer. The vector side needs some work, but I'm really enjoying the vector/pixel capabilities. I keep wanting to go to Illustrator for some vector options that are lacking, but I'm trying to figure out how to get the same results in Affinity. Here is a promo piece I just did for a Ruffmouse logo doodle. Other than exporting a pixel layer to get an effect available in Illustrator, I did the rest of the illustration in Affinity Designer.Looking forward to some new upgrades and making this program a go to for pixel pushing.
  6. Ruffmouse On Affinity Designer

  7. I'm new to Affinity Designer and am liking many of the features. As a longtime Ai user, I love the pixel/vector capabilities. Here's a piece I just finished. Looking to add some friends on the forum.
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