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  1. Hello, I just saved my work to svg. format. Suddenly, I notice that the shadow from hand images that I've created using drop shadow effect are saved separately in PNG. format. I get confused what is that things so I try to delete it all. But then my saved images will be like this.. Do you notice that 'x' dot? The shadow disappear. Could it be my work step just not right? I get this hand downloaded from some free vector images website. I change the colour and add simple stroke and drop some shadow outside. Finally, I click expand appearance because I want the stroke to follow scaling together with that hand image (while scaling). So how do I remove that 'x' dot and save the image normally (together with the shadow, not in separate way)?
  2. Should I put sound notification setting in app itself? I don't know if it is important or not. Some app have this setting (like LINE app), and some are not. My app might have about 2-4 messages coming out per day.
  3. I need your help. I want to study on User Experience. Below are the images of the interfaces. Which one do you think the best design with more less user pain point? Imagine you as a user. Using my app. Suddenly something happen and you want to complain. So here is how the interface will look like. So which one do you think the more simple, easiest for you? Noted that I don't fill any colour yet. This is just a draft.
  4. Some people said no need to put that as smartphone itself has that function whether you want change it to mute or vibrate. My app has only 1 type of notification and It may come out with only 1-2 or maybe up to 5 notifications per day. Please help:
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