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  1. Well managed to get what l wanted with your help and advice, many thanks again to all. Attached the original l received, and the end result what l settled on after a couple of hours, not perfect, but wanted to keep most of the look and feel.
  2. Great support, thanks to John, A_B_C and first defence, very much appreciated, everybody have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  3. Hi all, can anyone help, bit of a problem and not sure how or if it can be done. Received a scan of a local Swiss newspaper from the village my wife is from, was going to frame it for a present to my wife for Christmas, the page is dated for her birthday. But the scan sent to me is not flat (you see on the left) was trying to figure out how to sort of straighten it, tried a few things but not really Pro at Affinity to be honest. Is there a way to just flatten the bulge on the left, does not have to be prefect, just better than it is now? Trying to get it sorted out for
  4. Hi Firstly, thanks for the new update, really like the new features, especially the 360 stuff, really cool. Anyway, Unless l have missed it in Photo or Designer, it would be great to be able to open images for editing that are in a website domain public folder, as the website owner of course, i.e. with server dialog box to login etc, etc. Currently, l have to use filezilla to download > edit > upload, no big drama but it would just be less steps to get stuff done. Many thanks again, have a good weekend.
  5. Hi If anyone is interested in using / likes playing with Panorama's, l took a series of single shot iPad images at the weekend specifically to test the Affinity Photo Panorama facility, really, just to see how well it worked. Most impressed l must say. Anyway, the single, unprocessed / straight out the back of the iPad images for you to play with and a completely unprocessed stitched Panorama example can be found at the following link, (l hope you can access the images, sorry but l do not do Face page or the Tweeting stuff). https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0NGWZuqDGPYHGo I
  6. Hi all, Just download Photo and Designer to my Mac Pro, lots to learn but first impressions is, Wow. Thanks Affinity team.
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