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  1. Thanks for your comments MEB. I am sorry, I wasn't very clear with the paste in front & back. What I meant was that a key command would be ideal. I noticed you have custom key commands on your list of upcoming additions so I'll wait for that :) I will try the eraser form pixel persona.
  2. Features Wish list: Even though I have only just started using AD, there are so many things to love here. What a great start guys! There are a few things that would speed up my workflow and make drawing more enjoyable for me. Some sort of blob brush would be nice. Rather than a brush with an editable path, a brush that is already expanded into a shape as you draw. I do a lot of sketchy type work and this would be a great addition. I tend to draw with the pencil tool and a fill color. I draw tons of shapes very quickly and I would love a way to quickly close the shape by pressing a keyboard (option or cmmd key?) as I get close to the original starting node. Closing shapes is important to me, but it can take a long time to stop and select the shape then use the close shapes feature. Or maybe you could add the ‘close shapes’ button to the tool bar while the pencil tool is being used? That way one could just click that while the shape is already selected. Or perhaps the shape could just close automatically if you draw over to the original node. An eraser tool that works on both shapes or lines when in vector mode. Sometimes I use the ai eraser tool as a drawing tool. Move Tool: I would like to be able to drag this across several items at once to delete them. Currently I have click each but dragging across would be a quick option and nice to have. Move a specific distance: I make a lots of seamless patterns so being able to mathematically move items would be important for me. That future pasteboard area would become helpful to see things hanging over the edges. I have tried using the transform tool to move items but it’s not quite working for me yet. EPS: Different versions of eps would be helpful. The site I work for only allows version 10 eps so one would still need to open their file in Illustrator etc and re-save to the correct level. I know other sites also have some file restrictions as well. Paste in Front or Back. I guess the current paste does already past in front but having a paste in back would be nice as well. Sorry my list is so long! I'd love to beta test any new builds so i'll try to keep an eye out for them :)
  3. Thanks so much all. MEB, thank you so much for explaining! I will try it later :)
  4. I don't see anything wrong with that. I've been drawing over 40 years and I use references all the time. I think most of us do :) I should add that I use my own references.
  5. Hi everyone. I am new to Affinity Designer. I really love drawing in flat color vectors at the moment, so this is my first attempt at using AD. I didn't realize there was anything in the help files at first so it's mostly just trial and error. The interface is fairly intuitive but I admit I am having some challenges figuring out how to keep line & fill colors consistent. I'd love to be able to select a line or shape and simply eye-dropper from an existing one. And I can't seem to figure out how to drag colors into my swatches palette and there are a few things I'd love to see added but I'll look for a suggestion thread here :) I really love the software already. I hope you like this. Thanks for looking!
  6. These little monsters are super cute!
  7. This is really cute! I really like the blend of pixel and vector here. Nice color palette.
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