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    Painting is my passion, digital painting is so time saving :-)
    I love it,

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  1. Thanks Dragon :-) It will help our german users a lot!
  2. Hi dalacv, I am a student in your course. Please dont stop working on it. I like it. So easy to follow steps, so nice examples. If I am through, you get an honest review and a hug. Please dont stop! move foreward. Take the reviews as a chance to improve your course :-) Its a kind of challenge. So dont stop :-) All the best! Kathrin
  3. Kathrin


    Its amazing, so cute :-) I love it! Thanks for sharing the ad-file!
  4. I like this topic too, so nice done and explained! Thanks a lot!
  5. Kathrin

    The next generation.

    Ui, I love them too :-) You´ve got them clearly right. Good work denironaut!
  6. Thanks a lot Ronnie! I am now inside your course :-) Happy about that and want to see, what great work you did here again! Yours Kathrin
  7. Thanks for sharing - good work!
  8. Hi Ronny, Your videos are the best! I love them. I learned so much from your free training videos on Youtube. Today is my first day back online, so I missed your offer. Sorry for that! :-( But I am on udemy for a while, so I hope there will be another offer in the next time. All the best for you! And I will see you in your course, I hope soon :-) Yours Kathrin
  9. Hi retrograde - I like the little bunny :-) very well done. I wish you could show us some steps like Jens asked for your workflow Thanks for sharing your work with us. So I see, I am far away from now on to be good :-)
  10. Kathrin

    Rider ID

    Hi Kev, thats really nice :-) For what do you want to use it :-) Welcome to the AD Forum
  11. Hi Daemonchile, Nice done - the curves are fine. Do you work with Adobe Illustrator before? Welcome to Affinity Forums.
  12. Oh Pete, very nice :-) Good work and so clean shadows, I like it very much. Welcome to AD Forum :-)
  13. Kathrin

    New To Affinity Designer

    Ah MEB, that sounds nice for us users :-) Have a good night by now!

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