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  1. Why the axis does not move with the object so it should be fixed and this move around
  2. thank you I want to duplicate an object around an axis deported, I can look at tutorials and do the same thing again but impossible.
  3. For my part it has never worked, it is the object and the axis that move and not the object around its axis.
  4. ricke76

    My personal logo in Affinity

    Very nice.
  5. ricke76

    iPhone6 in AD

    Excellent work, very realistic congratulations.
  6. ricke76

    coffee break

    thank you, I appreciate, I share your opinion justwilliam thank you. ;)
  7. ricke76

    coffee break

    Hello, Created on affinity Designer ;) File: http://we.tl/xiPAIFtZPH
  8. ricke76


    Eexcuse me it's don. :ph34r: ;)
  9. ricke76


    Hello, Always a pleasure to use AD http://ovh.to/WEVTmSf
  10. ricke76

    Motivational poster for runners

    very nice.
  11. ricke76


    Good evening, thank you very much for your prompt and effective response. THX THX......
  12. ricke76


    thank you, depending how this principle on the 2nd video? Astuces https://affinity.serif.com/fr/tutorials/
  13. hello, Can we create a dynamic object or link with other files, I find no manual. thank you Cdt
  14. hello, how to effect 'Photo grain' affinity with designer?
  15. ricke76

    Steam Court painting

    very nice !!!!!