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  1. maybe try exporting to a .PNG -file. That supports transparency. JPG does not
  2. I noticed, I had contact with them.Posted my chat on the questions part of this site link here below.... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/53462-tried-to-install-macphun-noiseless-plugin/
  3. I got response of the MacPhun team this morning, when I chatted with them ...I really hope this can be addressed very soon. Would love to see that !
  4. I tried in MacPhun's "Noiseless" app, it can install as a plugin for Photoshop app, but I have not been able to get it to work in AP-Yet-. I asked the MacPhun team for advise. awaiting answer at this point... It works great, but I woud need to sharpen it a bit afterwards. I left the preview slider in the screenshot to show the difference.(edit: I used the most extreme settings possible)
  5. Hello, I tried to install Noiseless as a plugin for AP. The program itself can install as a plugin for photoshop related apps. I could get Affinity to recognise the plugin, but all I get is a popup that tells me the plugin started, after that I have to force exit Affinity Photo. Any ideas, or anyone had more luck (or insight) than me ?
  6. ouch ! It seems my iPad is no longer supporting the app... I followed your advise for a refund of my money on the app store....
  7. Congratulations,just bought the app. Shared on Twitter and on Facebook,hoping to win the contest. Lol,no,of course to help you guys!
  8. Don't do that. This is still the unbeatable king of graphic software. There will be other occasions in the future. Would be regretted when the time comes
  9. I could see the links, but due to family reasons (sad ones) I could not bring myself early enough to claim them.Is there a chance to get them after all ? I have the App store version.
  10. very nice, thannk you !
  11. Thanks, Ronniemcbride. For the (usual) non believers, thinking this is just liquify and making it look like a painting..here's the step by step. Have fun !
  12. OK, time to play. We know how it works by now... Let's try something serious now....raising the bar a little.. B)