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  1. Hello, I'm experiencing issues with HDR merging in the latest versions. App drops DNGs from processing. I have DNGs where everything is fine, but some are failing to merge. I'm adding 3 DNG photos (DSC100.dng, DSC101.dng, DSC102.dng) with 3EV steps to HDR merging dialog with following settings: Perspective Align — on Remove ghosts — on Noise reduction — on Tone map — off Once I'm pressing "OK" button, app creates an HDR image only from 2 DNG images dropping out 3rd. In "Sources" view I see only following: Deghosted HDR image HDR image DSC100.dng DSC101.dng As a result, the image has totally clipped highlights. Any ideas?
  2. Hi, I have proposals for histograms. 1. At the moment histograms for linear/hdr images representing only linear image. It's quite inconvenient when your histogram doesn't reflect what you see on display or what will be exported in non linear image formats like png/jpg/tiff. It would be nice to see switch in histogram view "Show for display colorspace". 2. Add new logarithmic mode for histogram views where Y axis is in logarithmic scale. Some tools have such feature and it is very convenient to have precise presentation of image with small amount pixels with same brightness. At the moment you can't understand from looking on histogram: is this thin 1-pixel line on X-axis is 1 pixel per sample or there 50 pixels squashed to this 1-pixel line. On logarithmic scale you'll clearly see this.
  3. Alexander Sh

    1.7.0 - Crash on adding macro to library

    Reinstalling the app resolves the issue. Looks like 1.7 can't read macros db created by 1.6 and after upgrade 1.7 unable to read this db.
  4. Hello, Constantly crashes on adding macro to library. Crash dump attached. affinity_photo_1.7.0_crash.txt
  5. Hello, When I work with HDR/Linear images histogram/scope views are showing in linear space as well. This is completely inconvenient, since it doesn't reflect what I see on display and I don't understand how histogram will look on exported image: will be there overexposed or underexposed areas, how lightness distributed over image and so on. Now I completely do not understand this aspects. Linear histogram/scope absolutely not representative. So here are questions: 1. Is there any setting to switch histogram/scopes to view in output colorspace instead of linear? 2. Is it possible to export images using OCIO Display Transform which I can also use to preview in 32-bit Preview pane?
  6. Hello folks, Looks like I've found incorrect behavior of selective color adjustment layer in 32bit mode. This adjustment modifies colors with default/reset settings when all channels/colors are set to 0% which is definitely incorrect and colors must be untouched. To check/reproduce bug open any RAW image in linear 32bit mode (or any jpeg and then convert to 32bit), then add Selective Color Adjustment layer with default settings and then put HSL adjustment layer with 95% saturation on top to reveal any slight color changes, now try to enable/disable Selective Color layer and you'll see that image colors are changing which shouldn't be happen. To demonstrate this issue I've recorded a video. Repeating this steps in 8bit mode doesn't affect image colors at all which is expected behavior. Could someone confirm that?

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