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  1. I have nothing to add just that I am really loving Affinity Designer and I couldn't find anywhere else to add it! Just used the history slider to grab an object I wanted to rework on and I couldn't believe I could do that so easily. I've tried AI recently yet again and I really must say for someone like me, AD is far superior. I used to like iDraw but that pales in comparison. Really looking forward to the updates. I really love Affinity Photo as well - like AD, it's so easy to use for untrained wannabes like me!
  2. Daemonchile

    Back to The Future - Nike

    Damn, love this style. Can you point me towards any tuts that could help me develop something similar?
  3. Daemonchile

    Some recent work

    Love the flyer. Looks awesome. Love the bold clear colours and lines.
  4. Now that is class. I think Adobe will have to start thinking about improving their workflow based on what AD is doing currently for GD.
  5. Daemonchile

    Talk like a pirate

    Like the orange outline. Good style...may have to borrow...!
  6. Daemonchile

    Second crack. Less raster this time.

    Ha I know! Talk about hypocrite right!? It was nice to see so many responses though. I am just about to do another silly cartoon thing. Probably post once done. Won't be any time soon!
  7. Daemonchile

    Origami Bird

    Very nice use of textures. Really well framed as well.
  8. Daemonchile

    PorscheDesign Pen - Fun with gradients

    Awesome work. Not sure I could have the patience to draw something so precise!
  9. Daemonchile

    Second crack. Less raster this time.

    Sorry for getting whiney! But I was really impressed how easy (with a lot of time!) it was to get something I had only in my mind (ballerina fairy dinosaur!) onto the screen with AD. Plus I was surprised there weren't many responses because I thought if something was going to get a response it was this!!! I have not used AI before but I have looked at it during a trial but I didn't really get on with it because you need to know so much before you can do anything. With AD you can just get stuck in! Cheers for replying.
  10. Daemonchile

    Second crack. Less raster this time.

    Wow, no replies? Doesn't really make me want to post again.
  11. http://i.imgur.com/27CZ4S8.jpg First time at butterfly wings but pen tool is so easy to use on AD. Plus gradient tool makes it easy to look so much more interesting. Also love 3D tool and outline fx. Awesome, awesome programme!
  12. Daemonchile

    Duplicating square crosses

    Made a square cross. Duplicated it. Tried to move it. Crashed. Reopened and did the same thing with the same result. How on earth am i supposed to finish off the ballet shoes for my dinosaur fairy ballerina!!! Ha. Thanks, James