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  1. Very nice! It can be difficult to simplify sometimes. You’ve pulled it off!
  2. Glad you were inspired! I’ve been using blending modes, especially multiply, lately for shading. I’ve found that doing a multiply gradient over a solid shape that fades to transparent is really great for shading . Keep on expirementing!
  3. Thanks for the brushes! Nice work.
  4. I'm always amazed with the things you can do with blend modes. This is just 4 circles, multiplied and repeated on a 9° rotation. So simple. So beautiful.
  5. Love the realistic look and feel of this ilustration. Great work!
  6. Thank you for the detailed explanation, the link (Wow, that blog is loaded and I'm a huge fan of Dinotopia) and your original artwork file. I've edited my original post to include my .afdesign file and the original pic I used as inspiration.
  7. Excellent! Really like it.
  8. Thanks retrograde. I'll give it a try.
  9. I've been focusing on shaing and coloring techniques in Affinity Designer lately. With this Blue Cobalt Shot Glass, I used gaussian blur, layer blending modes (Color Burn and Average) and opacity to acheive the effect that I was looking for. What methods would you use? UPDATE 3/15/2015 Thank you for all of the great input. I'm including the following to this post: The original image I used for inspiration My .afdesign file so you can see the layers Further Explanation (What I was trying to acheive) My goal was to make this illustration as "real" as possible. I've been expirementing with Gaussian blur, gradients, blending modes and opacity to acheive realistic highlights and shading. blue_cobalt_glass_RE.afdesign
  10. Incredible. Great attention to detail.
  11. This is the .png file I created to make the brush in this tutorial. Enjoy!
  12. Great article and tutorial. I appreciate how you explained each of the brush settings along the way. Time to start making some brushes!