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  1. kevsupermoto

    WIP Motocycle Mascot

    Lots of tweaking to do, leathers need personalising and helmet needs finishing but thought id get some feedback. Sussed my preferred shading technique and definitely need to improve my workflow. Ended up with so many layers! anyway here it is
  2. kevsupermoto


    A little abstract I've done as a test piece for boolean operations and using pixel layers for the first time as a shading technique. its a bit rough and ready but it helped me get the techniques down.
  3. thanks retrograde i had tried by making the inner paths overlap the larger closed shapes but they still disappeared when i divided. it makes sense that it must be closed paths, was starting to get really frustrated thinking i was missing something. I will give this method a go, :)
  4. Hi retrograde, Tried the technique and it doesn't work. I create a copy of the initial paths, 7 in total, create copy, select all, use divide in Boolean control. My result is just 2 shapes/paths. The parallel inner and outer paths. The 5 small joining paths just disappear. Am I doing something wrong? Regard Kevin
  5. That's perfect Knew there must be a way. Thanks
  6. ok so I have created the outer line first, then done the expand stroke, geometry divide technique to create the inner offset path, then created the shorter joining lines to create the 3d effect. what i can't work out is how to apply different colours, gradients to these shapes as they don't exist as shapes. whats the quickest way to convert them into individual shapes? with their own fill? any help really appreciated thanks
  7. Is there a way to transform an object? ie. I create a long rectangle but later decide that it needs to be a slightly curved rectangle. can't seem to find how to do this, thanks
  8. kevsupermoto

    Rider ID

    lots of riders have a mascot/name and number style for using on stickers and marketing material. It helps to create a memorable identity.
  9. kevsupermoto

    Rider ID

    Hi all Im very new to the design arena but am loving learning AD. I have been working on a rider logo for my son Put the photo of him on so you can see the thinking behind my effort to date. its still work in progress, any thoughts on improvements greatly appreciated.
  10. got it, thanks. it was the linear transparency part i was struggling with. can i ask how you managed the offsets on the 3-4 paths of the shield. did you use the expand stroke function? I am struggling a bit with that as it seems to create a lot of elements that i don't need. I know its possible to select and remove parts but the expand stroke creates so many nodes its very long winded process and not at all intuitive.
  11. thanks, I have made slight, self learnt steps forward but nothing as realistic as your attached image so about to go into the file and analyse the technique. Thanks again :)
  12. Hi could someone please help me understand how to create a reflective effect, I have tried with gradients and transparency overlays but just can't seem to get it. the shield attached is from an illustrator tutorial but this is what i am trying to achieve. any help greatly appreciated, I am a newbie to AD but really love the app. look forward to hearing from you Cheers Kevin
  13. kevsupermoto

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi I'm Kevin and I work for a Motorcycle racing team. I have been an amateur 3D animator, musician and now have Affinity which has helped me finally understand, layers, bezier curves and all the other essentials needed for good illustrations. My interest is in rider signiatures, giving riders a unique style for their name, number and mascot. Im really enjoying learning this app and look forward to seeing how it evolves and being part of this community. Cheers

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