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  1. Freshblue

    Sci-fi scene_1

    Great work !
  2. Freshblue

    Topkapı Palace

    Thanks Boss :)
  3. Freshblue

    Topkapı Palace

    Thank you very much for suggestions & comments :)
  4. Freshblue

    Topkapı Palace

    Thanks for nice suggestions , I'll try :)
  5. Freshblue

    Topkapı Palace

    actually I wanted to look like Papercraft ... it's why I used that shadow and solid background :)
  6. Freshblue

    Topkapı Palace

    Thanks for your comment Sir :) ...like this ? quick preview :
  7. Freshblue

    Topkapı Palace

    Thanks for comments , I'm glad you like it ...
  8. Freshblue


    Thanks :)
  9. Freshblue

    Who is this guy ?

    Thanks for comments :)
  10. Freshblue

    Who is this guy ?

    You are right :)
  11. Freshblue

    Hagia Sophia & Galata Tower

    Thanks :) http://english.istanbul.gov.tr/Default.aspx?pid=300

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