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    dfreeman reacted to dmstraker in Wales. This morning.   
    Here's an image taken this morning up our local mountain (the Skirrid).
    Simple adjustment: A tad vibrance in the mid tones (using Blend Ranges). Curves for a little green boost. Levels in LAB Lightness down a bit.
    Affinity Photo is such a joy to use.

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    dfreeman reacted to digital_wampa in More Toon Characters in Affinity Designer - go vectors!   
    Just working on some characters... Affinity keep rockin' this software!

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    dfreeman reacted to silverdust in Dope black queen   
    Just a random royal black woman with a confident look

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    dfreeman reacted to Pixel and Poly in Dr. Fate - comicbook colored inked artwork   
    I colored this inked artwork by Walter Simonson in Photo. The art I had to work with wasn't very high res so I needed to resize and adjust the lineart slightly. Walt is an amazing comicbook artist mostly known for his incredible THOR run.
    Comicbook fans, enjoy!

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    dfreeman reacted to bodobe in Her best Companion   
    Vector Illustration (AD),
    The movie "2046" by Wong Kar-Wai inspired me to this vector graphic. The boa and the butterfly come from me. I think that fits;-)

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    dfreeman reacted to Renzatic in Getting Used To This Vector Thing   
    Okay, these are some of my first vectors, so please, be gentle with the criticisms. :P
    Besides making random shapes in Inkscape a couple years back, I've never dedicated much time to learning a vector program. It was always something I had a vague interest in, since I do have previous experience with Photoshop, and some 3D work, which makes for a solid foundation for it, but I've never taken that extra step.
    Well, after buying Affinity Photo in December and liking it quite a bit, I figured I'd go ahead and try out the Designer trial. 10 days, some tutorials, and a bit of goofing around later, I bought it too. 
    So anyway, here's what I've done. Since I'm still shaky on my feet, I figured I'd try aping something simple before going whole hog. Thought Zelda 3 looked kinda cool back in the day. it's style isn't too complex, and it might vector well, so I gave it a try.
    This is about 4 days worth of work right here.
    First, I did the tree. I threw the original sprite in there for comparison.
    Next up, I did the pot free hand in a similar style.
    Then, I tried out the little witch's hut. I've actually managed to bring Designer to a crawl on this one. Gaussian blurs on top of gaussian blurs on top of drop and inner shadows on top of a bunch of other stuff...yeah, I'm probably not being too efficient here. It's still a WIP, but it's far enough along to show it off.
    Plus I went to town detailing that little cow skull, which is probably one of the reasons why the program is being bogged down.
    So there you have it. My first tutorial free foray into the world of vector art.

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    dfreeman reacted to StuartRc in Monster Club   
    Hi All
    Finally! completed the first artwork originally for #INKTOBER 2016 (Twelve) and then recreated in Affinity Designer/Photo   and now looking forward to the next one!.
    Original file size 600mm (300dpi)
    12 additional 250x310mm (300dpi) for each creature 

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    dfreeman reacted to IsabelAracama in Flat design Volkswagen van + tutorial   
    I did this flat style illustration of a Volkswagen van and a tutorial on how I created it. There's more in my youtube channel if interested. 
    Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0c9f270zFU

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    dfreeman reacted to Marky in To Boldly Create   
    To Boldly go....to affinity and beyond.
    Great stuff
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    dfreeman reacted to retrograde in To Boldly Create   
    That's a pretty bold first attempt! 
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    dfreeman reacted to VectorVonDoom in The Image I’m Submitting For 1.6 Promo, VW Golf GTI 1.6 (AD)   
    I was going to do this drawing in Illustrator but read about Serif/Affinity wanting images for their 1.6 promo material so thought I’d give AD a try for the first time. This will be my submission and it so happens the GTI had a 1.6 engine early on. 
    Hopefully any Golf aficionado will recognise it as an imaginary custom series 1 Mk1 Golf GTI (1.6l 8v) in Miami blue. It’s been de-wipered, lowered, smoked lights, chrome bumpers, no arches and some really nice alloys you can’t see! I couldn’t decide on the colour, either Mars red or Miami blue. Obviously went with blue but the body just uses a single global colour so easy to change my mind later. 
    All in all it went fairly smoothly, if you know Illustrator you pretty much know AD. Some things I really liked, one thing I really didn’t (I’m looking at you layers palette).  Overall it was fun and good practice. Never used so many gaussian blurs before.
    As it's bank holiday weekend I've a little time to go back to it and tweak it if I decide I need to.

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    dfreeman reacted to VectorVonDoom in 1966 Batmobile (AD)   
    I originally did this in Illustrator but it was missing something and needed more work so spent the last few days redoing it in AD although I did use the main underlying shapes, seemed pointless doing those again. It's a good improvement on the original. Being so long and thin it loses a lot of detail at low res even on the close up though.

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    dfreeman reacted to kevinmcsherry in Retro City Woman   
    Inspired by the magnificent Joan Holloway character in Madmen, played by Christina Hendricks. Affinity Designer. I'm still getting to grips with some of the features. I started using the Vector Brush Tool (to make those silhouettes of the passers-by. I like the way it seems to auto-smooth the line, which is a feature I'd really like. Really well done to you people at Serif for making a full-on professional tool. I have no qualms about using this for client-work. 

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    dfreeman reacted to Dazmondo77 in Vector Pumpkin   
    Been asked to do a pumpkin for a Halloween gig so thought I'd have a crack at doing one all vector:

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    dfreeman reacted to tinpixel in Baby Portrait - Photorealistic AD Vector   
    Affinity Designer vector illustration of my daughter at 19-days old.
    No pixels or vector brushes used here, just good old fashioned strokes and filled paths. Masks, transparency tool, layer FX and blend modes used where needed and a couple of adjustment layers to tweak the colours at the end.
    I'd guess there's around 2,000 elements make up this image - around 500 are individually positioned head hairs, and many of the individual wool strands are actually three strokes twisted together too which ups the object count. With all the blurs and depth of field stuff, it nearly kills my MacBook and takes a good 20+ seconds for the screen to redraw after every zoom or edit on high quality view settings - spent a lot of time in wireframe and low quality mode at the end. When I get a faster Mac, I'd like to add some of the less important detail that's missing to make it more convincing  (e.g. the almost invisible eyebrow hairs, more detail to eyes etc.) and tweak some of the bits that are annoying me.
    No idea how long it took as I've been working on it on and off in my spare time (which is practically non-existent with a baby) since December - I'd estimate 30-50 hours.
    Anyway, hope you like it!

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    dfreeman reacted to digital_wampa in Demon Chef - AD vector   
    Getting Close to Halloween so...

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    dfreeman reacted to giantlobsterprd in This guy   
    My question is, where does he keep his phone?

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    dfreeman reacted to Eduardo Brito in Wizard   
    final art 

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    dfreeman reacted to MattP in 1965 Ferrari Dino Berlinetta Speciale (AD)   
    Bravo!!! That's just beautiful! Awesome work!!! 

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