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  1. @firstdefence the shape formed from the subtracted circles is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. Can I just clean it off? Is there a path eraser tool? I want to be left with this:
  2. I've looked through the forums for existing questions on the shape builder tool and it seem like it's yet to be implemented. I'm stuck on building something and I'll like a help with the best approach to go about it in affinity designer. The red circles in the attached image indicate parts that I want to subtract from the thick black circles. But unlike regular subtraction, I don't want those ends taking the shape of the subtracted shape. I want something like the behavior of shape builder where I completely erase those red circle areas
  3. Is there a way to convert a shape or curve to picture frame. I was designing a mockup in Designer and I wanted to import an image into a custom sized rectangle and have it adjustable within the shape to show parts of the image I want. Any good suggestions on how to do this? And if none, can this be added to Designer?
  4. @αℓƒяє∂ my bad. I had just searched the forum and found this. Do you know if this can be done in Designer?
  5. Hey @MEB I don't see Convert to Picture Frame. Here's a screenshot of my Layer Menu in Affinity Designer
  6. silverdust

    Slicing curve

    Thanks so much @Alfred . Got it to work this way
  7. silverdust

    Slicing curve

    Hi @Alfred your idea sounds nice but I don't get how the divide button and the cog tool come together exactly? Like do I create a cog first and convert it to curve then try to divide with the divide tool? The previous method already works but I'm curious and would like to weigh them both to see which'd better to use in the future
  8. silverdust

    Slicing curve

    Wow thank you so much @toltec
  9. I have a vector pizza and I'd like to slice it like I'm slicing a real pizza but now into different layers/layer groups. How can I do this?
  10. @JimmyJack I'll have to try this on something else soon so I don't forget. Thanks
  11. Yes @R C-R it was spread that did it for me. @toltec led me in the direction and I figured that I needed "include spread mid points". Thank you
  12. Sometimes when I hold an object and move it around in a canvas or an artboard, it can snap at the vertical and horizontal centers. For a while it's not been snapping when I do that. I have all the options for snapping turned on yet it doesn't snap to center. Maybe I've disabled something accidentally. Would just love to get that back. I've since had to use ruler guides or arrange which are longer to me than simply just snapping to center.