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  1. both in Affinity Photo and in Design the pen tool is causing an instant closing in the software, causing all work to be lost, the automatic save does not work in front of the problem of the pen tool. Ps. Crtl+s always
  2. thx for all replies !!
  3. But she liked it a lot !!!
  4. It seems that something is gone, and she does not know how it happened !!!
  5. Hi all, simple art made inspired by monsters de game maplestory.
  6. thx for all reviews!!!! the flat design is better ever, 3d concept only made for client request
  7. she's ashamed rsrsrs.....
  8. final art
  9. concept job milk factory.
  10. thx! i did it ! on 3h ^^
  11. kk no im only do this for hobby!
  12. Hi all! i hope u enjoy this!!!!
  13. System Specification Below.
  14. i think the layer masks are causing a slight slowness in the system.
  15. this here is no optmized.... file_no_optimized.afphoto