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  1. Hi all! i hope u enjoy this!!!!
  2. System Specification Below.
  3. i think the layer masks are causing a slight slowness in the system.
  4. this here is no optmized.... file_no_optimized.afphoto
  5. hello! the file is here! test it however you want. ps. this file is optmized. file_optimized.afphoto
  6. hi all, im have a bug, when im move one object in the document, the cpu is overload to 100%, causing slowdown in app. movie_clip.mp4
  7. hi all, I have one question, how i invert the position the texture brush? thanks.
  8. Hi all, im up this zip containing two pallets rgb and cmyk basic. colors
  9. rsrs thks all
  10. Hi all! Another art to share.
  11. very nice art!!!! congratz!!!! ;)
  12. 10 Hours more or less.
  13. wireframe this art :)
  14. Hi all!! Full Affinity Designer, I hope you enjoy!!
  15. Hi all! Where is the property of a bitmap file, such as Megabyte.