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  1. lol, its a bug, becase no have any symbol in this file. thx friend to reply
  2. hi all, im have a noob question, what is a little vertical bar in painel?
  3. It seems that something is gone, and she does not know how it happened !!!
  4. Hi all, simple art made inspired by monsters de game maplestory.
  5. thx for all reviews!!!! the flat design is better ever, 3d concept only made for client request
  6. thx! i did it ! on 3h ^^
  7. kk no im only do this for hobby!
  8. Hi all! i hope u enjoy this!!!!
  9. hi all, I have one question, how i invert the position the texture brush? thanks.
  10. Hi all, im up this zip containing two pallets rgb and cmyk basic. colors set.zip
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