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    DM1 got a reaction from zea in Affinity Designer iPad for UI Design   
    You can import 3rd party assets easily enough on iPad. 

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    DM1 got a reaction from zea in Affinity Designer iPad for UI Design   
    Yes you can.
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    DM1 got a reaction from GabrielM in 1.7.2 Bug, Crashes everytime I save for masking job   
    @Earlytheory This one works ok (not crashing). I saved it without history and reloaded. Something in history must have been messed up causing crash. Hope this helps.
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    DM1 got a reaction from GabrielM in Most Adjustment layers do not work   
    The filters menu is a little odd at first use. Don't scroll for a specific filter/Adjustment menu title as that just brings up the presets for that type of filter/Adjustment. As you have found, many filters/Adjustments don't come with presaved presets. Instead leave the top menu at the All Filters or Adjustments levels and then scroll through the filters/adjustments until you find the type you are needing. These are the actual filters, not presets. Tap to use and a Context menu appears at bottom of screen. You may need to turn on Live Filters too.

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    DM1 reacted to MickeyB in Can’t open my Fuji RAW files   
    This is solved btw, reinstalled the app
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    DM1 got a reaction from brittanilay in Project Folder Deleted Itself   
    Sorry to hear you have lost work.  It pays to save outside of sandbox or a crash may cost you dearly. Use the Save or Save a Copy Options, then close the work file and then open the 'saved' version. Now when you save,  the .afdesign file will be updated. This way you make copies and store them as backups. 
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    DM1 got a reaction from Iulisvectordesign in Probably a dumb question   
    Just press your finger on the icon. Slide up for increase and down to decrease.
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    DM1 got a reaction from Alfred in Perspective on Designer?   
    You could try importing the live filters as assets. It works quite well.
    Details here:
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    DM1 reacted to VectorCat in Moving images - sometimes weak, confusing   
    often, after dragging an image to a project folder, it will end up in a different folder, sometimes it will give no indication that it has been selected for dragging into a project folder, and the destination folder doesn’t change visually when an image is dragged onto it.
    maybe these woes can be fixed by providing clear visual feedback which tells User: “this image is actively being dragged onto project folder ABC, and if you lift your fingertip right now, it will be placed into that project folder.”
    As it is right now, the process of dragging an image from being loose in the library to a project folder doesn’t give a lot of visual feedback. Sometimes after I drag an image over project folder ABC, it actually ends up in folder XYZ, causing excess futzing around to remove it from the “wrong” folder into the desired one.
    Folders which throb, or  become highlighted, or which swell slightly — are all common ways of providing feedback that helps the User know that s/he is getting closer to the desired result of moving an image from where it is to where it’s wanted to be.
    thank you!
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    DM1 got a reaction from Chris B in Masking and Brush Errors   
    Tap on the mask icon. You appear to have the layer selected, not the mask. The layer shows highlighted. If the mask. Was selected the layer would not be highlighted.
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    DM1 reacted to Mbuettell in When saving to iCloud Drive, is it possible for AD to rename the file stored on iCloud?   
    If you open a file from iCloud in AFD and then delete the file in iCloud while the file is still residing in the AFD sandbox.  Then rename in AFD then hit save in iCloud again.  It will now be in iCloud with updated name
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    DM1 got a reaction from Mikesath123 in How to delete Internal Affinity Designer files   
    @Three The ideal method would be to save a copy elsewhere (on iPad or cloud) and delete from sandbox (project screen) using the 3 bar delete menu. The 3 bar delete menu is unfortunately the only way to delete the apps sandboxed file storage. Yes, one file at a time! Some people have also reported a bug where even after deleting, Affinity still shows the storage occupied. Like many reported bugs, we are still waiting for a solution. There is one other way of releasing the space. Delete the app. Drastic but effective. Save copies of any files you wish to keep. Any sandboxed Files will be deleted with the app.
    Being new I will clarify storage on iPad. AP stores your work in sandbox (where only AP can access it. When you use top left arrow the sandbox file is updated. It also auto updates based on Settings in AP. You should always use the Menu to Save or Save a Copy as this creates a xxxx,afphoto file which you can save/backup  anywhere and access at any time. If you access this file using Open from Cloud (not restricted to cloud locations) then you get a Save menu in main menu while working. Using Save or top left arrow now updates the 'cloud' located file. If you import from cloud, it like starting a new file and edits will again only be sandboxed and may be lost.
    Hope that helps 
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    DM1 got a reaction from Alfred in Power duplicating around a centre in Designer   
    You need to turn on the 'rotate target point'.

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    DM1 got a reaction from Ulysses in How to double click to edit layer in Affinity Photo?   
    Hi Fandi, If you use open from cloud the psd file open ready to edit. Designer supports psd format. If you 'embedded' the psd file into a Designer document using 'Place image', then you simply double tap on the file to open then edit it. The image below is an svg placed (embedded) but action to open edit is same for all embedded files. The blue circles show where the screen I’d touched (Show Touches turned on in Settings). The current release has a few annoying bugs which will hopefully be fixed in next release, but I agree it is a 'wow' app! 

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    DM1 reacted to Lacey428 in Editing SVG Embedded Document   
    Thank you!! I was trying to double click it in the layers section.
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    DM1 reacted to Alfred in Power duplicating around a centre in Designer   
    Here’s a quick video for you. Let me know if any of the steps are unclear.
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    DM1 reacted to Butler To Cats in Vector selection and delete pixels   
    You can use a vector shape for clipping.
    However, this is a non-destructive operation similar to masking (no pixels are erased, if you change the vector shape later it will hide/reveal areas).
    In the layers panel, drag the image onto the vector shape, you need to line up the drag so you see a blue line across the middle of the vector shape layer.

    The clipped image can then be exported with transparency (in the appropriate formats e.g. PNG) outside the vector shape.
    Note: unlike this example, don't use an outline on the vector shape if you don't want an outline on the final clipped area.

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    DM1 reacted to Furius in EPS files for shutterstock   
    I´m using Affinity Designer on IPad Pro and had trouble exporting vectors so I can upload them to Shutterstock.
    What I learned after a few trials and Errors:
    - Exporting as EPS lvl 3 will create an EPS that Shutterstock submission will accept
    - you´ve got to keep the requirement for Shutterstock EPS submission in mind (no gradients, no pixel/raster images, all shapes/vectors, no transparency and gradients etc)
    - if you add fonts, convert them to curves first
    I tried and searched for quite a while there, until I "accidentally" stumbled upon it - also this forum helped. 
    So I want to share this useful piece of information to all folks who try to upload to Shutterstock and are supposedly stuck with Adobe Illustrator.
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    DM1 got a reaction from Dan C in Affinity for ipad clone/patch tool   
    Here is one way to use clone tool. You need to set start point with finger long press if using Apple Pencil and touch for Gestures on. Pencil can’t do long press. 
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    DM1 reacted to Ulysses in RAW editing abilities MISSING or....   
    I believe you’re taking Patrick's comments there out of context and assigning the wrong reason for why he made this simple statement back in June 2017. The community here is now much larger, and we have far more resources and knowledge for answering questions — even the repetitive ones. 
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    DM1 reacted to Paul Mudditt in Importing Macros   
    Don’t mistake an “nnnn.afmacro” single macro file for a “nnnn.afmacros” multiple macros library. The desktop can open both, the iPad can only import the latter.
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    DM1 reacted to Bruce Atkinson in Importing Macros   
    Aha!! That's got it. My file was actually  nnnn.afmacro. Loaded it into the desktop AP then exported as nnnn.afmacros then installed on iPad no problem from Files app. Thanks very, very much.
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    DM1 got a reaction from Ulysses in How to name/rename and delete a file?   
    Except that if you 'have' saved it, a renamed 'Delete' will not actually delete the afphoto or afdesign file. That may be 'more' confusing. 
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    DM1 got a reaction from Dan C in Breaking an ellipse   
    You could draw a shape, place over elipse and after selecting both use the Subtract command. Otherwise, select and delete a node or add nodes and push to reshape.

    D063E1B5-EE7C-4637-8572-F6CEF8EE85C9.MP4 79BB5C87-CBDA-46E8-9F3E-F4C85FAB2FA5.MP4
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    DM1 reacted to p_mac in Affinity photo iPad - extreme lag time after 1.7 update   
    I don't agree with your statement here at all.  When you and Peter P started to complain you were just complaining. Many people were annoyed at you all. You started to help when you presented some serious examples.  But let's face it, it is the same old scribble test, nothing that shows any serious applications.
    The mods don't have anything to do with the software and some have been really instructive others just short and rude.
    I don't think any of the developers are hiding away at all.  I think they are flummoxed at this point.  
    As for hiding away, they are probably scanning the massive code of this software trying to find the problem which I think is a very small but devastating glitches. Probably looking for a needle in a haystack.  
    Stop slagging the devs. As far as being "unpaid, unappreciated, unrecognised, and unwanted beta tester.  When issues are raised, it has felt like the customer is the problem, not the product.", being a beta tester is your choice.  
    Right now I have other things that require my attention so when I say 'I'm done' I didn't say I was going to quit the  Affinity products, but just step away until this is fixed.
    And it will be fixed.