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    Rob C 28 reacted to dmstraker in Yay! 100 AP videos now on InAffinity YouTube Channel   
    Small celebration. I've now uploaded 100 Affinity Photo video tutorials to my InAffinity YouTube channel.
    Mostly, they are for beginners, though I throw in recent discoveries, effects, etc.
    To properly celebrate, I'm now off on a photographing jolly, up the American East Coast, as far as Nova Scotia, no less.
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    Rob C 28 reacted to MikeW in Publisher?   
    Gee. And we all create what you do. Life is so simple.
    The teams for the applications are mostly separate teams. Which means that while there is cross-over for some people, the teams working on Ad vs. APhoto vs. APub are different folk.
    Yep, there's a lot of work to be done on these relatively young applications to bring them up to various "standards." They'll get there.
    Oh, hey, you might as well have added...why the heck did Serif make Windows versions while the Mac versions didn't have features X, Y & Z? (Hint: same reply, different teams.)
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    Rob C 28 reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Publisher feedback and suggestions: Read This   
    We welcome your comments on your experiences using the public beta of Affinity Publisher, but please can they be posted in this other dedicated forum, thank you. 
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    Rob C 28 got a reaction from Fotoloco in Photoshop for iPad   
    It looks like Adobe are waking up to the threat that AP for iPad poses. Affinity AP and AD are amazing products and the first of their kind for iPad!
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    Rob C 28 reacted to Fotoloco in Frequency separation/high pass macros   
    All that you need to do is duplicate the layer, and apply whatever effect you want to the (upper) duplicate - blurring, embossing, etc. Select both layers and run the macro. Frequency separation generates the LP and HP layers in proper order setting linear light, and the high pass macro simply replaces the blurred (or otherwise) layer with the HP layer, blend set to normal.
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    Rob C 28 reacted to Roger C in Affinity 30% off till 25th!   
    Hello lovely people, this is a public service announcement.
    Affinity : 30% off everything till July 25th. That's software and workbooks!
    Just a heads up to others like myself who don't receive promo emails and may have been unaware of this.
    P.S. Now I have the matching set.
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    Rob C 28 reacted to Alfred in Editors’ Choice   
    Congratulations to Serif on grabbing the coveted Editors’ Choice spot in the UK App Store!

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    Rob C 28 got a reaction from Alfred in Move by n amount?   
    I'm definitely with you on that, Alfred!
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    Rob C 28 reacted to asantos in FREE Tone Mapping Portrait Presets   
    Hello, today I've been having fun with the Tone Mapping Persona and I wanted to share these 20 portrait presets with you.
    Of course, you can use them on anything that is not a portrait, too.
    Antonio Santos 20 Portrait Presets.aftonemap
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    Rob C 28 reacted to neryx in Free Affinity resources   
    I've recently published two posts with free resources. And now I started third resource with free icons - webiconio. Many of these items were created in Affinity products. Affinity products are great. It's time to give celebrate Affinity, so I decided to create a fourth project - Affinitio. If you have ideas I will be glad for them.
    Dipixio - free isolated photos
    Downbg - free backgrounds
    Webiconio - free icons
    Affinitio - free resources for Affinity products (templates, styles, assets, etc.)

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    Rob C 28 reacted to Alfred in Move by n amount?   
    I love my iPad, and I probably use it more than my Windows laptop now. Horses for courses, I guess.
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    Rob C 28 reacted to R C-R in [Designer] Help online or as PDF/EBook?   
    I am sure it would be fine for many of us, myself included, but as has been mentioned, the staff have said that unfortunately the documentation team currently does not have the resources available to convert all the help topics into PDF files. Hopefully, they will at some point in the future, but for now we are stuck with workarounds.
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    Rob C 28 reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview   
    Today Tony has edited the original post and added this to the statement.
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    Rob C 28 reacted to R C-R in Pencil Effect Macro   
    This Sketch effect.afmacro is my attempt to convert the technique demonstrated in the Affinity Revolution Transform any Photo into a Pencil Drawing (Affinity Photo Tutorial) into a useful Affinity Photo macro. These are the steps I came up with:

    Since the first step selects the top layer regardless of its name or type, for best results it should be the only layer in the document & a pixel layer. The macro does not alter this layer so if you don't like the effect you can delete the layers it creates. The two user adjustments adjust the radius of the Gaussian blur & the Black Level of the Levels Adjustment layer. They can be tweaked after the macro is applied in the usual way. Adding some saturation back to the HSL "_desaturate" layer creates a colored pencil effect.
    A couple of 'before & after' examples of what you can expect:
    Comments, criticisms, & questions welcomed.
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    Rob C 28 reacted to Chris B in [Fixed] iOS 12 Developer Beta makes performance in Affinity Photo unusable.   
    Hey metroidmen, I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know we development have identified the issue, which is mainly caused by a change in the default on the fly compilation for Apples' Metal hardware acceleration. Thanks so much for the early heads up  
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    Rob C 28 got a reaction from firstdefence in [AP]   
    Beautiful images, FirstDefence!
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    Rob C 28 reacted to firstdefence in [AP]   
    Doodle using a Frax fractal as the base.

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    Rob C 28 reacted to DannyBCreative in First Photo Retouch in Affinity Photo   
    So, I finally had some time to play around a bit with Affinity Photo.  Took this old photo I shot, and did all the editing in A-Photo.  Not bad for a few minutes worth of testing.  Inluded the original image and the retouched image.

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    Rob C 28 reacted to VectorVonDoom in Jaguar E-Type Lightweight (AD)   
    I've been working on this for a few months and is the most complicated drawing I've done so far. I had thought about doing it before but knew it would be a ton of work, in reality it was about 10 tons, seemed never ending.
    I decided to just do the front half to better show off the engine but I could re-use much of it if I ever wanted to do the whole car. As before it's just the pen tool, gradients, blurs and blend modes, so anyone could do it.
    Hope you like.
    As usual click to open, then click to display full size (although the actual output's a lot, lot larger).


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    Rob C 28 reacted to smadell in 38 Gradient Maps for Color Grading   
    Today, let’s have fun with Gradient Maps…
    Gradient Maps are a great way to color grade photos, since they map dark, light, and midtone values according to a pre-defined gradient. This can easily define a “look” for photos that might otherwise be hard to accomplish.
    Although I am not a user of Photoshop, our “arch rival” has a wonderful group of gradient maps called “Photographic Toning” that are specifically designed to color grade photos. Although you have to drill down through a few panels and dialog boxes to find them (and you sort of have to know they’re there in the first place) they are a truly nice addition. Also, they are easily obtained by anyone.
    But, as they say, there’s the rub. Affinity Photo cannot import Photoshop gradient maps. Affinity Photo can store pre-defined gradients in the Swatches studio, but for some unknown reason the stored gradients are not available from the Gradient Map studio panel. Gradient Maps can be stored as presets, and can be chosen from the Adjustments panel, but I don’t believe they can be easily exported from one computer and brought into a different one.
    So… after a long couple of days of transcription, I have created a set of Macros that apply each of the 38 Photographic Toning gradient maps. Since macros are easy to store, and to share, I am making them available for anyone who wants them.
    There are actually 2 sets of Macros included - each as an easy-to-import Category from the Library panel. The first group of Macros is called “Photographic Toning Gradients” and these are named according to the gradient map they apply. Each macro creates a Gradient Map layer, applies the appropriate color values, and names the layer according to the gradient map it applied. The second set of macros is called “Photographic Toning Gradients - reduced.” This category also applies the gradient maps in a similar fashion, but then reduces the opacity of the layer to 30%. This reduces the effect of the Gradient Map, and produces a much subtler effect.
    Here is an image that shows the full-strength versions of all 38 gradient maps.

    And here is a photo to which I’ve applied a full-strength gradient map, and also a reduced-strength gradient map.

    These macro categories are included in the ZIP file attached to this post, along with a Letter sized JPG that includes samples of the gradient maps. Also included in the ZIP file is another macro category that includes one more macro. It’s called “Obama Hope Poster” and, as you might have guessed, it turns any photo into an Obama Hope-style poster. Just because…
    Please enjoy them!
    Photographic Toning Gradient Maps.zip
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    Rob C 28 reacted to Chris Van Cleve in Affinity.Graphics Resources   
    I'll just leave this bright and shiny right here: https://affinity.graphics/
    Feel free to ask questions.
    Q) When will the site go live?
    A) When it's ready. This is a large undertaking that is important to us and we want to get it right. Hopefully in a couple months.
    Q) Do I have to register for an account?
    A) Nope. You can browse and download to your heart's content without signing up. If you want to add your resources to the system for discovery, you will need an account.
    Q) Is there an advantage to registering for an account?
    A) Of course! You can mark resources as favorites. This helps others know what resources are popular and will give you the benefit of being notified when your favorite resources are updated.
    Q) Please, please let me see what the site will look like!
    A) What, the Coming Soon page isn't enough? Fine. Attached to this post is what a resource detail page will look like. Happy now?
    Q) What can I do as a resource creator?
    A) We're glad you asked! You can provide a promo image and description of your item. You can note which application the resource works with (Designer, Photo, iOS version of either). You can see how many people have viewed, downloaded, and favorited your resource. Sharing links are provided that link back to your resource page with your promo image included for various social media sites. You can choose the license that best fits your need. If you have a resource for sale on your own or an eTailer site, you link it in our system and it will have the same display and benefits as those we host. Finally, you can update your resources as needed and the system will notify users who have favorited your items. See the attached screenshot to see how this all comes together.

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    Rob C 28 reacted to Andy Somerfield in Affinity Photo for iPad - Customer Beta   
    We are continuing the Affinity Photo for iPad Beta - and we need your help!
    Beta builds for iPad are delivered and coordinated using the Apple TestFlight service - you will need to install the TestFlight app (free) from the store in order to participate.
    TestFlight imposes limits on how many users can participate in any beta - so we will be operating on a first-come-first-served basis. If you join the beta, but do not proceed to install and use the beta builds, we might throw you out so other users can join.
    If you choose to receive the beta builds, please send an email to: photoipadbeta@seriflabs.com and include the following:
    1.) Your forum handle / username.
    2.) Your email address.
    3.) Which compatible iPad device you own (iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad (2017))
    Adding users to the beta is a manual process - so please be patient - especially if you apply outside of office hours in the UK.
    Thanks guys,
    Affinity Photo Team 
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    Rob C 28 got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Beta Expired   
    Cancel that... the app store version has now installed...
    Thanks though,
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    Rob C 28 reacted to James Ritson in JR Macros (Workflow Aids, Tonal Effects)   
    Hi Rob, I believe Patrick is referring to the macro packs that were given away for the recent iPad release and 1.5 desktop release. Were you trying to download my macro packs mentioned in the first post? If so, I've amended the links and they can be downloaded again.
    I've also updated both packs with more macros—the Workflow Aids pack has some new mask creation, sharpening and channel separation options. The Tonal Effects pack adds infrared channel swapping and a diffuse glow effect. Hope you find them useful!

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