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  1. I've been looking forward to an updated since the release of Designer - certainly not disappointed! Many thanks to all the Affinity Photo team...
  2. It looks like Adobe are waking up to the threat that AP for iPad poses. Affinity AP and AD are amazing products and the first of their kind for iPad!
  3. Rob C 28

    Move by n amount?

    I'm definitely with you on that, Alfred!
  4. Rob C 28


    Beautiful images, FirstDefence!
  5. Rob C 28

    Jaguar E-Type Lightweight (AD)

    Simply stunning - fabulous work, VectorVonDoom!
  6. Yes, I've been Adobe CC Free since the beginning of the year. I am very happy with AP, both on iPad and Mac, and AD - they suit my needs, along with a little bit of help from DxO.
  7. Rob C 28

    38 Gradient Maps for Color Grading

    Fantastic - your time and effort is greatly appreciated! Rob
  8. I thought that lens corrections were applied automatically, if available, within the iPad version of AP. Rob
  9. Rob C 28

    Beta Expired

    Hi Jfullerco, The app store version was very slow to install but it has kept all of my open edits, additional brushes and macros. I have checked and all of the export, share and save options work without any problem. Perhaps someone else may have had a similar issue and have an answer. Regards, Rob
  10. Rob C 28

    Beta Expired

    Cancel that... the app store version has now installed... Thanks though, Rob
  11. Rob C 28

    Beta Expired

    Hi, Just after a little advice... My beta test version of Photo for iPad expired today with no update available. I have tried to install the the latest version from the app store but it will not load, so how can I get Photo back up and running? Rob
  12. Rob C 28

    JR Macros (Workflow Aids, Tonal Effects)

    Hi Patrick, No problem, I'm just pleased that you took the time to respond and look into my request. Many thanks, Rob
  13. Rob C 28

    JR Macros (Workflow Aids, Tonal Effects)

    Hi James, Yes, it was your macro packs that I wanted to download - I look forward to trying them out in some editing. I really appreciate your help, Many thanks, Rob
  14. Rob C 28

    JR Macros (Workflow Aids, Tonal Effects)

    Hi Patrick, Many thanks for your speedy response - much appreciated...
  15. Rob C 28

    JR Macros (Workflow Aids, Tonal Effects)

    Hi James, Many thanks for all of the official tutorials, for both Mac and iPad - they really help so much. I was just trying to download your zip Macro files but the links provided no longer seem to work - are they still available? Rob