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  1. Morphf......the wifi drive I use is Seagate Wireless Plus. It sets up its own wifi signal that I connect to with my iPad. I have been using another iPad app Photosynch, as I found the Seagate app a bit clumsy..although there may be upgrades to it. I am able to freely transfer files, including RAW files from the drive to the iPad and back. I’m sorry I haven’t transferred wifi from my camera to the wifi drive directly, nor have I used NAS linked to the wifi drive....so unable to help with that. I can connect the Seagate drive directly to my MacBook Pro, and send files for storage to another external drive....I have a LaCie. That covers my storage needs. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi morphf.......I got a new iPad Pro 12.9, on recent trip...each day downloaded from my 5DIII direct to Photos app...then processed in AP....then saved to Photo...arranged the processed files in a new folder in Photos. All files from camera to iPad were RAW....and jpeg after saving to Photos. Memory on iPad wasn’t a problem as I only had about 1500 shots, and 256Gb. I also had with me a Seagate WiFi drive (1Tb) which I send RAW files from iPad to drive if space is getting tight, using Photosynch app. I end up with processed shots and originals on iPad and all RAW files on external drive as well...which I can use on my MacBook if needed. I didn’t take my MacBook away at all. Until I can find a chink in the armour this will stay as my travel setup for a while. All the best. Addit: I agree with Five that Photos can be much improved, but I have veered away from the Cloud.
  3. Beverley...thanks so much...i had one of those...”go back and try again moments” after i posted...and discovered clicking on the words....sheesh....I much appreciate your help. I had been at it for over an hour...you’d think I would have hit the button accidentally in that time...but no....lol......many thanks.
  4. Need some advice...help.... I have an image consisting of a number of layers. I wish to use “outer glow effect” on one of the layers. I select that layer and go to fx studio. There I can switch on “outer glow”, and reduce opacity, but I don’t have any controls over the bottom of the page, that i need to adjust aspects of the glow...nothing there. This is the same for all listed effects. I have seen videos where outer shadow has been used...and there are controls across the bottom of the screen governing depth, transparency etc.....i just cant get them. There are no tutorials for iPad that i can find on using effects. Have I missed something here? I have reloaded the images and restarted Affinity a number of times...the fx controls don’t appear. Have I missed something? I could easily manipulate fx on the same image on my MacBook to produce the desired effect...using the controls available. I just cant seem to get them on the iPad. Any suggestions? Affinity Photo ipad Pro 12.9 iOS 11.1
  5. Does no one else have this issue....or have I missed an easy fix?
  6. Good to hear Astronomer...I just completed overseas trip generating 1500 raw files..(I know....I have to cull them...a lot...)....just downloaded the files to iPad each day...spent some free time processing some....and when I got home uploaded from iPad to wifi hard drive. Didn't need laptop...and I would have taken the iPad anyway...so wins all around.
  7. Hi Astronomer...I am using iPad and camera as you would like to...except....i connect my 5DIII via camera connection and upload to iPad into Photos app. They are stored as.CR2 files and can be pulled into Affinity as raw files. It would depend of course on your iPad memory, and how many images you have to store. I also have an external hard drive accessed through WiFi if there are too many shots. No longer a fan of cloud storage I'm afraid.
  8. Now I have had a chance to use the Lens Studio properly, I can say that the CA correction is still a little lacking. I have managed to reduce CA using Defringe, but not as accurately as formerly with Lens profiles in Camera Raw. Maybe this will improve with more experience. If there are any suggestions I would love to hear them
  9. ....ok..my bad...i admit it...CA correction and Defringing in Develop Persona...in the Lens Studio.....i started a new project with a raw file....and there it was....I'm going to try this out and see how it goes....(crawls back into dark room)
  10. Addit: I have been able with a lot of fiddling to reduce (not eliminate) CA with Defringe....but if I subsequently try another manipulation, the CA returns. My previous work flow was : lens profile/CA correction in Camera Raw....then on to any other needed manipulation. Should I now apply Defringe to correct CA as a final step....unsure.
  11. I haven't been able to find an answer yet to my correction of chromatic aberration on my new I Pad Pro 12.9 with updated version of Affinity Photo (16561) I saw in one answer concerning lens profiles, referred to the "Lens Studio"....I'm new, but I've searched the Personas and not found a Lens Studio on the iPad version. Chromatic aberration correction appears to be an easy process on the mac version...but all I can find is defringing filter on the iPad...which appears to have no effect on the CA. I have previously used Camera Raw, and found a one button solution; but I'm a bit lost trying to do this basic correction in Affinity. ive watched the tutorials and searched the web and this forum, but haven't yet found an answer. I'm hoping I missed something obvious. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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