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  1. 1.7 continually crashes my system. I am using on an iMac late 2013 running 10.4 and have been trying for days to refine a selection. Works for a while then just hangs and so does everything thing else on my computer . Sometimes if I leave a go away the rest unfreezes - but not always, but the refine selection does not - stays on the spinning ball . The only way to resolve is to close Affinity and lose everything I have done . It is driving me crazy.
  2. Agypsy

    Non Destructive Live filter ipad

    Thank you, finally got it sorted, not very efficient in my eyes, have to remember to go back and forward to access all the filters
  3. Agypsy

    Non Destructive Live filter ipad

    I have turned on the live filters as shown, but still cannot use as live filters, the lightening bolt does not appear on my iPad version. I have tried both perspective and high pass and no live filter access
  4. Thanks for that Yes in the Native capture it does that for me, but I have been trying to do the same with photos taken with the new Spectre app which takes the same live type sequence as the native app. I do the same - chose the one I want, click done then open in Affinity. I the receive the message that Affinity will turn off live photo and then it reverts back to the still at the end of the sequence to open and not the one I have chosen. I have tried quite a few options, like choosing the frame I want then turning off Live Photos and then opening in Affinity, but no luck that way either. There seems to be a disconnect. The app designers told to take it up wit Affinity, but it seems it's the app . I will write back to then yet again. I have worked out that I can open the image I want in Snapped and save it as a new photo and then I can open in Affinity, but it's a pain.
  5. Thanks for that, seems like Spectre is a no go for affinity then, pity
  6. I am a Mac user both desktop iMac and iPad . Can I edit in Affinity though ?
  7. I have just started using the new Spectre App from the Halide developers and it takes the shots in a Live Photo format as the native iPhone camera does. That means it produces a number of photos in a video style and then choses the photo, but the user also has the ability to chose a different photo to make into a still shot to then process, but I get a message from Affinity that it turns the Live Photos and will edit only that photo, but it always reverts to the one that was chosen by the app, not by me. Is there any way to work around Affinity turning off the Live Photos and allowing me to work with the photo I have chosen? Does anyone work with and edit Live Photos?
  8. I have just had my iPad replaced, backed up to iCloud immediately before now when I finally got Affinity to reload I have lost absolutely everything that was on there, I has opened as a new install. I had months of edits and folders, now nothing. Is there any way to find and restore them
  9. I am still unable to find a way to open photos in RAW from my desktop and if I do manage to save them back to my camera roll, seems we have come to a dead end and the program is virtually useless for my purpose, I am so disappointed.
  10. Thanks, I think Dan, but where does that leave me? With a reasonable expensive program sitting on my desktop that is almost useless. I can't access photos to process without a long roundabout route and then they may or may not be in Raw, then I can't save them in a place I can find them. I can get plenty of practice in editing though, but to no avail. I must say I am really disappointed as the iPad version has been great, and I just purchased your workbook also at great cost in order to master the process. Not happy.
  11. Ok , changed in edit to RAW the hope in Affinity
  12. Tried 2 ways. in photos edit changed to Image use raw as original 1. tried edit I Affinity from the edit section - same answer, can't open Affinity photos 2. Tried open from Affinity File Open and picked from photos and it opens the file as a TIFF so I am blowed if I know what is happening.
  13. Found Edit in as you have shown me, but it sends a message that Affinity Photo cannot be launched. Please press Cancel. I haveHigh Sierra 10.13.6 SO I have a problem here somewhere
  14. Just tried that, and the file opened as a Tiff.... this is crazy, the iPad does it just so easily. It this is the way it is I want my money back, I will stick to the iPad Where is the choice to Edit in... please

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