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  1. neryx

    Free Affinity resources

    Yes, I plan to free everything. Maybe registration will be required.
  2. neryx

    Free Affinity resources

    Small preview of new asset for Affinity Designer.
  3. neryx

    Free Affinity resources

    Sorry, I lost one word
  4. neryx

    Free Affinity resources

    I've recently published two posts with free resources. And now I started third resource with free icons - webiconio. Many of these items were created in Affinity products. Affinity products are great. It's time to give celebrate Affinity, so I decided to create a fourth project - Affinitio. If you have ideas I will be glad for them. Dipixio - free isolated photos Downbg - free backgrounds Webiconio - free icons Affinitio - free resources for Affinity products (templates, styles, assets, etc.)
  5. Thank you. Share buttons now in a header :-)
  6. You can use all graphics for your personal and commercial work, but don't resell or redistribute source files.
  7. Sharing buttons is added in detail page :-)
  8. Now I fixed it, maybe :-)
  9. I use MacOSX and Safari, Opera and Firefox in latest versions.
  10. The error is not visible to me
  11. Can you test now, please? Thank you
  12. Can you send me screenshot, please? My e-mail is plistil@neryx.com, thank you
  13. First 100 backgrounds for download! You can use personal and commercial use :-)