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    Mandu reacted to AndyQ in Selecting nodes by area(dragging)   
    I've always found the Illustrator way more time consuming - if I've got lots of objects it's a pain selecting and locking them and/or locking layers just to select a few points to edit on a specific object.  I reckon Affinity have got this the right way around - you can select nodes from multiple objects, but you need to indicate that's what you want to do by making an multi-object selection.  I guess it's something you'd want to get a group opinion about if you were only going to allow one method, although other drawing apps are similar to the Affinity approach. As you say, there's no reason not to allow for multiple approaches. I'd personally put a checkbox in the "Context Toolbar" - that seems the logical place for me (e.g. "select nodes across objects" checkbox, which would put it into that Illustrator-like mode).
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    Mandu got a reaction from Glicky in simple keyframe animation feature   
    Hello. I would like a feature that allows creating of keyframes that are in fact just layers for the purpose of creating animated gifs.
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    Mandu got a reaction from Glicky in simple keyframe animation feature   
    Hello. I would like a feature that allows creating of keyframes that are in fact just layers for the purpose of creating animated gifs.
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    Mandu got a reaction from Glicky in simple keyframe animation feature   
    Hello. I would like a feature that allows creating of keyframes that are in fact just layers for the purpose of creating animated gifs.
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    Mandu reacted to PixelPest in How to create mask for transparent background?   
    Rasterize to Mask is another option:

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    Mandu got a reaction from photoadele in Pen Tool - connect to and close existing curves   
    Hello all. We have seen amazing, tremendeous designs done in Designer and Photo so far that shows that both of those are extraordinary, professional grade applications.
    My suggestion is about conveninece of use rather than a new feature. When I click on the start/end point of already existing curve with a pen tool, I can continue drawing the curve without the need to previously select the start/end node with a node tool. I understand that not everyone may need this, but al least making it an option through an icon to turn it on/off.

    Another suggestion is closing the curve when clicking on start/end point of already existing curve (by using pen tool). Right now this can be only achieved by using the join tool in the menu. I think this method is redundant and pen tool should be able to close already existing curves.
    Thank you.
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    Mandu got a reaction from Snapseed in Linux. Seriously now.   
    Just a semi-related question, is it possible to run Affinity software on Linux by using 'Wine' or some other "emulation" software that imitates Windows on Linux? I am increasingly more and more unsatisfied with Windows, (vulnerability, complicated and not-working updates, clogging of data, constant pilling up of useless old files, useless support, win10 auto forced update fiasco.....are just some of the reasons) I would really, and I mean really like to move away from it to Linux.
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    Mandu got a reaction from Jowday in Hey Affinity,   
    That is definitely some sort of "blend" tool that is not yet available in Designer I'm afraid.
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    Mandu reacted to walt.farrell in Will Designer and Photo get Studio Link?   
    Good question.
    Note that Publisher includes only the Designer Persona from Designer (not the Pixel or Export Personas), and only the Photo Persona from Photo (not the Liquify, Develop, Tone Mapping, or Export Personas). So there may still be a need to use the standalone applications if you want functions implemented only in those Personas.
    Also, at this time, the Photo Persona in Publisher doesn't support plugins, nor New HDR Merge, New Focus Merge, and New Batch Job. Those may come, but only Serif will know when they might appear.
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    Mandu reacted to walt.farrell in Will Designer and Photo get Studio Link?   
    So far Serif is saying that StudioLink is a Publisher feature.
    While you wait to see if they decide to add it to Photo and Designer, you could simply start your projects in Publisher
    You can open .afphoto and .afdesign files there, or even save them. If you create a new document using the Designer Persona you can even create it with Artboards instead of Pages.
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    Mandu got a reaction from Jon P in Crashes in latest beta   
    @DarkClown I think that Publisher has been in Beta for too long, about 6 month overdue according to their initial plan which was to release it by the end of 2018. I think at this point they have to release it as is because there are no aditional features planned for this release, and bugs will be sorted gradually just like with Photo and Designer. As you can see, there is alreaady 1.7.1 version of both Designer and Photo that delivers fixes for various things. You can be sure that everything is being worked out on constantly.
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    Mandu reacted to ballardstudio in Bloated Affinity Publisher File Sizes Are Enormous   
    My concern for users is creating a 350 page manual and having to output a file that is a several terabytes large because the APub file and the supporting files need to be included; especially when linked.
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    Mandu reacted to Seneca in Bloated Affinity Publisher File Sizes Are Enormous   
    I think that's what everybody wanted to hear.
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    Mandu reacted to GabrielM in basic question about moving things that are in different groups?   
    Select the first object, and then with CTRL + SHIFT pressed, select the other ones. It should work just as selecting the layers in the layer studio. 
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    Mandu reacted to MEB in basic question about moving things that are in different groups?   
    Hi Mandu,
    To remove (or add) objects you have selected accidentally while pressing ⌃(ctrl) and dragging a marquee press ⇧ (shift) simultaneously.
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    Mandu reacted to Wosven in merge adj. layer with vector layer for colors?   
    How I understand it (but it would be a complexe feature), is if you have a blue rectangle, and use an adjustement layer to have it darker, you could merge the adjustement with the rectangle and end up with a dark blue rectangle.
    It would work with gradients and other complexe objects' colours... recalculating each colour when merging, keeping the vector objects.
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    Mandu reacted to m.archi in Affinity Designer - Boolean operations issue with curved shapes   
    Hey Chris
    Any News on this?
    i can still reproduce this.

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    Mandu reacted to Fantail in Boolean operations load forever, memory usage rises exponentially to 99% and I have to kill the program   
    It's still such a simple file, but when I select those two top ellipses and the small lines on the sides in the barrel layer and use any boolean operation, CPU, memory and disk usage go up like crazy, everything starts lagging and I have to kill the program with the task manager.
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    Mandu reacted to smth in Confidence is waning   
    tl;dr - I would like some reassurance that fixing bugs / improving performance of existing features is a priority.
    I just want to say this, because it's in the back of my mind, every time I contemplate using Affinity Designer for a new project. First off, I have/had high hopes for Affinity Designer, its ambition and feature set make it a really powerful and versatile design tool. To be frank, it feels like a potential Illustrator replacement, which is also geared towards layout. I think for a lot of us, that goes a long way towards the dream of cancelling our Adobe contracts (which I think is why everyone is desperate for the final piece of the puzzle - Affinity Publisher).
    Having said that, I'm starting to feel like the experience of using Affinity Designer is destined to be one of compromise, or giving up and switching to a competitor's product. There are a lot of bugs and shortcomings, some bigger than others. It's great that we have this forum to discuss them, but the responses often don't go beyond "we are aware".  Workarounds are welcome in the short term, but without knowing when a bug will be fixed, or having the confidence at least that it will be within a short time frame, it's difficult to invest in Affinity as a viable option for the future.
    To give a little context, I guess the issues I'm thinking about here are those around vector operations - the problems with booleans, and outline stroke. I don't think there's any dispute that these things don't work well currently. I'm concerned that issues like these are considered "would be nice to fix", rather than "shit, out app is fundamentally broken". If Affinity Designer is serious about being a vector drawing tool (which I think it is), then I feel like the response should be the latter. In my opinion, these convenient ways of doing complex operations are not bells and whistles, but central to why we buy sophisticated apps for doing this stuff.
    Beyond these well documented problems, there have also been one of two issues that I have raised, that were dismissed as (rightly or wrongly) just me not understanding the intention of a feature, or something. This is also concerning.
    As an outsider, I obviously have no idea what priorities Serif has, what resources, or where they are being used. I can give my impression from this perspective however, and that is that Serif is doing a great job of delivering a range of feature rich apps across multiple platforms; but not such a great job of making at least one of those apps, live up to (my) expectations.
    I hope this feedback is useful, and is taken in the spirit of wanting the Affinity products to succeed.
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    Mandu reacted to retrograde in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    Please allow booleans to work with open paths. Having to use closed paths is a ton of extra work. I thought that was coming to 1.7

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    Mandu reacted to jamessouttar in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the incorporation into Designer of some of the Publisher developments — particularly the typographic enhancements (like hanging punctuation) and the Publisher bleed enhancements. I love the continuity between these two applications, something that InDesign and Illustrator have never had. You‘re doing a great job, guys!
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    Mandu reacted to Gaz in Delete a segment from a circle   
    Excellent, a slightly long process, but once you know where everything is, it's easy. Thank You :-)
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    Mandu reacted to Michail in Color image turns into monocromatic if fill color is assigned to it   
    Some people can be happy about little things too
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    Mandu reacted to Old Bruce in saving text styles on a file?   
    The Text Styles are saved in each document. I set up a document the way I want it to be and save the blank file then lock it so I can just open it and save it as a copy. What we both want are Templates and that is not possible at the moment, a grave omission in my opinion. You'll have to just keep working the way you are right now.
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    Mandu reacted to firstdefence in Can I change the filter center point?   
    Not in the sense you mean but you can make selections that the vignette will adhere to, unfortunately it still has its centre point at the centre of the document.
    You could create a shape blur it and convert it into a mask.
    You can also use Gradients and layer blend modes, see image below.


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