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Cancel batch job button request

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So right now I was performing some color to black/white image conversion with the batch job in AP, and after I clicked ok I realized I forgot to specify the file save location. Needles to say, my original images have started to be overwritten by the black and white version, and unfortunately I just couldn't find a way to stop the process. I pressed esc, delete, backspace, I tried to turn off the program..but nothing worked. At the end, I force stopped the application from the task manager. Fortunately I have a backup so there was no permanent damage.

What I am proposing is to either make AP automatically create a new folder (like Photoshop) without overwriting existing images, or to make some stop button...Or to have both options in the checkbox style, to create a new folder in the same location, or to overwrite existing files. Or maybe the simplest solution could be for AP to create some sort of name/number extension if the file is saved in the same location where another file with the same name already exists.

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I accidentally started 2 batch jobs with the exact same file list - I was trying to find a way to cancel one of the two - is there still no cancel button?

would be very useful!

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