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  1. Cancel button would be useful
  2. SeamusBerkeley

    Hangs on Save As...

    Yes, opening it from Photos library. Sending it to Affinity Photo using command-return. Saving it as an Affinity Photo file in a folder on internal HD (not in Photos library).
  3. SeamusBerkeley

    Hangs on Save As...

    Not doing that. And just installed latest beta and the same result. It just hangs and this time without even renaming the file at all. Seems to be happening on switching directories, which are all located on the machine's internal drive. Did get this message on reopen and the file is the one that was being saved:
  4. SeamusBerkeley

    Hangs on Save As...

    Internal drive
  5. SeamusBerkeley

    Hangs on Save As...

    Wondering if it may be the sequence of steps taken, as the hang happens with more than file: Open tiff Crop and rotate in develop persona Photo persona Duplicate image layer Add exposure and curves adjustment layers Save As Rename file in Save As dialogue Select folder location Hangs before committing save Hang is intermittent and does not happen on reopen with recovery file, which has the develop crop and not the persona adjustment layers. Sample original and final files attached. DSC_8564.NEF Baffling_Silence_Painting_Seamus_Berkeley_Final_DSC_8565.afphoto
  6. SeamusBerkeley

    Hangs on Save As...

    Open tiff Add some layers Select "Save As..." Click "New Folder" Affinity Photo Beta hangs Sample tiff attached Where? Painting Seamus Berkeley DSC_8254.NEF
  7. SeamusBerkeley

    Crash on place pdf

    Sure, Chris, attaching both afpub and pdf documents. Reran placing and, unfortunately, crashing is random; seems to work fine most of the time, occasional crash. Taos_Aglow_Layout_02.afpub TaosAglow_bleedtemplate_2018.pdf
  8. SeamusBerkeley

    Crash on place pdf

    Place PDF Crash
  9. SeamusBerkeley

    Crash on open recent

    Open Publisher Open Recent Crash
  10. This is awesome; thanks for pointing it out, @R C-R
  11. Update looks good: brushes and speed are back.
  12. Just updated to iOS 12 beta 3 and it’s the same problem: snails pace for any action; loading anything takes minutes.
  13. Same issue as described and even more: all brushes have disappeared and reimporting does not add any brushes. Perhaps this is unrelated to iOS 12 beta?
  14. Ability to set origin is essential for my work. Any idea when this will be implemented?