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  1. Cancel button would be useful
  2. SeamusBerkeley

    Crash on place pdf

    Sure, Chris, attaching both afpub and pdf documents. Reran placing and, unfortunately, crashing is random; seems to work fine most of the time, occasional crash. Taos_Aglow_Layout_02.afpub TaosAglow_bleedtemplate_2018.pdf
  3. SeamusBerkeley

    Crash on place pdf

    Place PDF Crash
  4. Open Publisher Open Recent Crash
  5. This is awesome; thanks for pointing it out, @R C-R
  6. Update looks good: brushes and speed are back.
  7. Just updated to iOS 12 beta 3 and it’s the same problem: snails pace for any action; loading anything takes minutes.
  8. Same issue as described and even more: all brushes have disappeared and reimporting does not add any brushes. Perhaps this is unrelated to iOS 12 beta?
  9. Ability to set origin is essential for my work. Any idea when this will be implemented?
  10. Click merge after applying Lighter in Brightness/Contrast. Crash.
  11. + 1for adjust ruler start point

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