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  1. Can I download for now on window,the vector brush fixed?
  2. I done in the lastest beta. When I click Add in boolean operations,It's lost. Thank you. add.afdesign
  3. Thank you. I mean when I use a pen brush style, then change to another kind of bruses and change the style too.When I turn back to the pen,it,s not change to the old style of pen. (The brushes must locked the old styles when I change to the new category) Sorry for my English.
  4. Can I lock a brush's style between change categorys? Like a pen style different than pencil category when I choose it.
  5. It's heppen when I change the size. It's not show in the Brush panel. Thank you.
  6. I try to snap the object with different angles but only snap on top,bottom,and 2 side.
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