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    Affinity photo colour palette

    Hi, Jungle or Nature palette as in this page? You'll find their product here: https://www.frankentoon.com/product-page/concept-master-vol-1-nature
  2. Oh damn! I'm not a morning person… And I need more coffee to open my eyes before complaining about bugs Sorry @Sean P, I never search the styles, and didn't think about it.
  3. No, I didn't, that's why there some errors, like the "Y" and the ">", and some part on the arms. This isn't enough for complexe hair… that's always a pain to do. With those, perhaps doing a selection from the channel, and using this selection and a black brush on the mask can help. But if the hair and the background a in similar tones, it's nearly impossible to do. At least for me
  4. That's tricky in other apps too. With APub you need to select back "no change" or similar, but the best is to apply again the based on style, and do the few modifications before creating the new style. Another solution is to use the "Reset formatting" button before modifying the style (perhaps keeping the style on another paragraph to check the parameters): Usually, once I've got a test paragraph with nice modifications, I would create a new paragraph with pure "cck_Body", apply only the needed modifications using the Paragraph or Character panel, (checking with the test paragraph if needed), and once done, use the "Add para/char style" buttons in the Text styles panel.
  5. There's a problem with your style. It should be based on Body, but when looking at the differences, or added parameters, there's so many of them that it looks like a new style. cck2v2.afpub
  6. @princatko I was able to re-upload _PP_1254 but not the other one, each time it show the real size of the file after upload, but if I try to edit the post, the size is wrong
  7. Wosven

    Add Style from Selection

    Or being able to edit styles the same way we can edit adjustement layers (panel with options).
  8. It doesn't happen everytimes, but sometimes I need too to close AD to modify files o Win 10.
  9. Wosven

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    It's very usefull since you know how many lines of text you need your editor or client to suppress so it will fit on your page, or you know how many lines you need to recover (using different tricks like tighter justification here and there) in the previous pages for your text to end at this point. No need to expand the frame to check how many lines are out… and resize it one it's done.
  10. You can do better spending more time on it. The inpainting tool can be confused if there's not enough pattern around to use, or enough regular pattern (and those feathers are confusing, trying to reproduce them logically isn't easy!). In this case it's using the green more often than the feathers.
  11. @princatko Hi, Here the files, I mainly adjusted the one on white background for the hairs, and completely forget to check the masks —as can be seen with rhis screenshot! — but the selections weren't bleeding like yours. Try to modify some parameters in the reffine panel. We don't need a perfect selection, the outside is covered with the layer without "white paper", this one is only to have the inside on white background easily. If there's a little bit transparency on some hairs, it should feel more natural on another colour, since usually this colour appears in the hairs. Speed = errors The channels can be effective, especially when working in CMYK, when needing to select the sky: using the yellow channel help a lot. It's not helpfull with hairs or faces that contains a lot of subtle colours, unless you need to correct a bad picture with red faces! I use less this technique in AP since I don't find it as easy than with another app.a
  12. And the parameters for hairs that need more precision on the second one: _PP_1233v2.afphoto
  13. Here the file: (second upload) _PP_1254.afphoto
  14. 4 and 6 minutes. I'll post later the AP files, not time for upload huge files, I need to go to work photos.zip Details : Most of the time is spend using the selection brush in a smaller size than needed, perhaps, and processing the reffine selection on my not too performant PC. 1. Dupplicate layer. 2. Apply erase white paper on the bottom layer. 3. Selection brush on the top layer, reffine selection to selection. Shrink selection -1. Add a mask.
  15. When you're on the Export persona, and in the slice tab, you select one and hit the bin at the bottom. You can resize an existing slice too, manually or entering values in the transform panel.
  16. Without the image, it's difficult to find a solution. If you need to do this with 40 images, perhaps an easy solution would be to use 1 layer with the image with "erase white paper" at the bottom, and another of this image with enough feather in the selection that those white borders disappear.
  17. Try looking at the Text frames panel if the option "ignore text wrap" isn't checked. For the other questions, I'm not sure I understand them: when I click on an image and drag it out of the page, it comply! Perhaps you pin it (a blue line should show where it's put in your text, where there's a blur pin) or put it inline in your text (if you try to drag it, a red cross will appear with your cursor)? Is one of those icons active when you select it?
  18. Yes, a little touch of inpainting, and clone tool with some adjustments. IMG_0232rr2.afphoto
  19. Wosven

    Indent to here

    Usually tabs and wrapped text aren't friends, whereas "indent here" is more flexible.
  20. Again: +1. No Walt, this is meant to modify existing portions of text, not to apply some paragraph styles to the selected text and some characters style to parts of this same text. If your paragraph style begin by A and your character style begin by Z… Here some examples (I won't count the styles), for a book with french and english texts, a small magazine, and a more complexe one: Usually, I would organize them in folder depending of sections where they need to be used (magazine), and I would have paragraph and character panels on a second screen. On ID, I would have next styles, object styles and a script to force apply styles from the object style informations, or from the 1st selected paragraph to the following ones. With APub, I need to scroll a lot up and down to find the styles I want to apply, or use shortcuts, but there's a limit to those, since they're mainly used for usual styles in all documents and our capacity to memorize them.
  21. For this, you need to use the Basic brushes with pressure curves (you'll be able to save the settings in a style):
  22. For sure, but the line composer won't process again all the text, only this modified line and depending of result, try to find a solution. If the new no-break-styled text is longer than the line: it's pushed to the next line (we agree on this). Lines should be reprocessed from the start point of modifications, to the last line that's been modified because of this modification, or the ones following. I didn't check precisely, but I don't think that APub is able yet to reprocess left/right aligned text to try the best combinations to have even lenght lines. This look like APub is applying justification's letter spacing on the text to fit more than the line width. What are your parameters for those? Or perhaps it's a problem with this font, does it happen with other fonts? My "s" is half out too, but I had to apply a lot of "no_break" style here and there to get this result.
  23. @John Rostron, No problem, I didn't think it was so advanced!
  24. Sorry, I tested earlier with the PNG from the link, and only tested with first the green colour and second with the red from matte export. In fact, I never use the Tool Colour Picker but the one on the palette or the modifier key Alt, so I didn't notice this "Apply to selection" option. Checked or not, this behavior will happen with all the apps (AD, AP, APub), when pacing or droping an image in a new file. It will happen with picked colour with the Colour picker Tool, and also when using other tools and selecting a swatch (Pantone or not) or a gradient. Was this happening with older versions like 1.6? I can't remember it, but it can be usefull…

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