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  1. I really appreciate Affinity for the software suite, BUT: WHY IS AFFINITY SO IGNORANT? This feature is a must-have nowadays for every Laptop user.. Many of us use Laptops and second screens, and plug out the 2nd screen on the go (of course). Please, affinity team, don't ignore the needs of your customers completely like the big players. This ignorance pushed me from Adobe to Affinity once... Example: we have wonderful technology like Apple Sidecar (or Duet display for older devices), were I can have my MacBook Pro as the workstation/main screen and the iPad as the 2nd screen were I can place all those studio windows. That could be wonderful, if we could save this workspace. I guess one developer would be able to implement this within minutes. Frankly: Professional work on laptops is not possible, as long as we have to change monitor setups. I always thought Affinity is innovative... So PLEASE give us the option to save workspace settings!!
  2. Thank you but am so noob i cannot even get this result...
  3. Can anyone help me how to separate the blue scribble from the dark grey lines? No luck yet....
  4. Please, could someone have a look at the screenshot. You see that the space between the lines Auto correction does not work. So i have 8 Pt. font and Affinity makes an auto leading of 5,6 Pt.
  5. OK, i missed that. Sorry and thank you!!
  6. no matter what i set (German, Auto), i get no hyphenation at all! please help!!
  7. Hello! I often work with placed documents, spreaded over several pages. Let’s say i have an illustration from AD placed often, on two (or more) pages. In the recource manager, each file is packed within one dropdown menu. It makes it impossible to say "replace file xy.pdf on page 2 (and dont touch it on page 1!) When i open the dropdown menus, the recource manager shows me were my placed files are used, but i can not make selections and then replace them. When i select more than one, the replace button is grayed out. While the workflow is in some parts way different to InDesign i may have missed something and i appreciate any tipp. For working with many spreaded placed files i still have to use Indesign...
  8. When i try to make a custom color pallette from a image file, Designer (and so does Photo!) crashes, if i try to make more then 5 colors. I am on 10.11.6, my system runs flawless so far.
  9. In Affinity Publisher i want to open and edit large PDF files. They produce massive cache data so i want to set a special volume as the scratch disk. Were can i set this?
  10. I guess the title makes it clear. I have some photos with flash and there are annoying white reflexions. What is the best way to reduce them?
  11. I think nearly every one who works with a MacBook at home and office would need the option to save the workspace.
  12. pummelfee

    Linked Objects

    One last question; is this feature present in the Publisher beta?
  13. pummelfee

    Linked Objects

    Will this be implemented in a future release?
  14. I can place or drag'n drop affinity designer files in a new affinity designer page. But when i change a linked file and save it, the placed one is still old. How can this be fixed?

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