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  1. Hi all, Just hoping someone can tell me how to stop this... AD seems to do this when there's not enough room in the frame for the text, so it wraps. That's fine, but it wraps right under the first part of the line of text. The more I try to adjust the leading the worse it gets. Something I'm neglecting to configure maybe? Thanks. G
  2. Ok, including my own, I now have 3 different methods, all of which work. From 0 to 3 is good going! I must say though, after trying the other methods out, I find the method by @JimmyJack to be the best and quickest way for me. And each block can be separated without loss of the gradient, which is exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot guys, that was educational! G
  3. This is the effect I was trying to create. I managed to do it by filling the four blocks with the first colour of the gradient I wanted to fade out from. Then I duplicated those blocks into another layer above that and filled with the colour I wanted to fade to. Then with that layer selected I used the transparency tool dragging from midway of the last block all the way to the left. The result I'm happy with and I can play around with the gradient colours til I decide which I like best!
  4. Don't worry guys...I can kill the alarm now, I figured it out...sort of!! 😃 A couple of layers and the transparency tool did the trick! Thanks
  5. Ok, hopefully, I'll do better this time. I have four rectangles (B) and each one will be a column header container. What I want to do is have each block or rectangle be darker than the one preceding it but with a continuous gradient as in (A), but each block will be separate from the next. So that the gradient as shown in (A) covers all four blocks. Doesn't have to be white to black, in fact I haven't really decided yet what the gradient colours will be, I just know that's the effect I'm looking for if it can be done. If not I'll have to hack it in some way to get the result I want or come up with something else! Hopefully I've explained that a little better.
  6. Thanks guys, but that's not quite what I meant. I knew I hadn't explained it very well..! Give me a few minutes and I'll try again...
  7. Hi all, I have been trying to create a gradient in AP that includes all four blocks shown in the image included, but not individually as shown. I want it to get darker from the left to the right just as it is in a single block, but applied across all four as if it were one block. Am I making sense? Any idea on how I do it? Thanks G
  8. It did what I thought it would do when I removed the empty assets category, it loaded up the next category in line alphabetically, but we have it sussed now. Thanks for trying to help me out.
  9. Hadn't thought of that! So I just tried renaming the category with an underscore and AD promptly crashed, but after a couple of restarts, that seems to have solved the issue. My category is back where it belongs from the start! Thanks for the info, much appreciated
  10. Yep, that's what usually happens until the update, as I said.
  11. It's a custom category that I created when I first got AD, and over time I created quite a few sub categories within it. This would load whenever I started AD and I can just get on with what I want to do. Since the update, the category I use doesn't load anymore but this blank assets category has appeared. I have looked at the sort from the menu, but that only gives me two options - By Name & Date Added, neither one suits. I have also looked at deleting the blank category, but that would only result in the next category alphabetically being loaded up, which is not what I want either. What I'd like to know is if I can make my custom category the default one and have it load up whenever the application starts.
  12. Hi all, I have a small issue since the update for AD. Now, when I start up, instead of loading the assets panel I work with, the panel is blank. I then end up having to open up the Assets tab and scroll to find the assets I usually work with, why is that and how can I fix it? Thanks. G
  13. Oh, I see. Yes, I think I am confusing the two! Thanks Walt.
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