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  1. That works very nicely! Thank you very much Joachim_L
  2. Hello all, I've been trying to find out, off and on for the past several months, how to make centred text my default when I start new documents. I use centred text far more often than any other format and it's really beginning to irritate me when I have to go around changing a stack of elements. Is there a way of making centred text a default?
  3. Hi Walt, I'll try to upload the file, although there is nothing much to it at present - it's just the bare bones, but important that I get all the objects perfectly aligned to build on. FirstNames.afdesign
  4. I'm also having an issue with snapping, although it's probably not the same as the above. But ever since the upgrade, I have not been able to snap an object accurately into place as I used to, but have to spend a lot of time 'fiddling' with the mouse to get the object just where I want it. I don't know if something has been changed in the settings in the upgrade or not because I have never really had to change anything there before. I would click snapping on or off as my needs called for it and use the default which suited me. But now, just to make a simple array of boxes takes me 4 or 5 times longer than it usually does and I can't work out why or how to put it right. If you can see the image I've included, what I get is a slight misalignment which is hard to correct because it simply won't snap into place as it used to, and after doing so many the operation becomes really tedious and annoying. I'd like to know what I'm missing here too.
  5. When working with multiple layers, which have elements and groups within them, I find can no longer select them on the workspace itself as I used to be able to, or double click text for instance to bring up the text tool to modify text within the document. The same if I group items, the elements in nearly all the groups can no longer be selected except by the properties panels on the right of the workspace. Frustrating and slows workflow.
  6. Thanks Walt, 1.8 seemed to behave so badly, I thought it was a beta. Hmm, not good really. I may hold off trying to downgrade as I'm guessing that I might cause far more problems than I have now and will end up with nothing to work with. Going to have to ride this out a while, she what happens before deciding on that or reverting to PS....
  7. I'm not an expert in any capacity here, but with what I've read, it sounds like this user is bringing along baggage from the other two applications she knows inside out and not opening up her mind to the fact that she's diving into a new concept, which has to mean doing things in a slightly different way to what she's used to. Almost as if she's expecting that A.D. SHOULD work the way other applications work, and that's not necessarily so. I have 3 applications including A.D. and they all have their own ways of doing certain things. Seems she's become frustrated as a result and not seeing that. Just my opinion....
  8. I would also like to go back to 1.7.3. I had no idea that this upgrade was a beta, the update dialog mentioned nothing about that, so I downloaded and installed. I have the same for AP, but I won't be updating that until I know it's good to go. I still have the 1.7.3 AD update file, can that be run again to restore to that version or not? My version is running on windows 7
  9. I am having the same issue, the artboard feature is broken now. You can't insert an artboard to selection, which is a feature I use very regularly, without it moving objects in my work all over the place, then, unlike the previous version, you can't restore it to it's original state by undoing, because the cropped area remains and some of the objects disappear altogether! This ruins my work and unless I have saved, I've lost much of what I've done and forced to reload a previous saved version. In my example you see the rectangle disappears, reappears and disappears again when trying to recover. AF_Anomaly.mp4
  10. Hi Callum, I bought them from Affinity's own store and the version of Designer I have is
  11. Hi, I recently purchased a few packages for AD and AP. I tried to install/import them into my application without success. Even though the import seemed to go ok without a problem, when I open the relevant tab, only text is visible with no content as shown. I have followed the accompanying guides on installing, but beyond that I can't see what I could be doing wrong. How can I put this right? I'm running Windows 7 Professional with 16GB RAM - don't know if that's relevant, but just in case.. Thanks
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