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  1. I'm selecting a shape in AFPho. I then need to add a stroke to the selection. All in pixels.
  2. Hello, Am I wrong or there is still no stroke path? This is such an essential feature. When I select a shape I should easely be able to stroke the path with a color and a width. Any simple workaround for this? Thanks.
  3. Oups!...and thanks. The eraser tool was with the wrong brush! Pretty basic...I guess I will call it a day! I imagine the week was more demanding than I thought!
  4. When I use the brush (pixel) in AFD. I can't erase the line properly. Pixels remain. They will erase with the selection tools (lasso or others.) brush_erase.mov
  5. Thank you. I hadn't noticed I was moving outside the art board. I simply moved everything inside.
  6. I am having this strange issue. In designer I have both vector and pixel layers. I draw a vector shape and move it under my pixel layer. If I select the shape to move it it will jump back to the top? I can move it back down but it will not stay under the pixel layer. Also seem's to be acting like a mask. moving_layer.mov
  7. Thanks. Just tried it with SVG and works fine. I didn't grasp the fact that I was using a JPG!
  8. Hello, I want to create a printable and enlargeable PDF document. The type you can zoom into a map and still have nice graphics. What is the best practice. JPG at 300 dpi. I imagime I have to import big images inside Publisher so they can be enlarged. The document would print at a normal letter size on A4. Thanks.
  9. I use AFPhoto for almost all my work. In this instance it just a lot simpler to use LRoom because of the batch possibilities.
  10. Thanks. If I make the preset in Develop PersonaI I will have to open every image one by one. If I have many images that makes for a long process. I might go with Lightroom for this. If I'm not mistaken I can batch process RAW files. I will check this out.
  11. Hello, I want to import multiple images that are all closely related and have the same camera setting. I will then be able to apply the same corrections to all the photos. I looked for a Batch tutorial. Did I miss it or is there none? Thanks,
  12. I modified the document with my workaround. I will try to reproduce my first attempt. Might me just me Do you want me to post the file here?
  13. Hello, I currently have a grouped folder with many curves to create a halftone pattern. When I select all the images I can't add them together. How can I do this? I'm missing something! Thanks. UPDATE: Just tried it in a new document I made to make pattern only. Worked. Still don,t know why it doesn,t work in the other document.
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