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  1. This is quite frustrating... Can Serif fix this so we can position the window and leave it there. Having it appear at the bottom right all the time is not comfortable, even with a pen tablet. Specifically the : command+B
  2. Hello, It would be very useful when I select the selection option with a shortcut : command+B If the window would remain where I put it. Every time I use the shortcut it reverts to it's place : bottom right corner. I would like to remain where I put it the last time. Isn't this possible ? Thank you.
  3. I would also like a feature for frame by frame animation. But I figure it would also have to include a video layer where we can load a video as reference. I am currently doing this in PSD. I need to have an Adobe subcription only for this feature I use; so I would really like to do this in Affinity. On the other hand I fully understand that this is quite a niche that Affinity might not consider while it entails a lot of work on the app. I use Designer and Photo for all my creative work. I still wish...
  4. Hi, I don't use the tablet with the touch option. Doesn't work well in the workflow, for me. Keyboard shortcut would be a lot better.
  5. Hello, I don't think it is a better or worse issue VS other software. We just use the tools that we prefer and that's fine. For many reason's I am not using PSD because for me APHO works a lot better and without having to dish out money every month or year. This brush feature would be nice and I think Affinity might be working on this to implement it the best way possible. Forum is nice so we can point out how usefull this would be.
  6. At the moment it hasn't't come back. It solved the issue. It does come back once in a while so I will check what I am doing. If I can recreate it I will send it. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I am using the hand tool to move around the canvas. When I try to change either by selecting another tool or with a shortcut. Tool won't change. I am stuck with the hand tool. Anyone else experiencing this ? Solution was to quit and restart AFD.
  8. Thanks...again. I hope this is the last layer I find with pressure settings!
  9. I know this is a PNG. When I export a PDF result is the same. Line should all be the same width. UPDATE: I checked the lines again. Found the culprit.
  10. Problem is back again. I have checked all the pressure setting and they are fine. Some lines don't get properly exported as a PDF file. I have to turn a 5px line into a 16 px line to have properly exported.
  11. Great. That was it. I probably changed it while trying out brushes. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have made lines that won't export with the proper width. I have allready checked the different settings and they are all OK. I am exporting a PDF of the selected object only. Attachement are screen captures in PNG. And this is how big I have to make the lines to export properly.
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